Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memorable Lesson Learnt

she is the one who motivated me the most. she is constantly motivating us to study harder, in order to secure good results, and hence better future.

i felt so touched and amazed after hearing what she had said about herself. she had to study and take care of her children at the same time. in fact, she managed to get malaysian prize for some of the papers. motherly, caring and capable person are the qualities that i can see in her. i do not know why, maybe i am very touched, tears nearly rolled down after hearing what she said :')

i can do it, you all also can do it. yes. to me, it's indeed very true. when you have no other commitment, this is the best time to study hard, for your own and future good. although i have another commitment which is important ( it is in a dangerous stage =P ), i will try to balance the both :)

hope that the strong determination will continue...until the day i graduate

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