Friday, June 28, 2013

Restoran G-Pot Steamboat 金宝火锅

There are just so many steamboat buffet outlets established out there, I believe customers would like to seek differentiation in what  proprietors can offer. Priorities should be balanced between tasty soup base and reasonable varieties of ingredients with quality, coming with an affordable price tag would be even favourable. Here at G-Pot, you can choose from four types of soup bases, namely- Clear Soup, Herbal Soup, Tom Yam Soup and Pumpkin Porridge Soup. Other than the usual big pot for a table of people to share with, there are other tables available installed with individual pots, suitable for hygiene conscious diners and would just prefer steamboat with one soup base.

While waiting for your food to be cooked, you can munch on some pre-cooked snacks such as fried wantons and fried chicken wings. Pretty good stuff I would say, who does not like crispy wantons with reasonably tasty pork fillings. The chicken wings are marinated with Nam Yue (fermented beancurd) and deep fried till crispy. I enjoyed the pleasant savoury flavour. Although the size of the wings are small, juiciness are still retained inside.

Meanwhile, it's time to check out the varieties of ingredients served at the food counters.Thinly sliced meat such as chicken, lamb, pork and beef are great for steamboat as well as BBQ with butter. There is a strong fishy smell detected right after sliding the freezer panes. For the processed meatballs selection, variety was fine but the quality of fish ball was a letdown. It was rather ‘flourish’, lacking  in fresh fish taste.  Prawns were sweet and succulent but that does not apply to clams.

 Herbal Soup and Pumpkin Porridge

Herbal Soup and Tom Yam Soup
Tom Yam soup had sour and spicy kick but not the best I have had. Pumpkin porridge lacked consistency in porridge texture, as well as very minimal pumpkin sweetness. Herbal soup was below average- lacked richness of aroma from Chinese herbs.   

 Lamb (top) and beef (down) in paper thin slices
 Pork (top) and chicken (bottom) in paper thin slices
Seafood ranging from crabs, bamboo clams, prawns, squids, fish slices and mussels

Variety of sauces for you to mix and match your desired dipping sauce

Most of us loved grilling the succulent and fresh meat slices
End your meal with some refreshing ice-cream, herbal jelly or red bean soup. Drinks are not included so you would have to purchase separately.

Overall there is nothing special that fascinates me, there is still a lot more room of improvement for them.
Sizzling BBQ & Steamboat
Adult: RM28.80 nett
Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM20.80 nett
Children (Age 4-10): RM14.80 net

Steamboat only

Adult: RM23.80 nett
Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM18.80 nett
Children (Age 4-10): RM12.80 net


8, Jalan Kaskas,
Taman Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number
012-277 7238 or 012-391 3818

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lai Lai Casual Dining, Kuchai Lama

Kuchai Lama area is another hotspot for various dining outlets. I personally have only been there twice a year, imagine it. Until I was there few days ago, I knew I have to really explore this makan area again someday.

No fancy decorations here, it is the spacious and comfortable ambience that matters. The restaurant was packed to the brim on a Tuesday night. You can also choose to dine outside the restaurant, but seats there are pretty limited.

Herbal Dang Gui Duck Glass Noodle/ Rice Vermicelli (RM13.80)

As starter, we have this nourishing soup to warm up our tummy and prepare to savour the coming dishes. The experience is enhanced when it is being served in a hot claypot, so fret not that the soup will turn cold fast. If you dislike strong herbal taste, this soup is good for you as the mild aroma from Dang Gui and Wolfberries contributed pleasant taste. I personally find that the herbal taste was not strong enough to have the ‘oomph’ that provides comforting effect. The goodness from herbs and duck had partially infused to the broth, which I felt could be done better. The duck meat is easily shredded and tender, shown that it has been boiled for long hours. Although there was a thin layer of oil on the surface of soup, I was glad that it did not affect the overall taste that badly.

Lai Lai mass produces their ramen by making sure their own recipe is properly produced as final product in a factory.

Braised Pork Belly Ramen (RM11.80)

Half-lean half-fat pork belly layers that melts in your mouth easily
Ramen noodles served in milky coloured broth with braised pork belly slices, seaweed, fungus and spring onions. The braised pork belly is easily one of the best around, well braised resulting in balanced layers of tender meat and melting fats. Indeed, it is delicious and absorbed most of the flavours from the broth used for braising. As for the ramen, I find it slightly losing its springy texture, but perhaps it’s because of us taking quite some time to snap photos of this dish. Due to long hours of boiling, the broth resulted in milky colour that infuses the essence of pork. We find the broth just average, as it lacks the porky flavor that it should have. On the positive side, I was pleased with the broth that has slightly thick consistency.

Braised Pork Ribs Ramen (RM12.80)
The broth here was less thicker than the previous ramen, again, lacking in porky flavor. However, the braised pork ribs saved the dish. It was very flavourful with tender meat falling off the bone easily. I believe the extra savoury flavor from the ribs can help to balance up the taste from less outstanding broth. Perhaps a little more tweaking in this dish could provide customers with a better experience.

Braised Pork Rice (RM7.80)

Good old authentic braised pork rice are hard to come by nowadays. I am glad that I have found an affordable and tasty alternative. For only RM7.80 per bowl, this was quite a steal. Fluffy pearl rice topped with braised finely diced pork meat served with braised peanuts, braised eggs and pickled vegetables, this is a dish that deserves thumbs up. The braised meat was incredibly delicious in flavours and the melting fats certainly levels up the overall experience. I wouldn’t mind if the rice is drenched with more sauce, just a perfect combination together. Braised peanuts and eggs were decent, the pickles certainly provided appetizing sour taste that goes well together with other ingredients.  
Stewed Beef Noodles (RM13.80)

Tasting some noodles from this dish is no fault for a person like me who cannot take beef =P The noodles are pretty much similar to pan mee noodles, springy  and chewy texture. It is interesting to note that there is spicy twist coated on every strand of noodle. I would have to clarify with the chef on the ingredients that contributes the tolerable spicy flavour.

 Pepper Salt Chicken (RM7.80)
Juicy at the centre
A popular must-have dish in Taiwan, but you don’t need to fly there as you can get it right here. Bite sized pieces chicken meat lightly coated with flour and deep fried till golden crispy perfection, while still retaining juicy texture in the inside. It would be even better if the chicken pieces are well tossed with more salt and pepper to make up to ‘pepper salt’ chicken, thereby enhancing overall taste. The fried basil leaves served on the side was crunchy and contributed slight hint of additional aroma.

 Special Egg

After half-boiling the egg, the shell is peeled off then quickly soaked inside sugar water. This is to create and maintain soft egg white in the centre. Taste like ordinary soya sauce braised egg, nothing much to shout about other than the gooey egg white.

Bubble Red Milk Tea (RM5.80)

How can I say ‘no’ to one of my favourite beverages? :P Upon serving, there is a layer of foam showing the tea is well shaken with creamer and ice cubes. I liked the pleasant aroma contributed from the red tea, well mixed with adequate amount of creamer so the flavours are balanced. Aside from the smooth texture, however, I personally prefer a stronger red tea taste. As usual, the bouncy bubbles provided extra chewy texture at the same time with slight sweetness.

Red Bean Freeze (RM6.80)

Think of red bean potong ice cream and you will get the idea of this drink here. It simply revives childhood memories *slurps!* This drink is essentially made from ice blended with red bean and milk. First sip and the natural fragrance and sweetness from the red bean just hit the spot, not too sweet or cloying. Some additional ingredients such as red bean and konyakku jelly are added inside. I really like the QQ texture from the jelly.


Lai Lai Casual Dining
2G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Kuchai Lama,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number:


Friday, June 14, 2013

Rock Salt Grill & Coffee, AEON AU2 Setiawangsa

What is the first dish that comes to your mind when Arabic food is mentioned? It's none other than the different types of kebabs mixed with different spices. While it is the main highlight, I was glad to have a chance to also sample a variety of other unique Arabic food which I have never came across before.

The restaurant is quite spacious with dining sofas to provide a more comfortable experience aside from normal cushioned dining chairs. No fancy decorations here, it is the food that matters :D

We started our meal with Supra soup. This is a much lighter version of soup kambing. Don’t be fooled by the clear looking broth as it is concentrated with flavours from the lamb (still slightly pinkish in the centre), carrots, capsicium and potatoes. Lamb is easily shredded, very tender for the fork as a result from the long cooking hours. Containing just the right lamb smell that seems to be required here, the lamb flavours seeped through the broth very well.. There is hardly any oil on top, increasing the health factor. Unlike some of the soup kambing served in mamak places out there, the thick layer of oil already puts me off. Highly recommended tummy warming soup before meal.

Melt-in-your-mouth lamb meat that you can't afford to miss it

Healthy appetizer made from channa (chickpea) mixed with garlic, lemon and olive. It has adequate thick texture and easily spreadable on the naan bread (photo below) meant to be enjoyed together. Taste wise it has light aroma from chickpeas, natural yet delicious. No heavy seasoning is required as it is already as good on its own.

Spread some hummus goodness on it and you are good to go!

Fluffy dough that is well grilled, sprinkled with sesame seeds on top that contributed extra fragrance. The base of the naan is nice in brown colour, not to mention the crispiness enhanced overall texture. Do enjoy it while it is still fresh from the oven as the softness is lacking after left cool for some time.

Caesar Salad
I was skeptical about the thicker and extra Caesar salad dressing coated on Romaine lettuce judging from the appearance. But I am glad that it is still light for the tastebuds, not cloying at all. Aside from the creamy dressing, the hint of sourness increases the appetite instantly. Not a salad dressing that I usually have, but I instantly fell in love with it. The garlic naan bread served beside is worth mentioning, incredibly fragrant from garlic and nicely crispy.

Family Mixed Kebab
A platter boasting with varieties of poultry mixed with spices, great for sharing among friends and families.
Lamb Reshmi Kebab- Grilled lamb minced meat served with Pakistani original spices
Lamb Gola Kebab- Grilled lamb minced meat served with light spice
Chicken Shangri-La Kebab- Boneless chicken in green mild spice
Chicken Malai Boti- Boneless chicken grilled in yogurt and cream mild spice

There is not much differentiation of apparent flavours from the same category of poultry, as the level of fragrance from the spices contributes only fair hint.
For the lamb category, there is light presence of lamb taste/smell compared to the lamb in Supra soup earlier, further accentuated by the types of spices used, light and not overwhelming in taste. Even though minced meat is used, there is still slightly bouncy texture remained like meatballs. They were well seasoned/marinated, making it very good on its own.
For the chicken category (light green in colour), although breast meat is used, the texture is surprisingly tender enough. It has light smokey taste to it, similar to our very own Malaysian satay. I find that it is a slightly underseasoned, but maybe that’s just me.

Lamb Mandi

Carbs worth for calories!
Mandi is essentially long grain rice used in this dish. First scoop of rice tasted and I was sold, there is a special fragrance coated on every single grain of fluffy rice. Just can’t stop having it again and again, have to set my diet plan aside at the moment =P The lamb is another winner in this dish, given its tender and easily shredded meat, does not have overwhelming lamb taste as well. All in all it is an excellent dish deserving for praises, must try!

Chicken Butter
Not the usual chinese style wet butter dishes that you normally have. This dish is essentially boneless chicken cooked with butter curry containing mild spice. The butter curry resembles rendang gravy in terms of taste but again, very light in spices. Overall this is a decent dish and rather special to me as a first timer. This also went well with mandi served together.

Peshawari Chicken Karahi
This dish is modified by the chefs from dry version to extra gravy dish.  Again, I have to describe by comparing this with ayam masak merah. It has a hint of sourness from tomato I believe, that complements well with pre-fried chicken cutlets. On the downside, the gravy is oily. Since it contains extra gravy, the following garlic naan is meant to complement this dish.
Garlic Naan
This is another naan that has perfect texture in my books. Fluffy in the centre and crispy at the bottom, along with fragrant garlic toppings. Again, I adore this non-oily naan surface compared to mamak style garlic naan. It’s just way too oily sometimes.
It's always good to end our meals with something sweet, dessert it is! We were treated with some pavlova, essentially made from beaten egg whites, which requires skills such as controlling temperature in order to make this right. This pavlova fulfils criterias such as crispy on the outside and airy in the inside. Best to go with whipped cream and fresh fruits like apple, blueberry and strawberry used here. If you like your pavlova sweeter, this is for you.
Take a closer look at the layers. Don't you want a bite now? =P
If I were to nitpick, I prefer the texture of the cream to be smoother, probably because the cake is left in the fridge for quite some time already. Overall, it was still a decent dessert worth trying.
Hot Mocha
Decent coffee art. From the first sip, it was very bitter as this does not come sweetened. The coffee aroma was not strong enough, in fact overpowered by stronger chocolate taste. Temperature wise it was alright. Two of my friends also sampled cappuccino and hot chocolate, no complaints from them.
G30 & G35, Ground Floor,
AEON AU2 Shopping Centre,
No. 6, Jalan Taman Setiawangsa,
AU2, Taman Keramat,
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours:
10am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number:
Facebook page:


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cuppa Kaffe, SS15 Subang Jaya

With this cafe opened for less than a month at the popular SS15 Subang area, the place is fast becoming a favourite hangout spot especially for college students to chill with friends or even completing assignments with a good cuppa. As a coffee lover, I was looking forward to the quality and taste of coffee that they could offer, given that the owner, Ben brought in Australian concepts and culture to his cafe. Cuppa Kaffe also serves pasta, rice, Western food, sandwiches and various types of cakes, making it a one stop cafe that promotes convenience as well.

Cozy and comfortable ambience

Mocha will always be my first choice whenever visiting a cafe. It pretty much provides first impression, and I am glad that it gave a good one. The appearance is already promising enough with chocolate powder dusting on the edge of glass cup, contributing a reminding and comforting chocolate flavour along with fragrant body from coffee. Certainly satisfying balance of chocolate and coffee, does not overpower each other at all. Easily one of the best mocha around. 

Mushroom soup

Would be better if there are more mushroom chunks or slices of button mushrooms to contribute extra texture plus flavour. A rather ordinary soup that is hardly memorable. On the positive side, I liked the soft onions inside which gave extra sweetness and specialty.

Seafood Carbonara
Al-dente spaghetti cooked with prawns, squids and mussels in cream sauce. The cream sauce had decent creaminess and thickness, rich in garlic fragrance too. I don't mind the sauce to be even thicker, to coat the pasta strands better to enhance slurp factor. The seafood was really fresh- succulent sweet prawns, fresh mussels and bouncy squids. At only RM12.90, this was quite a steal.
Beef Bacon Carbonara
This contains the thickness of cream sauce that I prefer over seafood carbonara, sinful yet yummy! How I wish the sauce here is the same as earlier :P Probably the chef does not want thick cream sauce to overpower the freshness of seafood.
Seafood Marinara
Al-dente spaghetti cooked in marinara sauce with prawns and mussels. I find the sauce was lacking in tangy tomato flavour and rather salty. Despite of that. the cheese powder provided a strong inviting aroma. Again, I enjoyed the fresh seafood very much. A little more tweaking in this dish would improve the overall taste.
Chicken Carbonara
Decent plate of al-dente spaghetti cooked in adequately smooth and rich cream sauce, accentuated by little saltiness and extra flavour from cheese powder.
Pepperoncino with Squids
Aside from the spaghetti with al-dente texture, I liked the numbing sensation on the lips that the dried chillies provided. On the down side, it was rather dry, perhaps more olive oil and boiling pasta broth could do better just like how the usual Aglio Olio is cooked. The squid rings did not dissapoint us, given its bouncy and slightly crunchy texture. Some might not prefer cheese powder to be added in this light pasta to not overpower goodness from oilve oil, but it was alright for me.
Chicken Maryland
Breaded chicken fillet served with fries, onion rings and coeslaw. The coating of chicken somehow reminds me of fried banana batter. The chicken was rather dry and bland, a little more seasoning will suit my tastebuds better. I liked the fact that the coeslaw is very light in mayonnaise, unlike others that has more cloying mayo than vege.
Chicken Chop

Black pepper flavoured chicken chop served with mushroom sauce, coeslaw, onion rings and french fries.

The chicken was satisfyingly tender, with extra aroma and spice from the black pepper as well as light mushroom sauce that complements everything well. Again, the coeslaw was enjoyable. One of the foodies commented that the onion rings were hard to chew, a better quality or control in frying time would be better. There were extra mushroom sauce provided, which was way too bland and diluted. We did not care much about it, as the sauce coating on the chicken was good enough.

 Smoked Salmon with Salad

Just the perfect salmon texture, not overgrilled resulting in tender and juicy fish texture. Initially I thought that the black pepper would cover the freshness of salmon, but I was wrong. In fact, the freshness and and overall taste were enhanced nicely. The salmon skin was partly crunchy, definitely scored some brownie points.

Honey Beef Ribs

Chicken Chop Fried Rice
A popular dish among college students that is suitable to fill up tummy fast. I prefer my fried rice to contain more wok hei, which seems to be lacking in here. Probably the rice was not well tossed enough, some parts were rather bland but some has enough seasonings. The chicken chop lightly smothered with mushroom sauce was average.
Hazelnut Truffle- Soft yet moist and does not taste too sweet

Oreo cake with banana and chocolate mousse like texture in the centre. Nice chocolatey base from Oreo cookies, coupled with extra flavours from slightly mashed banana.

Moist chocolate cake with hazenut chocolate mousse. A cake that I would not mind ordering again, forget about the calories! The mousse blended very well with dense chocolate cake layer. 

Light in mascarpone cheese and coffee taste, a decent pick me up. Some might prefer stronger taste but it was alright for me.

White chocolate mousse. A tad too sweet, mousse has very smooth texture.
Lichi Chocolate- similar to Hazelnut Truffle minus hazelnut tase. Nice soft chocolate sponge that warrants a second bite.

Cheese Cake. This is for those who does not like overpowering cheese flavour. Light enough for the tummy even after a heavy meal, with decent cookies base.

63, 1st floor, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47500
(Opposite Asia Cafe)

Opening hours:
11am -12 am Daily

Facebook Page: