Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wow, what a nightmare.

yst when i finished seeing something, suddenly there is a bang sound from the CPU. and my dad just pass by me, and he said: " gosh, what happened?"

"i think something is burnt *_*"

my dad replied: " yea, i think so."

"ah you see, on the computer for many hours la, see now what happened.


haiz...my mood is not good ady that time, plus the bad mood frm scolding. enough. so i rushed upstirs to hide in the bedroom. feeled like crying, but i tell myself, dun think too much, those are just a part of my life, wont influence me a lot. I can't sleep. Kept thinking what is wrong. I still can't get the answer. Can someone pls tell me * right now i need you ='( *

and today, im fine! =D i tell myself, juz forget it. juz be yourself, and no matter what happen, be cool =)

forget all the sadness, and start a new happy life ^-^

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yingfriendship said...

Don't think too much. If want to cry, just cry out. u want to know what answer? see i can give u answer or not.

take care.don't be sad. be happy.anything can find me de=)