Saturday, May 30, 2009

I don't care anymore


it's all over

but then the thing i care is, my best friend who i trust a lot, BLUFFED ME!

i noe you do not want that to happen


u should tell me the truth at the 1st place before you send the msj to me

dun bluff me okay?

Friday, May 29, 2009


have no feeling already. the feeling of sad, angry and dissapointed are all gone. yahoo~! now i can focus on my studies ady. hmmm i should consider to erase the 2 persons out of my mind. thank you ying han, luckily when i am sad u r standing beside me. u r the best. love u =3

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2nd day...

this is the 2nd day. the feeling of being hurt, cheated and dissapointed are still there. haihz... luckily i still can focus studying T5 =P

yst i told a bit of my feelings to a person, and my tears started to roll down. i tell myself not to cry because of that matter, it is not worth it, i tried to control myself. luckily i was safe while driving on the road. kena scolded by dad. luckily he was beside me. sorry daddy...

i was still nervous about next 2 weeks' driving exam. gosh~ i will still rmb what mr chan said =)

now i feel better. luckily i know what i should do and should not do. i am my best friend =) i think i have no more best friend.

vivian, i miss u =(


now i should delete all the memories with you all in my mind. so sad huh?!

say byebye to those pictures in the computer. more memory space are available now. as the memories have wasted my hard disk memory.

dun you think i am cruel to do so? think it again...


woke up early unexpectedly. expect to be a good day but unfortunately it's not. i have heard the conversation. i am not trying to avoid the truth. its true. i agree and i accept what you all have said. I was crying in my heart.

very very thank you to Mr Chan. what u have said today really motivates me =)and made me know what should i do now.

another nightmare which happened few years ago, now it had came back, which gave me a real 'cool' shock. thank you panda for letting me realise something unexpectedly. but i just dont know why must I know that. it really gave me a shock, and i feel so very very dissapointed. damn it! ( sorry for using this word ) sometimes, we better ignore something which we dun want to know. really came fast, and now i still can't accept it. i am trying to tell myself dun be sad, those are nothing, dun cry, everything will be ok, but now i can't do it. really, pls give me some time.

the main thing is i feel very very very dissapointed. how can you all treat me like that? how can you all do that on me? yes, i am so pity. SHOUT ON ME WHATEVER YOU DUN LIKE! SHOUT OUT WHATEVER YOU ALL ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH! im not going to use bad words, luckily i can control myself and i have good mood although i felt i was cheated and betrayed badly. SO SAD!

now i am stupid on that kind of sense. and now i only realise it. friendship do not last long. maybe some will not agree. but NOW I STRONGLY AGREE THAT. we cannot betray or even cheat on our friends. it's true. we have to be faithful to friends. but if another way round they cheat and betray you, how will you feel? HURT? SAD? DISSAPOINTED? hmmph~ I AM DAMN DISSAPOINTED WITH YOU ALL! now that i think the friendship has gone, no more meaning. AND FINE NOW Y O U HAVE WON THIS BATTLE AND I AM A LOSER NOW! CONGRATS TO YOU BITCH WINNER! ( SORRY I HAVE TO USE THAT WORD NOW, PLS FORGIVE ME ) CURSING IS EVEN WORSE! FOR YEARS i trust you all so so much, now i realize that i am wrong. WE HAVE GONE THROUGH MANY THINGS, HAHA TOO BAD NOW NO MORE. ALL GONE! I SHOULD NOT HAVE TRUSTED YOU ALL SO MUCH. i have to say sorry. but izit worth it? i should have act smartly. but too bad, i failed to do so. maybe this is my fate. i can't change the fate and my destiny.

i know now i should focus on studies, i'll try to control. dun worry.


no need to say so much, see how things are going on.

good luck

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farewell 2 V I V I A N

last fri skipped study time and went to sunway pyramid with vivian and si ying. we went there by shutter bus and reached there at about 11am. very early lol.

walked around to wait for lunch time. haha... actually planned to dine in shogun but we changed to BarBQ Plaza =D

we ordered the family deluxe set. wow really huge portion for three of us. but we managed to finish the food =)

cooking the food...

oops...bhg tengah dah hangus pula

hmm the food taste quite good. rating overall 6/10

vivian and si ying bought something cute. look.

this keychain which is a fake bread with real bread smell. lol. very cute and soft to press it =D

vivian, my last pic with you ='(

after that took taxi back to college.

darsh and jonathan were studying in the class too. we went to kacau them. hehe...

jon with the 'bun'

vivian, wish you all the best in your engineering course. we miss u lots!!! take care! keep in touch ya~



after waiting for few days, finally the internet is back.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

eww...the page looks weird S_S

Sad and Stressed.........

haiz... felt restless in my heart. seems like can't do well in everything =( exam coming.. many exams! dun to fail the second time ady. @.@ i will do my best!

rmb what i have said to myself, no matter what are the obstacles, i will overcome it! i will prove you all wrong!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Updated Craps


woke up early for piano class. felt so sleepy and lazy lol. sh*t scolded by her again. say what stupid blind deaf whatever >.< sudah biasa lah kena marah. but i felt a bit hurt and sad. tears in my heart. nvm, really need to survive at this grade. juz be a bit patient and overcome the difficulties. this is the path to success!

reached back home. dun wan to study, got nothing better to do, so asked family what they want for breakfast. then i drove to pasar and buy. lol so hot! phooh~ luckily the road users din bully me pity without a 'P' =P hmmph i think i will hate driving before i officially get the license. LOL!

oh yeah tmr going for driving exam! so late! hmmph!

can't believe that i saw vivian at library! at 1st she called me and ask how to use online chatting. then we realized that were both in the library using com too! haiz....she is leaving now~ so sad T_T

gonna stay until about 8pm in the library today. what to do? at home internet spoiled '_'

study hard! study smart! ahhh i want semester break!

and vivian, wait for my next post ya =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Idle and Disturbed

gosh internet spoil for few days! can't go online chatting, blogging.....can't get answers, changed plan. can see that the internet is so so so important to me =D mail box going to explode =.=" ahhh! i want back my internet! the thing I can do is go library to online like what I am doing now =) hehe....

going to post something up after this. study 1st most important!

good luck to CAT ACCA students who are taking exam in June =)

Friday, May 22, 2009


met vivian yesterday after staying in library for long hours. lol she said i fat ady =D haha... we walked around the campus. reaching cafeteria, we saw a stall selling optical eyewear and other things. RM 10 for one pair of contact lens, can use for one month?? Vivian and I bought 2 pairs each. so vivian decided to teach me how to wear contact lenses.

went to the washroom tried to put on many many many times still cannot do it =( then a staff came and teach me. yucks sticking a jelly onto the eyeball =/ 1st time i touched my eyeball lol XD still cannot do it. went to find the salesman =.="

phooh~ finally can put on ady. hmm...1st time wear the feeling not bad.

reached home and i told my mum about the lenses. lol i was so stupid never ask her before buying them. simply buy simply wear later eyes go blind =( rm 20 fly away ady, but i had learned a valueable lesson.

went jogging with panda, gosh he looks thinner. man, not bad ah. hmmph u oso say me fat ady =( jogged two rounds around the housing area then go back home ady =D mood to study.

again, i fetched my sis frm tuition =/ nearly can't see the road because dunnoe which stupid car's headlight too bright! some road too dark can't see I_I when is my JPJ exam aR?! i wan my license weh!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Unbelievable

today i reached college very late, about 1pm. gosh 1st i saw my primary friend, sze szen. We said hi to each other and when i was about to leave, she asked me to wait for a while. hmm...then she asked me :" do you still remember loh jia xin?" i said errr....i paused for a minute. i try to recall who is that person. she say is our primary 6E friend. hmmm who is that ah?

then she brought me to the place where loh jia xin was sitting. she said neh that person is loh jia xin lo~ i was like HUH?! does not look like her leh. then i paused for a while. she looked at me and i was looking at her. she still can recognise me but i cannot =.=" swt! then i say YA! loh jia xin! oh god she looked so slim and pretty! i've said this for thousand times in my heart. no wonder i can't recognise her lah. she's taking A levels.

nice to see old friends again =) two more ex-classmates they can't recognise me =.=" so i better dun call their name, or not they will get shock like how i get shock today. lol XD

wish you good luck in your course =)


yst nite my mum and sis were craving for some food. so my dad was lazy to drive out to buy food for them. and he said: '' nah, u drive there to buy the food la. "
I was like oh yeah!? really? u let me to drive alone at night arr?!

hehe so i drove! wohoo~! becareful ah i am not covered by insurance leh. drive slowly better.

hmmm at least now my parents can trust me while i am driving alone =D

A Day

Today is study day. duh~ so lame. supposed to go college early but lazy, so reach there at 10 something i guess. quite late ady. but studying at library is better than studying at home =P one, library has air cond, no need to waste electricity at home XP. two, there are too many attractions at home XD

went for lunch with ying at 12.30noon ^^ lol we ate chicken rice, curry noodles and waffle at a same time! i'll get fat >.< nvm, eat is happiness =) thank you ying for the waffle ^-^

resume study session, sh*t i still dun understand the thingy. gosh do more exercise will help ok? hmm i think i really need a study partner.

lol study till half heard a girl shouting at the emergency staircase there. sounds like she is being raped LOL =\ mind your behaviour pls.

duh i need to add more oil on T4!

P.S looks like i'm going shogun for the 2nd time. hooray! ^o^

enjoy ur day =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Motivation to Me and CAT/ACCA students

To achieve that it requires one vital quality – DISCIPLINE! Fixate your mind and tell yourself, I am going to pass ACCA! I am going to work very hard. I can do it! I will say no to all the ‘cheap’ temptations like loitering with friends in food stalls, surfing internet aimlessly, visiting Sunway Pyramid for the 89th time. Say No! No! No! Paris is a better. Hong Kong is more fulfilling. New York city? London? Sydney? Don’t let me go out of hand. These are serious places of fun.



50% discount for lunch on weekdays? yeah i am going!

well, i was too excited until i almost can't sleep last night =.=" woke up at 10.30am, after the cute little babies arrived, we went to sunway piramid with very empty stomach =D

reached there. wow many people arrived there before us -.- stil early lah~ hehe saw nick, jia wen and others friends from group 3. they were having lunch in shogun too.

the first thing i went in to the restaurant was wow! so many food ahh??!! dunnoe which one to eat 1st lol... then i take take take and take. my mum said : " wah girl u take so many can eat finish arr?" hehe i can eat a lot ma =P

hmm overall the food was not bad, i enjoyed while eating ^^ but i didn't eat the raw things like sashimi =( in fact i put them into the steamboat soup to cook them ^^ chocolate fountain was ok only =\ i will pay shogun a second visit =)

P.S too bad i didn't take any pictures. 1st i was busy eating. 2nd they dun allow to take photos.luckily that day i didn't eat alone. if not, i sure can't finish the food that i have taken >.< hehe... thanks mum for paying the bill =P

Monday, May 18, 2009

Check this out

hi there, please watch the video by referring the link below. it's really touching. the video is an award winning short film about poeple wasting food, and of course some people over the world died of hunger. it is the most viewed video. do check out other short films too. thanks.


LOL supposed to sleep at 11.30pm last night, but ended up slept at 1.30am =.=// what i did was i kepoh sort all the skin care products and others in my lovely room. btw they are messy. lol


a lot...most of them i got for free ^^ but need to use them ASAP. if not will expire

and i found this....

which i forgot its presence. limited edition one. yay! got more oil blotting papers to wipe off oil on my oily face >.< and the papers are scented with grapefruit smell. mmm smells good. i think now didn't sell anymore ady.

and i just received the students accountant magazine today. phew~ wow gotta read it up o.o

study again~ today lazy didn't go library. stayed at home and luckily the weather is not very hot. ahh! T4 god pls help me >.<

study and study... i made this

cuz i have no appetite to eat my lunch -.-

and as a reminder

to all CAT students who are taking exams on June 2009:

please make sure you have the exam docket with you now and check your exam venue. if you do not have the docket, i suggest you log in to myacca using ur ACCA registration number and ur password given, then click on 'print duplicate docket'. any other problems, pls go to Sunway-TES to ask for assistance.

got to sign off
take care =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

17 May 2009

first and foremost, happy belated birthday to my daddy! old bean( lou dau ) hehe....

hmm supposed to eat dim sum this morning but we woke up too late. so we missed dim sum T.T

after lunch did T3 revision for the whole day! gosh...i wonder why i still dun understand those things...arghh i try to do my best okay.

dinner went to the same restaurant again. felt contented! yummy!

hmmm no class but still going college to study there. feel too hot @ home =.= and the super hot weather is killing me. i need air-conditioned place. hope i wont fall asleep in the library =P

tues going for shogun japanese buffet ^^ thank you mummy! hmm not allowed to take pictures? why har? =\

shXt... pimple breakout again! my fault, go to bed late T.T

okay. gtg now

have a nice day =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"I am stupid..."

no no no. dun ever say that you are stupid.

you are smart, but just that you are not as smart as other ppl. believe in yourself. if you think you can, you can.

"i thought u are the one last time who said you can cannot do this and that?"

"that was last time. it has passed."

i agree that the person has grown up and become more mature in thinking. congratz. you have learned frm mistakes. you have tried to improve yourself. and now u have the confidence in doing what you are doing. trust yourself. everything will be fine.


Friday, May 15, 2009

15th of May 2009

lol I am not a good girl today. no class, no study go relax in sunway pyramid. haha.
morning woke up at around 10 am. felt so guilty today din study go lepak in pyramid. but nvm, need some relax to open my mind.

i am always reminded with this, thank you Mr Jack.

reached there around 2.30pm. 1st went McD to find phuah and ying. sry ya made u all wait for so long and i din see u all >.< lolx.

then we went to bought movie tickets. i am always thinking about food, so i bought a corn cup to satisfy myself. lol. walked around the mall with slow speed. lol. sorry ya phuah and ying. wow many sunway college students went there too.

before movie we bought popcorn and drinks. lol i can't decide whether want to eat or not, cuz i scared of getting fat. nvm, eat is happiness. sry phuah for confusing you.

we watched angels and demons. quite nice lah the movie, i like the combination of genre in the movie. kinda scary and interesting. hehe. but the thing is i felt so sorry to my stomach, phuah and ying. i gave u all too much of popcorn! lol XD

went back home at 5.30 pm. felt tired. nvm ying it's ok, i biasa kena marah ady. hehe...

thank you phuah and ying for making a good day for me ^^

lol feel so tired. 8 pm to 9.45 pm had piano class.

and i have many things to do!

got to sign off~

have a nice day =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

phooh~ woke up early in the morning again. although sleep earlier last night, but still feel tired =.= what's wrong with me? these days i get tired easily.

no class, went for internal driving test. mum fetched me to the exam centre and i directed her the wrong way >.< see la get scolded. later drive kelam kabut dunnoe go where ady -.-

i am the 11th one. lol waited for quite long until going to fall asleep. no patience... the QTI officers kinda rude, and i was angry with them |_| they all yelled at us! lolx nearly lost the card thingy =.= luckily i managed to find it back. or not i canot go back home ady. i am a careless person. watever, i dun care =D

shXt, bukit luckily i can get through. parking ok. 3 point turn kacang putih shj =\

so passed, have confidence to go for JPJ exam =)

Last Day of T5 with Mr Jack

huhu~ last class for first semester! so sad...siao~

as usual almost fall asleep in class today =.= 'father' sms-ed and asked want to go for an outing or not. i was thinking relax for that day and then intensive study after that day. but i feel guilty...lolx. see lah my fav japanese food leh!

after finished teaching the revision pack, Mr Jack showed us a presentation, which i like and dun like. the point that i like is he is like giving me a slap, waking me up frm my dream XD the point that i dun like is he is giving stress again. world prize winners leh! imagine the benefits that i could get. but izit impossible? -.-// but it's good, yeah good. *lol Mr Jack gave us lollipops*

i can't believe that in 5 months time i had learned a lot of things. especially T5. not forgetting other papers...first semester sometimes struggling, sometimes enjoyed and sometimes no feeling. the 5 months really trained me. so i should say i have never regretted start studying in january. thank you.

staying back in library again...

LOL TMR DRIVING TEST! but not an important one.

3 weeks break better study hard and smart! i will miss my lecturers and classmates so much. see my classmates in three weeks time! gambateh!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


s**T! dunnoe why feel so tired and restless. more worse than SPM! i remembered during form 5 life was not so bad. college life is kinda hectic, now i only realize =.= maybe is because the course. suddenly i think that it is not suitable for me. what can I do? but i believe i can get through it. i would like to say that i did not regret. cuz i did what i should do. tired person like me tends to think more. relax...

anywayz, no holiday for me. still going library to study during the holidays. i have to force myself to do that. there are many attractions at home XP pity...

waiting life after 5th June >.< all i want to say is do not give up, believe in yourself and everything will be fine.

and wish all form sixers the best!


if you think you can, YOU CAN!

P.S/ lol how stupid am I... i should not think too much. cuz every obstacle are stepping stone to success! =)

all i need to do now is dun think too much, get enough rest and do better the next day.

happiness and sadness


hehe...met ying today. same as last tues, standing at the library entrance, dunnoe what to do. ying then suggested us to go sunway piramid by shutter bus. O.o ya hor i have never tried take shutter bus before =.= like i was just coming out frm the jungle. supposed to stayback and study in the library. but i need some relaxation. lol. so we went!

waited about 15 minutes for the bus. we saw nick! he was going sunway piramid too. quite a lot of ppl in the bus. lol turning point i was so scared that the bus will overturn. lol. siao la...

went to some gift shop to have a look. haven't decide what things to buy. so we just walked around.

since ying need to go back early, we walked back to college instead of taking the shutter bus. walk walk walk. the weather damn hot! swt!

thank you ying. i had a happy day today ^^ not a dull girl anymore =)


haiz...many ppl fall ill recently. maybe because of the hot weather. take care!
i am still considering on something. lol still have time la. think so fast for what? XD

oh no piano class...

have a nice day!



not a good month...exam more working... ='(

with the determination, no matter what, i will survive! do not give up in what i am doing.

yst went to seek for job in the so called boring place =.= they are not hiring ppl =(
fine...i discussed with mum ady. decided to stay at home and be a good girl. cuz can pratice piano ( exam coming soon -.-), cook what i want =D and prepare for next semester =P i am ok with it! job!

gosh today morning too tired until eyes can't open @_@ almost slept in the class. and i should go to bed before 12am =.= luckily Mr Jack din spot me slept! lol... tmr last day with Mr Jack ady =/

glad to know that the final decision is not what i want, thank god. i promise ok? thank you very much. god bless.

argh idle tuesday!

study mood~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Revision Class

Right now in library! the best way to relax after having long time of study session. Can't imagine if i stayback study straight till 5pm. sure i become siao ady XD if go back home sure lazy, then stayback better. hehe...

Well, today had 1st day of T5 EDC EFC. lol feel so tired. when Mr Jack was discussing the 1st part of syllabus i was already dozing off XD felt so sorry to him and myself =.= cuz i dun wan to miss important things.

mei ban fa, need to use water to spray my face =P felt refreshed after that. nah~ quite sienz during the class. i sat the most behind row in the auditorium. no wonder not paying full attention la.

after lunch, class resumed. not so bored ady. Mr Jack says today class till 5pm. i was like : WHAT???!! sure die... then luckily he let us finish class early at 3pm -.- i thought class till 12.30 pm only. dream la! XP

get back mock exam paper. phew~ luckily din fail... most important i noe i had did what should i do. good good. final exam coming! =_= he always giving us stress...

lol he say he miss us during the one week holiday =.= so should i say : i miss u too ?


hope tmr T5 revision class will be an interesting one.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

♥Happy Mother's Day!♥

♥To my dear mummy♥


thank you for everything that you had done

i appreciate it so much!

i am sorry for what i had done that make u angry or unhappy =(

i promise u, after i earned money frm working, i will belanja u makan and bring u travelling.



wish mothers all over the world a very happy mother's day!

treat mother well because she is the best person in the world!


The Unexpected...

haiz...yst and today i really had heart attack =.=

too many things happened, too rush until i am stucked. lol.


expect what is going to happen so that we can accept what had happened to avoid shock.

accept what had happened, no matter is expected or unexpected, with open mind and kind heart.

do not fret, juz think and accept.

aiyo~ go study la. dun face the com for long time.

do not forget my promise...

tmr gonna do sth that i never do before, and i wanna faster finish it to know whether i can do what i want or not. wanna plan for my sem holiday too! i dun wan it to be wasted...

gotta sign off

have a nice day =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

calm down and make the right decision

support u guys out there!




lol got heart attack today!
panda suddenly come back, hui le tmr come back, ying say she dun wan study AUSMAT ady, wan go study form 6.

and i knew it!

=( shocked me

i miss you all!

Welcome back panda!

hey panda, glad to hear that you come back ady. haiz... but sad to hear that u kena red pox thingy. hope u will recover soon.

waiting for ur pictures and diary ya!

and belanja us sweets. lol =D

hope u get well soon and good luck in your computer course in UCTI!



Thursday, May 7, 2009


haha today morning overslept ady. thought no class can sleep for a longer time. driving instructor waited in front of my hse and he doesn't know that i was still sleeping. lol. dad woke me up and i was like... shit! sleep so much for what! now only wake up ah you? haha...

phew~ everything gao tim ady. bukit, parking, 3 point turn all seems perfect. i better focus on the road. i easily get nervous and cause me to drive recklessly. sorry to all of the road users for my stupidness =.= pls be patient. i noe you got license. and i believe u experience it before.

thank you Mr Chan for teaching me patiently. you are better than other instructors i guess. cuz today when i practice i saw an instructor scolding the student which i dun like. can see that he is quite angry or what... we chatted a lot of things when driving. lol. ( i am going to say that word again, sry...), i gotta renew my L license! have to do so. so next week i am not skipping T5 class! hooray. QTI on thursday. and 26th JPJ test i think... dun fail me!

well, today is holiday. wesak holiday i oso dunnoe =.= still got many thigs need to do.

so i better sign off now

everyone, have a nice day =)
Today is the last day with Ms Teh. Yah i hope i can pass T4 final exam oso. May ur wishes being together with me all the time until 4th of June. Thank you.

I was so tired in the morning until i slept on the staircase outside. lol. cuz classroom too cold ady and i am freezed =.= so i need some warmth from the sun =P

i still have the determination to survive on the things i am doing. thank god for giving me the energy and glad that i can control myself. gambateh!

well, with the energy, i will keep on putting in effort and dun be so stupid in order to achieve what I want to achieve everyday! until the rest of my life! go go go!

all the best to everyone!

P.S- gosh, I will not have a good night sleep until 5th of June. in other words i will suffer frm so called insomnia for about one month. nevermind i still have the strong determination to go on


A Promise

I promise to myself, no matter what is the obstacle, i will be determined, dedicated and put in hardwork based on my abilities. Do not give up easily although it hurts.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oh no...

(sorry i have to say this word at this time)
s**t...! again, straight 3 times, no!!!
i expected that, so i just have to accept it. lol. didn't have lunch today. juz ate sandwich during breaktime. kesian me dun have appetite to eat. what i hope is i dun get barred. if not i dunno what will happen... pls.

today we evaluated our lecturer. lol. wrote some comments for them. hehe...

gosh need to rush to finish the T5 revision pack. die. need do more T4 questions >.<

no matter what, i will survive! dun give up easily!

gambateh! the stone is juz a small matter. wait till ACCA and s33.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have you ever thought of if you are me?

have you ever wonder what is the feeling of being left out like i am being left out?

do you really understand me?

do you really care about me?

do you really still take me as your friend?

have u forgot about my presence?

maybe i am not important to you anymore

do you still remember our promise?

Already 4 years, don't you think it is a waste?

i think it is a waste

really a big big waste

i am not cruel

people can change at anytime without knowledge

what i can say is

it's a fate

i have to accept it

and accept the truth that

i have no faith in you

maybe god decided it

and i have to accept it without questioning

keep asking why is no use

it will make a person feel more hurt, feel more useless

like me

although i had dropped tears because of you

but i promise to myself

i will not do that again

it is a stupid act

sad because of it is not worth it

strong at the outside

but weak inside...


being exposed to the real world is not a bad thing

once bitten twice shy

i think it's enough in my life

still treat friends faithfully, honestly and sincerely

doing the right thing

is not wrong.

all i can do is leave with dissapointment


I suspect myself having insomnia problem >.< i only can sleep after 12 midnight since that period of time. cuz i was influenced by somebody. and the lame thing is i wan to thank the person, staying up late and study during midnight really helps.

holidays i did slept well. but since sunday i can't sleep. thinking about studies. the 3 papers i am taking now is not very good. luckily now getting better ady. or not i no need to sleep ady =.= thinking about piano. going to drive me crazy. thinking something else. i want to get you all out of my mind >.<

i wan to have a good night sleep. or not i end up being a live corpse in the next morning. lol

Last day with Mr. Tan

Today is the last day of T3 revision class. Can say that today is the last day Mr Tan teach us. I think he is not going to teach us for the next semester. Maybe he will teach us next year for one of the ACCA papers, i hope so. i dun wan the so called indian man, although i heard that he is funny =.= lame... Mr Tan teach better =)

well, after class ends, we took pictures with Mr Tan. so funny lah! i like it! Mr Tan, seriously i want you to teach me. Wish you all the best in your career and life =P and i must pass my T3. hopefully with flying colours. Goodbye Mr Tan. Hopefully will see you next year.

the revision class do help me a lot. Thank you Mr Tan and my classmates who taught me answering the questions.

Now I have confidence for T3. go go go!

Good luck everyone!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lame weekend, nice Monday

Hmm...i had a quite bored weekend. keep on doing the revision pack questions is driving me crazy. dunnoe what to do more than that. sometimes do until sienz ady -.- sat went club. wow long time didn't go there ady. had a new experience there. hahaha... had late dinner too. sunday leh, as usual woke up very early to go for piano class. had nice breakfast. hehe... ish~ body too heaty ady. pimple breakout! >.< very bored staying at home. need to do some serious shopping. i really need shoes =.= so my dad drove me and sis to ioi mall ( another lame place ) reached the shop. had a look. sales are still going on. phew~ had a look here and there. still can't decide which one to buy >.< kept asking my sis which one to buy better. lol. ended up didn't buy any shoes -.- ask mum's opinion better la. walk here and there and now i only know ioi is a very lame and boring place. why i keep saying the word 'lame' ah? lol... so should i say it was a nice weekend for me?...

holidays are over. back to college. yeah! hehe i miss the food there. lol =P feel like very energetic going back to college after resting and lazying around. hahax. batteries are fully charged and strive for the best!

oh yeah today, monday, i really miss my classmates. lol seriously. ok. i got it! i got it! zzz... siao ady. anyway you are very kind. very very very kind. may god bless you =) and finally i passed my T3 mock! yahoooo! if not... i dunoe what will happen. and i hope i pass for T4 and T5 =\ must pass!

can't wait for semester break! going to do something that i never do before.

oh gosh driving thing makes me feel frusfrated! timing problem. i hope i faster pass JPJ test and faster get P license and shout out loud XD i dun wan skip class juz to go for driving test =( i feel sorry to the lecturers, parents and myself =(

yahhaaa! tonight going to buy shoes using own $$$$ =)

i think i siao ady

hey ya dun forget study ah.
don't play play!