Friday, July 31, 2009

31st of July 2009

oh god, the last day of july. tmr is 1st of august! =(

i will die if i don't study now

i will die if i don't practice piano now

i will get heart attack on 17 of Aug

after that day i will shout out loud and say no to stress!

pray...everyday is a good day


Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Divide- Linkin Park

I remembered black skies, the lightning all around me
I remembered each flash as time began to blur
Like a startling sign that fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard
Did I get what I deserve?

So give me reason to prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the thoughts cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this up,
Connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth realized
Across this new divide

There was nothing inside, the memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide, the ashes fell like snow
And the ground caved in between where we were standing
And your voice was all I heard
Did I get what I deserve?

So give me reason to prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the thoughts cross the distance in your eyes
Across this new divide

In every loss in every lie,
In every truth that you deny
And each regret and each divide
Was some mistake too great to hide
And your voice was all I heard
Did I get what I deserve?

So give me reason to prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the thoughts cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this up,
Connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth realized
Across this New Divide

Across this New Divide

Across this New Divide

Another sad moment

awh it's kinda bad when you don't know anything about what is happening around you. the feeling of it is just unbearable to me. ppl just do not want to tell you and you want to know it desperately. too bad.

solving problem. to me its kinda hard, but it is the best solution to open the lock in heart. i want to solve that problem. im not giving up. i believe one day it will back to normal. i hope its right. im still giving chance. but why you do not want to solve or confront it? maybe is my fault...

maybe the time had passed by too long.

some ppl said just forget about it, like it did not happen. time can prove everything. im sorry this method do not suit me. forget? i can. but how about u? you can forget nad back to normal?

actually you all are such good people. a simple 'hi' can prove everything and break the barrier =)

just craps. dun worry i can control. juz dump all the sadness out and start a new day



owh yst went college for CSB class. IM THE ONLY ONE out of 30 students! =.=' i know my classmates are not going, but i still wanna go. if no class then go library study la, what's wrong? im kinda angry cuz last week i came, no lecturer no inform. haiz... yst i came. guess what?! class is cancelled! with nobody inform >< my god...woke up so early waste energy waste petrol waste toll fare. so consulted miss timetable planner. blah blah blah she said...fine. no use to angry anymore. juz let it be. went library to study. craved for curry noodles but didn't eat it XD
i optioned for CAT results sent to my email. grrr i'll be checking late. sure damn nervous. piano exam somemore =/ need a heart supporter

today had T7 class. almost late. so i drove kinda fast. my dad say do not drive fast. haha cuz P ma...not so pro yet, very dangerous. daddy i know you care about my driving, i know what im doing =) yst drove manual fetch sis to tuition. i drove too slow until the car behind wanna overtake me. ah dun care la just drive. but soon i'll get use to manual car =)

this saturday supposed to have class. but Mr. TES said there is a quiz going on. participants frm 60 chinese independent skul all over malaysia will be coming. we as students need to come to give support to them. huh? attendance will be taken ALSO -_-

need to study. progress test starts next week friday.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I guess...

I think...
I guess...

I am not giving up on that, although i nearly wanted to give up.

awh~ life is kinda bad when you're alone.

just see how things are going on.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lame late post

well, now i really have time and permission to online. 1st thing to do is update blog. this should be a wednesday post.

yes, wednesday. ehem. did anyone saw the eclipse? in malaysia i dun think so =/ i wake up as usual 6 am in the morning to go for CSB class. yes, CSB class which i heard nobody would go. so im a good girl went to college XD joking...

arrived there almost 7am. had breakfast, read newspaper to wait until 9 am when class starts. so boring, and sleepy cuz it was raining. cold~ can't tahan boring-ness. went computer centre to online. guess what saw steven =.=" he came for red cresent society duty, not for CSB class. swt!

steven and I walked to class. swt! the class was occupied by mr jana and his fellow students. really swt!!!! so we decided to walk off. saw jonathan leow and jian yun after that. they really came for class. after that mr jana went for break and saw us. he asked why were we there. then we told him we supposed to have CSB class in his class >_< haiz....then we 4 decided to leave college XD jon and jian yun got their plan. while i have my plan too =D go to pyramid. where else, right? luckily i planned earlier. if no class, then go pyramid =P

1st thing was collecting my free contact lens *__* got it. so happy lol. so jakun person... XD

guess what. wed. RM 1 promotion at asian avenue!

sth like fruit sorbet. woah~ this is super nice! RM 1 wort it. how nice if i enjoy with you ;)

korean rice cake. very chewy. nice but the gravy is a bit too spicy =/

bubble tea with milk taste. the flavour is kinda weird to me as i dun like milk =/

bubble tea with black tea flavour. this taste much more better.

well, i ate a lot of food that day =/ gotta lose weight

enjoy good food ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009


{in library now}

quite long time didn't update my blog ady. miss lots =P

getting crazy soon...

study...ISA...IAS credit...revaluation revolution resolution blah blah blahzzz

luckily mr jana and the spaghetti just now spiced up my day. more funny jokes are coming soon. and not forgeting questions

gosh, results are releasing soon. and my piano exam is getting nearer...HELP!!! today my classmate went for piano exam. grrrr i can imagine how i will play the unknown piano that day =/

some problems seems cannot be solved. just wait and see. getting irritated by ppl is not a good thing.

*lonely outing pictures and post coming soon if i have time to update blog at home!*


Thursday, July 16, 2009


mid morning went tapao food with mum at kenari. no parking so have to do triple parking =/ my mum went tapao and left me in the car. we blocked the car and i have to move my car =.=" drove one round. and the place just make me feel sick. cars blocking the road here and there. drivers not patient. i almost got heart attack when im driving there =/ so if got nothing then do not drive there =/

after driving one round, i did double parking. a big black Sorento car wants to reverse. i had to move my car again. when i was about to move my car, the sorento car reversed without knowing im behind him, then it bang my car =.=" he din see that im behind him???!!!! where is ur eyes? =/ sorry if im rude.

he came out frm his car, looked at my car to see whether kena serious or not. after that he asked me to move my car. i was like what?! you bang my car and u want me to pretend nothing happen?! NO WAY!

i waited until my mum comes. i told my mum about that. argue and argue. i was in the car capturing pictures of his car and him ( luckily i brought my handphone =/ ) my mum wants him to show his IC. seems like he do not want to give. at last he took out and i asked him to hand it over to me. and i took picture of his IC =/ our car 'bian' liao a bit ( i dunnoe how to describe =/) and the person did not want to bayar ganti rugi \_/ somemore talk rudely.

since it was kinda late and i have to go college, we left the place angrily. haiz... at least i did not panic and did the necessary things like take photo of his IC. after this incident I learned how to react in that kind of situation.

on the way to college, we wondered why is there traffic jam. we thought there is an accident. but we found out that police having road block >.< had brunch in the car. i was 5 minutes late for costing class.

im still blur on that ABC costing topic =/ today first saw lecturer angry and dissapointed.

phooh~ finish crapping, thank you for reading this whole long paragraphs =P

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've learned ...

200th post. lazy to write in chinese =P

i have been telling myself, not to be sad and depressed because of those things. yes, i think im halfway successs. control ownself is the most important thing. sometimes i envy them, having a lot of friends, always chit chatting, having good relationship. but me? im alone at the corner. this feeling is just so bad. can i ask? what will you feel if you experince the same thing like me. i know you are lucky. im the unlucky one. nevermind, this is my fate, i try to change my fate. always. i tried to socialize with you all. the effort has paid off. but since that day? hah i dun think so. my fate. god plays my feelings.

but now i dun care anymore. in what sense? i dun wan myself to feel depressed. i should now concentrate on piano and studies right? yes right. i have learnt many lessons. i will do my best. dun think annoying things. and just be myself.

=) happy girl on the way

Squezziee Day

"girl ah im in still in the office now, i need one more hour to reach college, so can u pls wait for one more hour for me to fetch you?"

>.<" tired and exhausted enough. to use the time wisely, im blogging in library now ^^ hehe...

well today is the 1st hectic day in 2nd semester. morning had costing class which is quite good. after brunch had taxation class =.= i was thinking rojak things in my mind so i barely can concentrate. audit class more cham...sleepy tired absorption poor~ =( and i can taste the bitterness of it.

gah~ i feel bad. i saw and i remembered how happy we were last time. but now...seems like no. but it's better than nothing. just feel bad since yesterday. no, all the while, should i say that? maybe is my fault. i have to accept my fate. but i know that i still have them =) haha eliminate sadness is the best medicine ^^

yeah tmr no class!!!!!!!!! can sleep lol XD but need to study =( serious.

ying han i miss u a lots!!!! XD hehe shock shock for you. seriously how long we didn't meet ady ar? =P

tired day~

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Today

weehoo~ im blogging ^^ hehe...

had moral class in the morning. as usual almost fall asleep >.< really more interesting assignment and group work compared to malaysian studies! get to take care todlers and babies ^^ 1st thing i thought was my baobei^^ i have a little bit experience in that. so hopefully after training i can take care them better. hehe...

after having chee cheong fun^^ ( long time din eat ady >.< ) had audit class. swt the notes just made me feel headache! grrr..... then suddenly blackout -.- 2 times somemore. luckily after that back to normal. or not spoil eyes >.<

hah today is the first taxation class with Mr Simon. he speaks weird to me lol. but after a while i get used to it. quite like this subject cuz it really applies to real life. i can imagine how hard is ACCA now =( there is 2 things in your life that you can't avoid, that is DEATH and TAX! said by Mr Simon. true huh... wow he has been teaching for 10 years in Sunway!!! real good experience.

so far all of my lecturers are super good. so lucky to have them ^^

wow didn't feel tired after one whole day having class XD drove back home with dad beside me. today's traffic jam was not so bad. i noe u r expert pls dun bully on the road =(

it's time to have some 'entertainment' =.=" homework la... and study!

have a nice day =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now that...

haiz...the documents, pictures, songs inside my file are all gone!!! argh.....mine and someone's fault. i didn't do backup =( and he forgot the password that he set! >.< these caused the folders all gone! sobx sobx


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hope everything is going well...

right now 1.55pm in the library, after lunch and nothing to do, so the girl is sitting here to surf the web.

yst my mum suddenly told me that she is restricting me to online at home! blah blah blah i need to study, practise my piano, teach brother, and blah so on....the first thing came into my mind was my blog! how am i going to survive without blogging? i do not want my blog to be dead lol. and facebook too. it is just so fun and addicting =P haha nvm i'll sacrifice my happy time online, and i believe after august i can online whenever i want! ;) i am a good girl listening to my mum =)

oh well, today is one of the most hectic days in the week as i will have class frm 8 am till 6pm! i think im going crazy, but the one month holidays are surely enough for me and i am well prepared. phew~ mr jana is just so so soooooo funnY! his jokes are just soo...oh funnY! makes my day better lol =D he made students dance infront of the lecture hall. he's telling us so much of fun jokes!!!! ahhhahahahhaha i was laughing at class just now LOL!

haiz...i want internet! im addicted to it! dun worry..i will control

i miss MSN chatting
i miss blogging
i miss facebook
i miss food blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a plan next week. ehehheeh only just for me ;)

study hard and smart! gambateh!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's just another day of mine.

i lack of sleep again, as a result of 'insomnia'. drove to college for the 1st time @.@ had 1st class with Ms Voon Sia and 2nd class of T8 >.<

i like the way Ms Voon Sia teaches. She is young and capable. I am lucky to have her as my costing lecturer. phew~ luckily is not the other lecturer. because i do not really understand the way she teach lol.

yeah 4 hrs and 15 minutes break! went sunway pyramid with some of my classmates. darsh and I had to have McD lunch in the cinema lol. Darsh, Justin, Nick, Jia Wen and I went for a movie- Ice Age 3. So funny la the movie. made me laughed like siao. LMAO. seriously. there is one part that made me laughed damn hard until i wanna cry ady =.="

duh~ T8 class again. well it is not that bad. but when the lecturer is explaining while im taking notes, i will get tired easily >.< but if i stop copying, i might not have the chance to copy the notes again. ahh!!!!! audit paper really hard meh? it's like T5 wor...haiz...hope i can really catch up.

:: some pictures taken ;) ::

discussing about audit topics...

nice pic. i like it ^^

LOL. during T8 class break... thanks farah for the snacks ;)

haiz...i felt tired after T8 class. hand brain tired! =(

drove to piano class again. got shooted! but not yet die.

sleepy now. but watching michael jackson's memorial live @ CNN.

;) to all my classmates, do not fret on T8. I believe that we can do it! lets support each other and score T8 paper! gambateh!

and get well soon for those who are sick. take care =)

wednesday is ultimate happy day ;) im grateful.


Monday, July 6, 2009

1st day of Moral and T8

morning 8-11 am had moral class with ms annie. phew~ at least this lecturer is better than msian studies lecturer lol. the class is kinda boring. almost dozed off >.< but i think that moral can learn more meaningful things than msian studies i kinda support moral class ^^

after break, we had T8 class with Mr Jay. swt he showed us the slide about the rules in class =.=" he gave quite complicated introduction of this paper to us. haiz...seems like this paper is hard. but if T5 ok, T8 ok. hope im ok with it =)

duh~ really need to study. as i promised, will not ruin the papers. if not, i die.

gambateh !!!~


Sunday, July 5, 2009


对了,就是这样。不必羡慕和妒忌别人,也不要想太多。只能接受自己的命运,当然命运掌握在自己的手上,有权力可能去改变它。我并不悲观,只是观察和接受眼前所发生的事情,去了解,去分析。可能有些人觉得我看不开,悲观,那你的情况和我不一样啊。所以会有不同的看法。我很感谢我生命中我认识的每一个人,尤其是那位某某人 =) 我知道当我面对困难时,______一定会去安慰我。我可能已经失去某些人了,但我非常不希望失去你,只因为我把______当成最好朋友。真的很感谢上天,缘分让我们遇见对方。珍惜眼前人,才不会后悔。





Friday, July 3, 2009

1st day of second semester

oh yeah, after the long one month semester break, finally second semester started =) i've definitely rested enough, and i shall say that my brain is rusty =P studying is better than having long holidays. which will make me feel lazy. allright, this semester i will be taking papers T6, T7, T8 and T9. i promised to myself i will not ruin them. as the knowledge will be brought to higher level of ACCA =) the knowledge acquired during the 1st semester carries onto 2nd semester. i have been telling myself, always. results are out on 17 August. good luck and hope i can pass all of the papers =/

so today was the 1st torturing day with funny man, Mr Jana, my T6 drafting financial statements lecturer. he came in one minute late to the lecturer hall =P 1st he introduced himself. long story , not annying and nice to listen to. lol he made us laughed for the whole day! he can crack a lot of jokes. lol he oso told us his wife's and students' stories. he can be serious too. this is the type of lecturer that i like. talk jokes but not neglecting lecturing. but i miss Mr Tan la... ='( he oso made us to introduce ourselves. 8 am to 5 pm whole day class is quite tiring. of course in btw have one short and one long break. but with his jokes, he made our day better. =D

one more thing. the chair in the lecturer hall is not ergonomic at all. when we sat there for whole day, some complained back pain la, neck pain, butt pain etc. haiz pity us need to have class there. gotta buy cushion~ >.< somemore when writing, the hand really can't reach the table. need to 'suffer' like that =( haiz...i think i need to work on more questions on depreciation. i love partnership chapter ^^ revision....

i feel tired now~ brain tired =/

need to study harder! gambateh and do not give up! climb up to the prestigious hill of ACCA!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I got it

i gotta feeling. woohoo~ finally i think i understand. just forget about it.

wooT~! i was informed to take my license tmr O.O and cutting my hair too ^^

be happy