Sunday, February 7, 2010


sometimes i think that being alone is better. i can hear and feel myself, calm down to think, worry about my worries, keep my feelings when i have no one to talk to or i do not want to reveal. maybe because of that incident. or sometimes i do not know what other people are talking about, and i am sitting there like dumbo. or i feel uneasy. it was a nightmare which came into reality. last time, i do not like to be alone. i feel like being dumped when nobody is around me, talking to me. but now, it is different. because of.....

im so outdated, just knew facebook has changed the layout @__@ the consequences of being busy.

it is good to do things for family, i feel LOVE. gotta go pyramid on wednesday to buy things for family. myself? find something nice to eat, it is enough XD no money for dresses.

i have the only word 'alone' in my mind now...

one more paper to go and i am freee temporarily. CNY! relax yourselves, people =)

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