Monday, May 11, 2009

Revision Class

Right now in library! the best way to relax after having long time of study session. Can't imagine if i stayback study straight till 5pm. sure i become siao ady XD if go back home sure lazy, then stayback better. hehe...

Well, today had 1st day of T5 EDC EFC. lol feel so tired. when Mr Jack was discussing the 1st part of syllabus i was already dozing off XD felt so sorry to him and myself =.= cuz i dun wan to miss important things.

mei ban fa, need to use water to spray my face =P felt refreshed after that. nah~ quite sienz during the class. i sat the most behind row in the auditorium. no wonder not paying full attention la.

after lunch, class resumed. not so bored ady. Mr Jack says today class till 5pm. i was like : WHAT???!! sure die... then luckily he let us finish class early at 3pm -.- i thought class till 12.30 pm only. dream la! XP

get back mock exam paper. phew~ luckily din fail... most important i noe i had did what should i do. good good. final exam coming! =_= he always giving us stress...

lol he say he miss us during the one week holiday =.= so should i say : i miss u too ?


hope tmr T5 revision class will be an interesting one.


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