Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lame late post

well, now i really have time and permission to online. 1st thing to do is update blog. this should be a wednesday post.

yes, wednesday. ehem. did anyone saw the eclipse? in malaysia i dun think so =/ i wake up as usual 6 am in the morning to go for CSB class. yes, CSB class which i heard nobody would go. so im a good girl went to college XD joking...

arrived there almost 7am. had breakfast, read newspaper to wait until 9 am when class starts. so boring, and sleepy cuz it was raining. cold~ can't tahan boring-ness. went computer centre to online. guess what saw steven =.=" he came for red cresent society duty, not for CSB class. swt!

steven and I walked to class. swt! the class was occupied by mr jana and his fellow students. really swt!!!! so we decided to walk off. saw jonathan leow and jian yun after that. they really came for class. after that mr jana went for break and saw us. he asked why were we there. then we told him we supposed to have CSB class in his class >_< haiz....then we 4 decided to leave college XD jon and jian yun got their plan. while i have my plan too =D go to pyramid. where else, right? luckily i planned earlier. if no class, then go pyramid =P

1st thing was collecting my free contact lens *__* got it. so happy lol. so jakun person... XD

guess what. wed. RM 1 promotion at asian avenue!

sth like fruit sorbet. woah~ this is super nice! RM 1 wort it. how nice if i enjoy with you ;)

korean rice cake. very chewy. nice but the gravy is a bit too spicy =/

bubble tea with milk taste. the flavour is kinda weird to me as i dun like milk =/

bubble tea with black tea flavour. this taste much more better.

well, i ate a lot of food that day =/ gotta lose weight

enjoy good food ^^


Anonymous said...

jakun spelt wrongly

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

Anonymous: thank you. so what is the correct spelling?