Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fancy something scary?

Have you guys come across this documentary show on Astro Discovery Channel 551? Or you might want to check the videos out in Youtube =) Mind you, viewers' discretion is needed.

Have been following the show without fail on every Thursday at 10pm. Well the show is about many weird creatures that may or may not exist in this world attacking people. The scenes may be very sickening to some people, but it's fine for me.

Since one month ago, I noticed that Astro has stopped airing the show. Maybe some people have experienced nightmares after watching the show. But, I'm pretty sure that there are still many Malaysians out there want to watch the show.

I want Lost Tapes back!!!

P.s I'm not going to post the pictures and videos of the deadly creatures here. I'm not held liable for any consequences =D

Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh mai bubby bubbles aka tapioca pearls swimming in refreshing green tea, how can I resist you? Tell me!
Best to have this bubble tea from Cup Bon at least once a week while day-dreaming =D
*slurp om nom nom nom*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The confession of a frusfrated employee, Ms. Fussy:

"Haiz... my BOSS gave me so much work to do yet not increasing my pay. He thinks that I cost the company too much. What a terrible BOSS I have T_____T "

On Sunday night, Fussy finally spent her free time in the supermarket buying some groceries. She stumbled upon this brand of coffee called 'BOSS' which she have never tried before.

"Hmmm...BOSS. Makes me think of my bad boss whom I have to see tmr. Ahh... already feeling the monday blues >__<"

She took cans of BOSS coffee to the cashier and made payment, hoping to relax at home while trying out BOSS.

" This BOSS is so much better! Not giving me any hectic work, in fact the smooth yet aromatic coffee just made my day!"

"Finally found a good BOSS that is willing to take care of me! =) I LOVE YOU BOSS!"

One BOSS a day, keeps the happiness around!

Blend, Mocha and Latte. Which is your choice of flavour? =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

D'House, Shah Alam

To be exact, the address of DiGi's HQ is:
Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Shah Alam.

As you guys know I attended the DiGi Done Right Camp last weekend (check older posts), and the DiGi staff @melakaboy brought us campers for a tour around the office. Curious about what's inside the huge office? Let the photos lead you to a better picture =D

Saw this gorgeous dining area from the foyer

This is actually a waterfall. They turn the power off during weekends so that they can save energy. Environment friendly office indeed =)

@melakaboy aka Prashan Chitty explains the culture of working in DiGi. Saw coffee machines in the office almost at every corner. He confessed that at one point of time he had too much Milo and decide not to drink it for one year! XD

meeting rooms. very English style me likey =D

DiGi spent huge sum of money about 1K++ MYR just on this type of furniture. When combined it will look like a cone shaped structure =)

Variety of drinks

One of the workplace. DiGizens (DiGi citizens) actually can request a transaction to book air tickets both for business and private purpose. So good!

I like this decoration on the wall. It shows teamwork, isn't it? (=

Nice view... the hill opposite is actually a park whereby the staffs can use the exercise models to work out. Another plus point of taking care the employees.

Another great place to work. Prashan told us that staffs have no fixed seating place for work so they can sit whichever place they like to. Flexible =)

Beach themed seating area for staffs to relax from hectic work

DiGi encourage staffs to use less paper to help save the environment. Every amount of paper they use they must plant some trees in return. They actually write on the glass walls to save paper.

Working mums will not need to worry about their children while they are at work as they can bring their children along to work! This mural paintings are done by DiGizens. Awww besstttt la!

DiGi also invest huge sum of money on FRESH flowers. They change the flowers on every Sunday.

For CSR purposes, this place is converted into sauna and manicure place. All the staffs need to do is get the approval of the boss, then go ahead for some nail treatment! *envy*

Guess what place is this. Every time you have questions for DiGi Customer Service Call Centre, your calls will be directed to here. Beside this office is a games room for them to relax after receiving stressful calls =D

Photos of the employees on the wall. Nicely done.
That basically wraps up the D'Tour. Thanks to Prashan Chitty for the wonderful tour =)

Ajisen Ramen, Sunway Pyramid

This place has existed in Sunway Pyramid for a considerably long time. Everytime I walk past the shop, curiousity about the taste of food is accumulating. After reading numerous blog posts and having commented from Ying Jia, I decided to give it a try.

There are 2 types of ramen which are imported ones from Japan and hand made ramen. Too bad that day they run out of stock for hand made ones, Ying Jia and I have to pay about 4 MYR more to get the imported ramen.

Chilli paste, Chilli powder, fried garlic and onion bits to enhance the flavour of whole bowl of ramen

Ying Jia's Luncheon Meat Ramen

Chicken Karaage Ramen

The generous condiments such as seaweed, bean sprouts, cabbage and spring onions accompanied well with the decent milky coloured broth. I wonder what ingredients make the soup flavourful and milky. The texture of imported ramen taste like spaghetti which kinda dissapoint me. Ying Jia reckoned that hand made ramen taste much better. The portion was huge until I nearly can't finish it =P Overall I would say it is satisfactory =D

Remember to present your student card to enjoy 20% discount =) We paid about 14 MYR per person after 20% discount which I find quite reasonable for a big bowl of ramen with generous condiments =)

Will revisit the shop to have a try on their homemade ramen =]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19th is for 1901 Hot Dog

1901 Hot Dog has came up with this promotion whereby selected hot dog is sold for half price on the 19th of every month. Well, I realized that not many people know about this promotion. So I'm here to share with my readers and spread the words. Sharing is caring! =D

Regular New York Chicken Hot Dog for just 2.99 MYR. Where else you can get this good deal?

Remember to mark your calendar on 19th of February ya ;) Bon appetit!

Done Right Camp with DiGi & Nuffnang (Part 2- Finale)

From imperfection to a closer step to perfection had taught me valuable lessons, thanks once again to DiGi and Nuffnang for giving me this golden opportunity to attend this camp. For the second day of the camp, more activities are provided which I had never tried before, until the real challenges came into the picture. It is definitely a really good start for the year 2011 by applying good values learned from the camp in my daily life.

*Do not be afraid of challenges*

Treasure hunt using the Internet was a challege for me as well as my team members. Being a leader of the team when researching about places is not my forte nearly put me into a situation of giving up. Told myself: I can do it, we can do it. Together as a team we emerged as a winner for the challenge. A big thank you to my team members for using all sorts of gadgets to find the information =)


*Be sincere in communicating with people*

Towards the end of the camp, we were required to approach 15 persons to tell each other the first impression, areas to improve and complete the sentence : from now on, let us __________.

Body language and eye contact are crucial to show that one is really paying attention during the conversation.

*Appreciate people around you all the time*

Family and friends are important in our life. Thank them sincerely when they helped you to overcome difficulties. A simple 'thank you' and ' I love you' can strenghthen bonds between people.

Not forgetting the staffs in DiGi and Nuffnang for making this camp a huge success =)

*Push yourself to do better*

I need to take challenges willingly, naturally pushing myself to upgrade my performance from average to eXtraOrdinary level, no matter in blogging or studies. It gave me a strong will & determination to be a better human being and succeed in life.

*Do not allow negative thoughts to let you down*

Mr U2 Kumar introduced the term 'mental warrior' which I find it useful to say : 'cancel cancel go away' to the pessimistic side of matters. Think and do positive things in life is important to contribute to society and improve the country.

A million thanks to DiGi for the cool stuffs given to us.

Photo credits to Carmen

I Love DiGi Yellow Man! *I will follow you*

Follow Done Right Camp on Twitter HERE =)

Nearly teared when looking back at those photos and videos posted on youtube. Those are really sweet memories and worth more than a million to be cherished forever. A message to DiGi and Nuffnang, please do organize similar camp events in the future as I believe many younger generations will benefit from the motivational aspects (=

there's no way of turning back

Can't believe that I've came to this far in the accountancy course. Time flies.

Well the papers combination that I'm taking is not fixed yet because it still depends on my result for December 2010 exam session *keep fingers crossed*

Khai Ling brought this back for us all the way from Italy. The balance between sweet and bitter taste with fresh hazelnuts is the best taste of chocolate I've ever eaten. Thanks babe! =)

Foodora sis Ying Jia also brought back some puddings from Taiwan. The sour lime pudding is special in terms of the ingredients. Never seen whole lime is in the konyaku texture like jelly . Thumbs up! Thanks sis! =)

Didn't know that Crabtree&Evelyn came out with some food products. Normally I don't fancy butter cookies but this version with a twist of lemon attracted my tastebuds! Hehe... Thank you Pei Zhen! =D

Quote of the day: Challenge yourself to increase your performance level =)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Done Right Camp with Digi & Nuffnang ( Part 1)

It all started with the passionate heart to participate in this camp. This is my very FIRST golden opportunity to attend such a great event organised by Nuffnang.

Day 1, 15 January 2010

Took a bus provided by the organizer at Kelana Jaya LRT station this morning. Our first destination is Digi D'House at Shah Alam. I was impressed with the building as it is so 'green' along with their aim to be an environmental friendly organization.

After breakfast was served, each of us was given entry pass, name tag and motivational booklet.

James Yeong delivered a presentation about the latest advance gadgets such as HTC Desire HD. That was when I discovered how great and how far smartphones can provide benefits to people, such as convenience by using Google Goggle and Voice Application. For example, people can just talk to the phone on the content that he/she wants to send to other party as a text. This saves messange typing time. *drops jaw*

That was followed by a presentation by SuLin Lau, the person in charge of the Marketing Department of DiGi. The Maker Faire Robots video opened my eye to the humble side of a man in China who has no education background doing some robots that people can use in daily life, like the robot with trishaw carrying people into the forest O.O

Now the real part of the camp begins, how to be a better blogger. The speaker of the day, Mr U2 Kumar's enthusiasm and outgoing personality brought us into an exciting journey during the first day of the camp. A brief intro of him, he is a Chartered Master Trainer of Lawrence Walter Seminars, Chief Learning Officer of The Art of Learning Leadership. He basically trains people in world top organizations both local and overseas. To name a few- Nokia, Hewlett-Packard( M'sia&S'pore), Astro, The Body Shop, Deloitte&Touche and UTSTARCOM ( China ) Ltd.

We were taken for a tour around D'House by the staff. I was like *wow!* *wow!* *wow!* as I'm really impressed by the structures of the building. Take a look at the photo and you will know why I say that =D

Loads of activites have been provided for us 3o members. We were divided into 5 groups and I was one of the leaders of the group. From reciting motivational posters displayed on the wall, communicating with the members in fun way by motivating them using influential words to treasure hunt in a way I've never done before in my life. The most interesting activity was surely the treasure hunt done using the internet. Now, what do I mean by that?

We have altogether 5 segments to complete. First one was done by using Facebook to find the sequence number of the three pictures provided. After that, more and more work is flowing in. All gadgets used for methods of finding information were well-utilized such as iPhone, laptops and iPad. We used google maps, google search engine to search for info and even Twitter to submit our answers. The main focus of this activity is to educate us how to do it right on the internet, #internetdoneright by @digi_telco. Thanks to all the hard work my team members have put in, we won the challenge.

Not to mention the goal of the camp is to collect 3GB of vouchers in order to graduate from this camp. We will need to perform some act or give some ideas in order to earn them. Still have half of it to go, so much to do with less time =/

Throughout the activity-based seminar, we learnt how to apply the terms such as energy, challenges, passion and many more in our daily life and of course, to our blogs (= That was a really value adding seminar for us.

Thanks to the DiGi staffs for allowing us to bring back laptops to the hotel to do some blogging assignments. *Arigato Gozaimas*

Will continue blogging about Day Two tomorrow. Other pictures are not available yet and I'll include them in this post soon =)

Follow Digi Telecommunications on Twitter HERE =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Be Right Back

Blogger will be away during the weekends for Digi Done Right Camp organized by Nuffnang. More updates soon after landing on my home sweet home.

Who else is going? =D

Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers! (;

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Eve at Pavillion, KL

That was the first time going all the way to KL for countdown with family =D

Want some hugs? Find them! =P

not forgetting our usual dessert cravings- Snowflakes!

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

Nandos for dinner. Service was slow, food was normal. Parents didn't like this so better don't mention Nandos in front of them =/


mountain people mountain sea. Loads of people!

dinner function in Starhill Gallery.

Classes started for one week already. More challenges ahead =)