Saturday, January 15, 2011

Done Right Camp with Digi & Nuffnang ( Part 1)

It all started with the passionate heart to participate in this camp. This is my very FIRST golden opportunity to attend such a great event organised by Nuffnang.

Day 1, 15 January 2010

Took a bus provided by the organizer at Kelana Jaya LRT station this morning. Our first destination is Digi D'House at Shah Alam. I was impressed with the building as it is so 'green' along with their aim to be an environmental friendly organization.

After breakfast was served, each of us was given entry pass, name tag and motivational booklet.

James Yeong delivered a presentation about the latest advance gadgets such as HTC Desire HD. That was when I discovered how great and how far smartphones can provide benefits to people, such as convenience by using Google Goggle and Voice Application. For example, people can just talk to the phone on the content that he/she wants to send to other party as a text. This saves messange typing time. *drops jaw*

That was followed by a presentation by SuLin Lau, the person in charge of the Marketing Department of DiGi. The Maker Faire Robots video opened my eye to the humble side of a man in China who has no education background doing some robots that people can use in daily life, like the robot with trishaw carrying people into the forest O.O

Now the real part of the camp begins, how to be a better blogger. The speaker of the day, Mr U2 Kumar's enthusiasm and outgoing personality brought us into an exciting journey during the first day of the camp. A brief intro of him, he is a Chartered Master Trainer of Lawrence Walter Seminars, Chief Learning Officer of The Art of Learning Leadership. He basically trains people in world top organizations both local and overseas. To name a few- Nokia, Hewlett-Packard( M'sia&S'pore), Astro, The Body Shop, Deloitte&Touche and UTSTARCOM ( China ) Ltd.

We were taken for a tour around D'House by the staff. I was like *wow!* *wow!* *wow!* as I'm really impressed by the structures of the building. Take a look at the photo and you will know why I say that =D

Loads of activites have been provided for us 3o members. We were divided into 5 groups and I was one of the leaders of the group. From reciting motivational posters displayed on the wall, communicating with the members in fun way by motivating them using influential words to treasure hunt in a way I've never done before in my life. The most interesting activity was surely the treasure hunt done using the internet. Now, what do I mean by that?

We have altogether 5 segments to complete. First one was done by using Facebook to find the sequence number of the three pictures provided. After that, more and more work is flowing in. All gadgets used for methods of finding information were well-utilized such as iPhone, laptops and iPad. We used google maps, google search engine to search for info and even Twitter to submit our answers. The main focus of this activity is to educate us how to do it right on the internet, #internetdoneright by @digi_telco. Thanks to all the hard work my team members have put in, we won the challenge.

Not to mention the goal of the camp is to collect 3GB of vouchers in order to graduate from this camp. We will need to perform some act or give some ideas in order to earn them. Still have half of it to go, so much to do with less time =/

Throughout the activity-based seminar, we learnt how to apply the terms such as energy, challenges, passion and many more in our daily life and of course, to our blogs (= That was a really value adding seminar for us.

Thanks to the DiGi staffs for allowing us to bring back laptops to the hotel to do some blogging assignments. *Arigato Gozaimas*

Will continue blogging about Day Two tomorrow. Other pictures are not available yet and I'll include them in this post soon =)

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