Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Unbelievable

today i reached college very late, about 1pm. gosh 1st i saw my primary friend, sze szen. We said hi to each other and when i was about to leave, she asked me to wait for a while. hmm...then she asked me :" do you still remember loh jia xin?" i said errr....i paused for a minute. i try to recall who is that person. she say is our primary 6E friend. hmmm who is that ah?

then she brought me to the place where loh jia xin was sitting. she said neh that person is loh jia xin lo~ i was like HUH?! does not look like her leh. then i paused for a while. she looked at me and i was looking at her. she still can recognise me but i cannot =.=" swt! then i say YA! loh jia xin! oh god she looked so slim and pretty! i've said this for thousand times in my heart. no wonder i can't recognise her lah. she's taking A levels.

nice to see old friends again =) two more ex-classmates they can't recognise me =.=" so i better dun call their name, or not they will get shock like how i get shock today. lol XD

wish you good luck in your course =)

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