Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memorable Lesson Learnt

she is the one who motivated me the most. she is constantly motivating us to study harder, in order to secure good results, and hence better future.

i felt so touched and amazed after hearing what she had said about herself. she had to study and take care of her children at the same time. in fact, she managed to get malaysian prize for some of the papers. motherly, caring and capable person are the qualities that i can see in her. i do not know why, maybe i am very touched, tears nearly rolled down after hearing what she said :')

i can do it, you all also can do it. yes. to me, it's indeed very true. when you have no other commitment, this is the best time to study hard, for your own and future good. although i have another commitment which is important ( it is in a dangerous stage =P ), i will try to balance the both :)

hope that the strong determination will continue...until the day i graduate

Monday, February 22, 2010

okay i admit that i promised to update about CNY, but now im lazy, malas to upload pics oso. hope you all dun mind.

overall CNY is better than last year, angpau oso more than last year =P can't forget the nice moments with friends, family and teachers. went to grandma's hse for many times already, hang out with friends and the best part is karaoke that made my lungs almost burst, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! <3

Today CAT results were out, i was so so so so super duper nervous. but last night i can sleep well, very weird right? seeing is really believing, have to believe it. it is out of expectation. thank god, thanks a lot to my team of dedicated lecturers, caring family and friends. i remember what i did during the revision period. studying together with friends, gulping down nescafe while studying audit, in the end drank the whole cup but read one paragraph only. complaining how hard the subjects are, grumpy and feeling down. those were the hard moments that i have been going through. but it was really worth it. all hard work had been paid off. the worst CAT moment was during T2 and T4 papers. both are costing subjects. not forgetting audit, the killer paper. my tests results for the 3 papers were totally a disaster. i asked myself how am i going to sit for final exam? if fail then resit, cannot graduate? once i had mood swings, and the subjects made me cried, especially T2. that was the 1st time i learn costing. i nearly gave up CAT. i remembered my parents complaining me keep on facebooking and not studying. now i did not dissapoint you all, right? :) my mum was beside me when i was checking results. she was laughing seeing me jumping and shouting in the house like siao (mad) people. lol. sorry to the neighbours or disturbing. just really-can't-believe-it.

now, i have finally passed CAT and officially an ACCA student. how relieved...

congratulations to all who have passed and graduated. didn't make it, dun be sad, you can do it! gambateh!

the ACCA life officially begins, jia you people! ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

turning passion + hobby into career?

photography is my primary choice :) secondary choice- music.

how about yours?

please feel free to leave your comment :)

CNY Day 3- 2.08 AM

Bored. nothing better to do. blog is the way to kill the boredom :)

oh god the weather is super freaking hot! sweating all day long :(

CNY was great so far, have been visiting grandma's hse, had awesome lunch and dinner at her place. it has been long time since we had dinner at her house. the soya sauce prawns were so nice! yummmmmy!!! almost finished the whole plate of it, oh well since they can't finish the prawns =P dun care about the left ear piercing, hmmm i think it is better now? heee... finally get to wear the earring that i bought 2 years ago @.@ and the sea cucumber, fish maw...awwww i miss them now!

suddenly thought of my homeworks and RESULT! supposed to enjoy CNY without thinking of them, right? but i can't =P

went over to ikea with family. well i dun really like to go there cuz im not really into furniture. went to ikea restaurant. i really miss the poached salmon with broccoli and potatoes. it is the all time favourite food that i must order whenever dining there. oops didn't take any pictures- pure lazy-ness =P

im really sorry to hear about that. i express my deepest condolence here. hope everything will be fine.

in the baking mood
where is my food blog?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i hate what i heard about what had happened today. some students (A) kepoh go and tell the teacher what had B did something not good in school, which B actually didn't do the wrong things. they are simply too childish, nothing better to do. and the worst part is, the teacher believe the stupid A students that B did the wrong things. isn't this very bad and hurt for B? really pity B. what can B do? keep quiet and continued being bullied by A students? urghhh~!

*pissed off!* just hope things will be fine soon...

i was really blur today. forgot where to go, lost. bought the wrong book for sis. ordered the food that i shouldn't order :( mood swings made me feel grumpy on the way back especially on LDP. terrible jam driving me mad. but i have get used to it. driving is still fun. ^^

just a random feeling post

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Celebration

lawrence preparing the cake. he said:'' where are the rest?"

Surprise! :)

received her birthday present ^^

serious wishes

cream face

the book which we wrote the birthday wishes. awww~
Dear Khai Ling, i knew you since primary school edi. i didnt expect to meet you again in college, and we are doing the same course! lol...
friendship forever, we love you!
good luck in everything you do. all the best!

What else? =D

dancing machine @ asian avenue, Sunway Pyramid. very addictive game! another friend of mine is pro in that, had lots of fun playing that! :)

one of the best features in the phone. alter the picture. in this picture, i had a big nose LOL.

the best literature i ever came across. the story captured my attention, even after reading the whole book, i feel like reading it over and over again. i dunoe why my sis coloured the phantom's face like that as you can see in the picture. colourful face? @__@ i thought is yellow face?

simple and fun drawing session in the library when you are mad of facing the thick textbooks and notes. this may be childish for some ppl, but simple things can brighten up the day :D

the best durian cendol i ever had @ Nyonya Imperial, Bandar Puteri Puchong. they didn't put the real durian flesh, but the durian jam-like sauce is super flavourful and fragrant. It does not taste like those with heavy taste of preservatives. Two thumbs up!

most addictive sushi i ever had. soft shell crab maki @ Suhi Zanmai. after the first bite, i wish to have hundred plates of them. RM 6.80 is definitely worth for money, crispy fried soft shell crab wrapped in yummy vinegar rice, rolled with fish roe. YUM YUM *saliva drools*

another awesome yum cha session with high school friends. lots of jokes, laughter. i love it. when is the next yum cha session? =P

appreciate what we have now, before you regret.
not to ask what are the things that we do not have now, do think about what we have now, and appreciate them.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


sometimes i think that being alone is better. i can hear and feel myself, calm down to think, worry about my worries, keep my feelings when i have no one to talk to or i do not want to reveal. maybe because of that incident. or sometimes i do not know what other people are talking about, and i am sitting there like dumbo. or i feel uneasy. it was a nightmare which came into reality. last time, i do not like to be alone. i feel like being dumped when nobody is around me, talking to me. but now, it is different. because of.....

im so outdated, just knew facebook has changed the layout @__@ the consequences of being busy.

it is good to do things for family, i feel LOVE. gotta go pyramid on wednesday to buy things for family. myself? find something nice to eat, it is enough XD no money for dresses.

i have the only word 'alone' in my mind now...

one more paper to go and i am freee temporarily. CNY! relax yourselves, people =)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Jung Typology test

I actually came across this interesting test via

Your Type is
Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
78 50 62 22

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:

very expressed extravert

moderately expressed intuitive personality

distinctively expressed feeling personality

slightly expressed judging personality

[while the best part is]

Jung Career Indicator™



(that was one of my choices before I decide to take accounting course)

Social Work





Computer Programming


Fashion Merchandising


well, i only agree to management. others besides psychology 100% do not suit me

want to anlyse your personality?

Take your test HERE

I've found the way

sorry for the lack of updates, people. life has been busy lately, such as studying the thick notes & textbooks, house cleaning, dreaming, making CNY snacks, many more. i just realised CAT results are soon to be released @__@ and soon, i will face the biggest challenge in my life.

well, some things are going on well, thank god and i will appreciate it. the life of ACCA is surely getting harder, tough, and i know it is enough to kill me.

one more paper to go. i will be free TEMPORARILY :)