Thursday, April 30, 2009

oh no... =(

gosh i think i have lost my common sense due to the holiday hormones swimming inside my body XD maybe i am too relaxing during short one week holiday.

driving and studying oso affected =\

but i believe my common sense will come back on monday =P

hope everything will be fine

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Movie Maniac

yesterday went for X-Men origins wolverine movie with dad and sis. i didn't expect the movie to be so nice. lol. cuz normally that type of movie is not my taste XD

didn't expect to see so many people -.-

O.o i wonder is he one of the hitz fm DJ? and i dunnoe what is his name.

look closer....

yea he is Ean! my god didn't expect to see him. first time saw him =\ his laugh is...errr...ehem~ lol. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...............

and i was wondering why Adam C did not come for the show. as I wanna see how he look like in real person. BUT..............

YAHOO! he really came =.=

finally see his face -.-

and i am not sure who is this...but he looks familiar.

whee~ saw Adam again when paying parking ticket

reached home at 12 am =.=

nice movie but sad ending... T.T

Monday, April 27, 2009

oh gosh...

whole week holiday... tend to be more lazy and crave for many things.

woke up late
sleep late
crave for food
not doing much revision
listening to the few same song aired on hitz radio station whole day (grr...the song love story makes my ears feel uncomfortable >.<)
stick to internet
reading food reviews at ppl's food blog

argh...feel kinda bored

YAY! tmr going for movie ^^ haiz... mum and bro not going along. one more ticket for lucky ppl of the day.

i want go shopping
i want to do more revision
i want to chat with friends
i miss u
i still care about u
i want more food
i miss college
i wan my license
i wan more knowledge
i need u


Saturday, April 25, 2009


oh my god, what should i do now?

practise piano? dun wan la...

study? tmr first la. today relax and play 1st XD

sleep? dun wan la...

no interesting TV programme. today no kai kai. I MISS THE CURVE >.< not many ppl online. argh bored!

hmm this whole week no college. the good thing is can wake up later, can study at home, can do what i want at home.

bad thing, staying @ home sometimes can be quite boring. luckily got internet to use. or not i sure fat mou ady. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE INTERNET! XP

okay i think i better do something meaningful and interesting. or not i may waste this wonderful lazy sunday


Wasted Saturday

yea friday exam over and supposed to relax on saturday by going the curve. ended up whole satuday was wasted >.<

morning went piano extra class and get scolded by her again. nvm-lah biasa ady. anyway it's my fault didn't practice well.

after lunch went back chen moh to attend PIBG meeting and sister's award ceremony. swt it was like attending politics event -.-'' nice to see how and the way they talk sarcastically XD the new block is there. sadly i can't use it. lame. met few teachers who taught me before. seriously i hate some of them. honestly. cuz they make me feel angry and i think back the matter again. it's over but it is continualy haunting me. the alma mater is not good for me. my fate. scary...

lol i only paid attention to what the accountant lady said about the accounts only. cuz i am concerned about that and i only know what she is talking about. lol. and my conclusion is CAT helps me a lot. if i din study the course maybe i am still a dumb dumb and dunnoe what is she talking about. cuz few years ago i went PIBG meeting once. and i dunnoe what is the accountant talking about =.= sitting there like stupid fella.

stayed at the hot hot hot hall for almost 5 hours man! swt! somemore the electricity break down about 3 times ady. so HOT! and tired... 7 pm something only went back home. took bath and went for dinner outside.

hmph~ i wish i can drive to the curve whenever i want to go there =P

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mock Exam and Lunch

phew mock exam is finally over. i have been struggling to study hard and smart to just aim for pass. seriously i dun wan to be barred. god pls help me >.<

okay, next week is holiday, and time for relax? i dun think so... still got many things need to do. do what? study for final exam... practice piano...wash all my dirty shoes...tidy up my messy room...huhu~

today went lunch with some of the students frm group 3 and some of my classmates. Mr Jack belanja. nyah heheh~ after exam kah hei fetched yao hern, vivian and I to Sunway Piramid. thanks ya. then Mr Jack brought us to Sushi Zanmai. my first time there. hehe =D

wow he ordered many dishes. each double. lol. some he ordered 5! zzz if me i gone into liquidation ady =.= swt lunch time oso disscuss T5 syllabus. ish~ didn't manage to snap nice photos of him and the food =(

the food were very very very nice and I ate until very very full. thank you Mr Jack for the lunch ^ ^ my god the damage... pity you. i hope i won't make u dissapointed.

after lunch kah hei fetched yao hern and I back to college. thank you again. went library online for a while then go back home.

the question 3 today i'll get zero marks. swt! and i bet u will pengsan after marking my paper -.- Mr Jack, prepare a bucket to vomit after marking my paper XD

well, piano project is still on. the teacher need me to add somemore information. pity myself and blame myself not producing the work that she wants. hmm gotta pass it up on sunday cuz tuesday i am not going for class =P going for a movie
^ ^ shhh...XD

oh yeah tmr going back chen moh to attend sister's award ceremony. and going the curve too ! ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ truly my paradise

the weather is sooooo HOT! inside sunway piramid also i can sweat! =.=

i'll 'enjoy' the holiday starting tmr.

have a nice day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oh my god...i dindn't expect that.

it was almost 12 am and i was about to going to bed. then i listened to there was a contest to win movie tickets to watch X-men movie ( i dunoe what is the full name of the -.- ) so i just sms for fun and see can win or not.

swt the DJ called my handphone and say i won the tickets. i was like huh? ok... not used to speak english...

really din expect that. hmm thank you anyway.

oh no tmr mock exam. gtg bed now. dun be too happy yet. after friday only i will be mad...haha.

yeah hoo~!

A blessing Earth Day

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice dinner on Saturday ^_^

Friday's dinner was the worst. and yesterday's dinner was indeed very good =)

( long time din eat in chinese restaurant ady... =D )

went to this place at jalan kenari puchong

butter mantis prawn! long time din eat that ady. very nice! yum yum!

assam garoupa fish. not too spicy! muahkx =P

homemade beancurd! taste awesome!

Thai style chicken. one of my favourite. spicy and appetising.

four king vege. quite salty and oily. but was acceptable la.

hehe... nice dinner! hope can eat there again ^^

When food goes wrong...

on friday was a quite miserable day for me, cuz food food FOOD had gone mad and nuts! lol. plus i had a bit headache.

normally i will have late dinner on friday. so my family and I always go makan at RM 3 cafe in bandar puteri. u noe what that day friday, when we reached there, we were wondering why suddenly so many ppl. cannot find a place oso. cuz normally we can find a place without waiting.

finally we got a place. the menu had changed! rm3 items are lesser and without coffee! and the ala carte price gone up! haiz... i think is because some reasons. one, the sambal sushi's business is not very good so they combine rm3 and sambal sushi. two, they had opened a sales office selling dunoe what health supplements. so i think they wan to cut costs and minimize loss. then, we walked off with dissapointment. ( i din take picture so no proof to show >.< )haiz...normally i look forward to friday cuz can enjoy food and coffee there. but now...seems like we will never go there again T__T and i dunnoe why still got many ppl eat there.

okay, it was 11 pm that time. we were still wondering where to makan. we discussed for quite long time =.= we went around the makan places there still cannot decide where to eat. then we spotted a place called 'old boy kopitiam'. so we decided to give it a try.

swt! the wooden stairs use to go up to second floor is damn steep! my god! again i din take picture so nothing to show it's true >.< lol. i went up the stairs with alert and careful. or not i cannot imagine what is the consequence. serious! same goes to my family. and when we reached the second floor, the place was very stuffy. plus i had headache that time cannot tahan that place. then we went down =.= again, walking down the stupid and dangerous stairs! swt!
( they have free fish spa at second floor. weird huh? )

okay ground floor is better. sat down and ordered food. the price quite reasonable la.

when the food comes>>>
mine, nasi lemak with rendang chicken was quite delicious.
mummy's penang laksa. my god! almost tasteless and serving was quite small. not nice! my mum has no appetite to eat ady -.-
sister's pan mee- the soup is not pan mee soup type. a bit tasteless.
daddy's mee rebus. only he knows how bad is the taste. he said it was not nice. the kuah taste weird. where got ppl put cockles inside mee rebus de??! -.-
brother's mee goreng basah was the worst! when it was served and you look at it i think you will vomit. really. i din take picture of it. too bad. the taste quite ok la. the problem is the appearance of the food. my god!

haiz...that was the worst dinner that my family and I ever had. food really gone haywire.

after the unfavourable dinner, we went tesco to shop for groceries. normal friday routine. my god saw the swiss roll cake whole thing black colour because of the charcoal. lol. i can't accept the cake. and for sure i will not be stupid go buy and taste it! >.< somemore the cheese tart looks not appetising. its like left over for many days. swt! how can they sell that?

haiz... food really gone wrong. mummy's cooking is the best! ^_^

i think i better visit more food blogs and look at ppl's comment on the food and restaurant before i try out a new makan place. hope that the case won't happen again =.=''

Friday, April 17, 2009


yahoo today only 2 hours of lecture! met primary friend in the lift. haha. chatted for a while and i leave before her. swt the class is occupied cuz others having exam. haiyo why everytime i am the first one who go to the class. really lonely~ called carmen to ask where is our class. then called nick oso .kena find class at 4th floor pula =.= finally have one class ady. make me sweat before class pula. oh my i like the class. got natural light coming in =P better than the normal class there. like kena lock in room without outside world. lol. hope can have class there ^^

haiz...T4! i can't control myself and tears rolled down because of that silly stupid thing. i noe shouldn't be like that because of that. it's my fault din study enough lo. nevermind. work harder! i can do it! juz like last time the T2 paper. I hope so =P go go GO!!! like Ms Teh said : '' I CAN'T AFFORD TO FAIL! "

fini class! went lunch alone. hehe nice chicken rice! ^__^ after that went back library. then went to the evil place. i asked why my account is disabled. SWT!!! the person told me i din pay fees! so angry!!! this is not the first time ady. then i showed the official receipt. then she called the financial department to settle the problem. what a poor coordination! rm 600 leh you want me to pay again ah??

2.30 pm went another lunch with ying han ^^ swt too many choices until we dunnoe what to choose. walao the weather very hot! then we decided to share the porridge ^^ nice porridge!!! hehe...thank you ying han =)

went back library again. ying han got physics test. lol i was forcing myself to study T4. MUST!

went find ying han again after she finish her exam. chatted for a while then she went back home.

CAT is getting harder...
but i believe deep foundation bright future
study hard !!!!
i won't let u all feel dissapointed
especially mr jack
i noe how much is your effort and i appreciate it

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

101 !

Well, so far i had posted 100 blogs. What an achievement. lol. joking.

Hmmph~ studies going on, life is going on. oh yea there will be mock exam next week. haiz... Mr Jack is giving stress. i can imagine how thick are the revision packs and he showed us today. okay, i will be a good girl and follow your instructions. do not kick me out of class =.=

T3 and T4 is squeezing my brain to the limit. guess what, my piano project is abandoned. i wanna finish it by this week! but i lazy to do it...i rather focus on studies first since next week mock exam liao. i just hope i won't be barred frm taking exams.

these few days i have been going to bed very late. every morning kena nagging frm my mum >.< i can't wake up in the morning and i felt sleepy in class. lol. luckily not that serious la... juz that i need to sleep! semester break i make sure i sleep enough enough! =P

argh exams exams exams. 5 more hours of driving lesson to go! P license i will get YOU!!!

study hard and smart
strive for the best
Gambateh and good luck to everyone!







Friday, April 10, 2009


( 99th post! )
yay! fini progress test! more yay! -.- gotta be more serious ady. yea serious. really. this time i am not joking to myself.

hmm... i seriously gonna improve on T3 and T4. today's tests i am totally freaked out. i was like dumb dumb doing the whole paper. and i was kinda sleepy. T4 test that time more cham.. fresh brain juice used up. and i can't really think properly.
and now i gotta relax.

hmm 2 days no online ady. i was busy studying. when i no online for even one day i feel not comfortable. haha.

*oh no i am addicting to coffee*

lunch time went rock cafe with classmates. then we chat many things about SEX. lol. i laughed until the food in my stomach wan to vomit out ady. lol. but seriously i like to chat with them. they make me laughed like siao ppl. haha. release tension too =D you all very funny la...

raining...faster ran back to college for T4 class. luckily din feel sleepy. or not i can't concentrate.

haiz...mock exam is next next week. more cham than T1 and T2. i have a feeling that i will fail T3 and T4 real exam if i do not study well. okay i noe what i should do.
i will do my best in T5 okay. just put myself into the situation and memorise ^^
and i am worrying about my driving lesson and tests. argh faster go get P license and drive to where i wan to go >.< i want a white colour MyVi !

i will not let you all dissapointed. gambateh!

hey you still owe me lunch ya. keke. joking la...

have fun online!

a good day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Duh~ Today

gosh, i hate tuesday. you noe why? as usual wake up 6.15am very early in the mornin and reach college at 6.50am (frm tues to fri). LOL. gila merh. feel so sleepy. cuz normally the previous day wil study till midnight only go to bed. swt. what to do. i have to do that. somemore usually have no time to study on tuesday. at night go piano class until almost 10 pm. reach home ady oso felt tired. what to do. idle tuesday! haha XD

alright. today morning raining. feel very sleepy. yst nite slept @ 12 am i think. walao almost can't tahan. the weather so nice makes me wanna sleep. hehe...a cup of hot milo really wakes me up. haha. then went to find father. haha. din see me leh. i went upstairs earlier. O.o got secondary skul students come to college for dunnoe what event. it reminds me of my secondary skul life.

Mr Tan's class was quite good. Mr Jack's class pula. i gave him the cupcake. come on la dun react like that la. the cupcake is just an appreciation ok? =)
had test again. argh got mixed up with something. next time dun repeat mistake ya.
oh my god. T5 makes me feel quite stressed. left not much time. gotta learn many chapters in a short time. Gambateh to my classmates oso ya! let's get through this!

haiz...sorry to my classmates. the Pulau Redang trip i cannot go ady. you all enjoy bah~

had lunch @ cafeteria with classmates. then went for MS class. swt had test again.hmm thanks to vivian and yuet for advising me. i really appreciate it ^^ and thanks for the willingness to listen to my problems. and sorry if i had hurt ur feelings or make you feel uncomfortable.

this evening went jogging alone~ 3 rounds of my housing area man~ duh~ but very good. can exercise to relax ^^

duh~ now really tired. cannot study liao T.T

ahh got tests on fri! *help*

tmr will be a better day

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well, you said that. But am I? I kept asking myself am I? Really? I think I dun wan to accept the truth. Now, I am lacking confidence. It's so sad and hurt when you said that. But I noe you always care about me. Okay, fine. I will do something about it. okay? T_T thank you for 'motivating' me. And i should not hate you. Hmmph~

P.S - I just hope that I will have appetite to eat.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

LOVE 18 :: 逆风18

this chinese drama was just aired yesterday @ astro channel 301 AEC.

i have nothing to do so i decided to on the tv and see what program is nice to watch. so i came across the drama. decided to give it a chance haha. cuz nomally i dun like to watch this kind of drama. or not later i am too addicted to it, end up follw up every episode until i no need study ady >.<

hmm the title its own is simple and special. 18 years old. very suitable for ppl like me to watch it. cuz can see how they act when they are 18 =D

The main male characters are handsome
The female main character is pretty too ^^

guess what, our very own malaysia babe rynn lim yu zhong and guang liang are oso part of the characters ^^ hmm but i kinda dun like what rynn is acting. guang liang is so pro in playing piano =)

the songs are very nice too! i wan them!

hmm the movie is quite nice la..see whether i will follow up every episode or not lo. hehe...


oh oh~ i am currently addicted to his sweet little cute snack ^_^

hehe my fav bisciut^^

crispy and not too sweet. nice!

it's so nice! i can finish 2 packets at a same time. lol. nanti jadi gemuk pula...

gotta buy more >.<


Yesterday slept at 2am but woke up at 9 somehting today >.< luckily i get enough sleep. or not today driving lesson sure kena scold cuz blur blur~

chat with ying and panda @ msn. hehe i wonder how panda looks like after comin back frm NS just for a few days. oh my god what panda told really shocked me. what i wanna say is take care. see you on 6 June i think =) hui le too... i miss u a lot! hehe...hope that after u all come back can have gathering.

Driving lesson was quite good. At least mr chan said i had improved. phew~ but sadly gotta add 5 hours. and 28 Apr is the exam liao~ die =_= just hope i can pass!

oh no tests tests tests! my god. driving me crazy. but that is good for me as i will be well prepared for the final exam =) T5 chapter 10 is pushing my brain to the limt. and Ms Teh, where is my T4 paper? i think i will fail for PT1. see where is my mistake lah. gambateh to myself and others =)

hehe i love my hair ^^ but i need to take care my hair cuz the spilt ends are really not good. RM 50 for rebonding? dare to try?

suddenly it rains...

okay enough relaxing. gotta study!

good luck to all!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Comments on papers I am taking for this semester

T1 Recording Financial Transactions - Basic accounting principles. some quite easy but sometimes i dun understand. I like the way Mr Tan teach. Passed!

T2 Information for Management Control - Computer thingy and some costing syllabus. i hate studying computer part. i dun really like calculations. The method Ms Yu teach is ok only. I am struggling throughout doing this paper. of course, tears oso wasted. haha. the tough paper for me i think. Passed too! =) luckily...

T3 Maintaining Financial Records - Continuation form T1. tougher. Need improvements. Again, i like the way Mr Tan teach.

T4 Accounting for Costs - this is the paper which seriously need common sense and of course some formulas. my father warned me this is the tough paper and i need to think. yea, this is another paper which will squeeze brain and no more brain juice left. Hope i can get through...Ms Teh, help!

T5 Managing People and Systems - Theory Paper. need memorising work. can say that this paper is not easy but not too tough. all the things that need to do is understand concept, memorise key points, and i believe that explanation can be done easily and smoothly. Some common sense are also involved. But, common sense that is not too common >.< sensible craps are ok. haha. Mr Jack said so.

Overall all papers are quite ok. i heard that paper T6 onwards its going to be tougher. Be prepared for it. Especialy audit papers.

Gambateh and good luck to all CAT students!
Lets Do It!


Sometimes i wonder is there any true friendship that last long?

I have been thinking about that recently. almost everyday. and that really makes me feel frusfrated. Why? there is reason of course.

Some ppl say 'your friend may become your enemy one day' lol. if that really happens, it's so sad... it may happen in the working world. very realistic. and i think gonna face it few years after i graduate ACCA ^^ ( i can do it! )juz have to prepare for it.

the new one is preferred but the old one has been thrown away. this is really sad and dissapointing. and i hate that. i hope i am not wrong. and i hope it is not what i thought.

i confess that i really have one true friendship that last long. and i dun wan to lose it. never ever. and i hate to be alone without friends. They are important to me. and i think that the person really understands ppl well. tolerating and humble. that is the type of person that i am always finding. sadly i think i have only one. see whether i can meet another one in my future.

It's hard to judge due to some situations. cuz things will change. whether slowly or suddenly. so what to do is simply have to just accept it. we cannot blame anyone. maybe it is a fate.

i dunnoe whether i should ignore, forget or solve the problem. maybe i am a coward.
or dun wan to face the reality. anyway thanks to friends who gave me suggestions and helped me =)

Friends ......

peace V !

TGI Friday???

hmmph friday again. To me, some fridays can be relaxing, busy, sad or...anything. can be at the positive or negative sides.

+ve - yeah wohoo can relax. do what i want. sleep, shopping, yum cha, watch movie...

-ve - haiz...many things still need to do. when one week's works need to be completed by the weekend.

today went for new haircut ^^ the lady was quite professional. haha my hair condition is quite bad. she suggested me to do something on it. i agree lo. i gonna take care my hair. but i am not pro in that. quite satisfied with my new hairstyle ^^
hmm i wonder should i do rebonding or not. got pros and cons. to me rm 150 is not cheap. and it may have consequences on my precious hair after rebonding my hair. i think i better keep it natural. i dun wan my hair later become dried maggi mee =.=// hehe if mum let me do i see 1st lo =P

i was late for mr bill's computer class. and luckily he din show sour face. swt only 6 ppl went for the class. the class was quite ok. mr bill told us some story. very meaningful =) i was wondering if he is teaching me T5.

watched an old movie. very lame la...

went yum cha with family~ usually what we do on late friday night =)

haiz...tmr got driving lesson again. i feel that i am so retarded. keep learning but the car always 'sei fo' . haha. kena marah pula. sometimes feel like wanna slap the instructor ( sry ya mr chan if u see this)i juz hope that i faster pass the exam and i can drive to whereever i want >.<

oh no next week got test. gonna burn the midnight oil.

phooh~ i am so tired

gotta rest lo

hope u all have a nice weekend =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tired Day >.<

LOL yst study frm 8pm to 1am juz for the one T5 chapter. got test ma...haiz... and today i was so so soooo sleepy. Mr Tan's class eyes wanna close. Mr Jack's class oso la at the beginning. Swt! last time i used to sleep at 1am no problem but seems like now cannot ady T.T but luckily i can absorb what they teach.

tmr holiday! hmmph~ no big deal. cuz many things still need to do.

today went out lunch with ying and phuah. aiyo~ u 2 ah dunnoe what are u all talking about. phuah kept talking the word. the food oso cannot eat liao lo. phuah ah you ah keep talking funny things i wanna slap u. hehe... (sry ying i am just joking =P)

Dad went to the car workshop to get his repaired car. lol i waited in the library for almost 2 hours. ended up 8 pm only reached home. and now i am super tired than ever. but nvm, i can experience life as an ACCA student XD i hear that their timetable is frm 8 am to 8 pm something like that. oh my god...i gonna face it soon...

gtg rest. or not i will collapse XD
have a nice day =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

LOL! today is April fool's day and i had 'tricked' myself! swt =.=//
i should have looked at it before i sleep last night. lol i was so sleepy and lazy until i din even bother about that.
fine, it's over.

today attended class late. luckily mr jack din show sour face >.< he told me that. i was thinking izit a fool or joke or something else? is not. okay, thank you and i am happy. i really din expect that. i noe i can do it. now i should trust myself, trust my ability. nothing is impossible!

nothing much happened today. no fools no joke nothing. i juz dumped away many things last night and i believe that my decision is correct. New month new start. It won't be influencing me anymore. LET IT GO!!!

oh no tmr got T5 test pula, mr jack's new 'strategy'. lol. it's good and i have to do it.

Happy April Fools Day
do not 'overplay' oh... XD