Friday, February 27, 2009

Minor T5 Test & Sunway Piramid

phooh~ finally the so called T5 minor test is over.i have learned new things. i did mistakes which is quite horrible. haha.nvm, at least i know what is my mistakes and i hope i wont repeat the same mistakes again next time. thank you mr.jack.

went to SP to have lunch @ KFC and most important, have gathering with lydia cuz she is changing course.


yeah~~lets yum seng!!! we will miss lydia a lot!!!


after having our yummy KFC lunch, we headed to the accessories shop to buy things. the girls bought some necklace and earrings.

here comes vivian

after a little shopping, we went back by taxi.

lydia, we will seriously miss u a lot! gambateh in your new course! we will support u! go go go!!! remember to pay us a visit ya. haha...

wish all of my classmates and other friends good luck in the coming tests and exams
do not give up!
study hard, play hard

Sunday, February 22, 2009






Friday, February 20, 2009




谢谢你一直对我很坦白,让我们彼此之间更加了解。你对我说的那些话,我很明白。虽然我感到有点难过,但我也必须尊重你,既然你这样坦白,我并没有怪你。i am ok. dun worry.




Saturday, February 14, 2009


♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

wooh~i would like to wish all the couples out there a very happy valentines day!
happy together forever ^^

ah today went to college for computer class.swt.facing the com for few hours juz doing microsoft excel.

went to ioi with ying han ^^ hee...first went to buy jun hoong's wat had we chosen.really swt la.hee...

then we went to find our friends who are working there to chat.they are a bit different frm last time. haha.

the girls' thing! went to nichii to try out the clothes. but no buy. haha. very nice la especially the one piece and function dresses. wanna buy. who wants to sponsor me? XD

heh heh the interesting part.we kept spoting on phuah.lolx.finally he came out frm the shop.ying gave him the valentine sweet la.

haiz...i think last year's VD is better than this year's VD. seems like my friends are sad. haiz...i juz hope that would not happen. must appreciate oh ~!

duh got hw worh...luckily test is over.

wish everyone always be happy
have a nice day !
( do not leave ur partner alone! give them some surprises! )
good luck ~!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

woooh~finally it's over!

PT 1 and PT 2------

T1 was ok. T2 oh my god. the calculations are really frusfrating me. T5 arr...juz write. the paper that i scared the most is T5 == cuz the lecturer like putting high hope on us. sry mr jack if i had let u down. and it makes the fear of SPM came back. so evil. the whole exam hall is like when i am taking SPM. lol X\

but anyway, no more progress test for now. gotta relax more. the stress really made me so tired. and i am satisfied as i worked hard without regret =) will sure do better next time!

wooh~ tmr Valentines day. no big deal for me. all the couples out there wish u all tmr have a good time together ^^

and thank you ying han for your valentines present ^^ i dun dare to eat la...hee...
muah muah !

and now my eyes are going to close. buh bye~

have a nice day

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh My God...stress

after chinese new year ...the stress really begins to come to me.
scolded by piano teacher badly cuz i did not practise fault.
test coming soon.feel worried cuz i not always study = = my fault oso.but i will use the knowledge that i absorbed during class to add on.gambateh !!! go go go !
they told me sth.actually i noe earlier ady.but i juz keep quiet and see the situation.cuz i dun wan that to happen again.think too much so perasan at last i am hurt.i really dun wan to think that much again.juz let it be.
i realized sth.and that makes me sad.and i noe that will i am prepared for it.i juz hope that that will not happen.haiz...

say no to stress !

Sunday, February 1, 2009

haiz...condolence. ='(

CNY Visiting

This year CNY visiting is more quiet...haiz.maybe the economy is not very good.i thought many people would go together.but...haiz...only ying han,phuah,and I went CNY visiting.nvm was a fun day !

first ying and I walked to panda's house.panda is still the same face...haha.seriously he really takes care his skin la.his face has no pimples.haha.lolx XD

panda's mum belanja us dessert and the sour and hot vegetable.very nice la.thank you ^^ after that phuah walked frm his hse and arrived to panda's hse.panda showed us his own made trailer.really nice! really IT and computing specialist =D
we chatted for 2 hours plus i nice chatting with them.haha.phuah not enough sleep..but he looks energetic.haha...raining~~~thx panda !

we then walked to puan yong's hse at 6 pm.

walao~puan yong zhao dai us many snacks XD the snacks really nice ! yum yum.thx puan yong ^^

her 3 months old baby daughter ! ssoooooooooo cuuuuutttteeeeee !!!!!haha =D

ying's dad sent phuah and I to puan ooi's hse.thank you to ying han's father.
we oso chat and eat snacks.really funny la phuah.haha.....make us keep on laughing.
haha puan ooi is now mother of phuah ! yeah haha.....mother's day rmb give flowers to mother oh , phuah . haha...... XP

back home kinda tired.haiz...tmr going back to study mood.but happy cuz can see my classmates and friends again =) dunnoe how is my test result.

gambateh ! study hard !
wish everyone a happy day tmr ~!