Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuffnang Sharing Session @ Frames, Sunway Pyramid

This is the second event I joined with Nuffnang.

Three of our very own Malaysian guest bloggers were there! The surprise to me was Xiaxue and her husband, Mike also joined the sharing session too omg O.O It was so happened that she was coming to KL, for road trip I think?

Photo credits to Nuffnang

Opening intro done by (from left) Timothy Tiah and bloggers relation executive Ice breaking session with magic wand in your hand =D

As you can see from the pictures above, the restaurant inside is decorated by many photo frames. From my own observation those pictures taken by photographers are awesome. Simple yet meaningful. They are available for sale as well. Great ambience to dine in with relaxed mind. and.... food is served!

Frosted Iced Lemon Tea. Layered with crushed ice on top which makes it different from the ordinary presentation. A platter consists of ham rolls, marinated mini tomatoes, mussels and beef rolls with asparagus and carrot sticks. Great starter to tickle taste buds. Yum yum

Salmon and chicken. Tasty combination to savour on

Followed up by some tender-licious mutton and generously peppered meat (forgot what was it already)

Presenting Spicy Carbonara. Seriously this is the best carbonara I've ever tasted! Creamy and well-seasoned sauce with a spicy kick was just irresistable. The seafood were fresh too...

Had a great time meeting everyone there. Thank you Nuffnang for the invites! =)

For more photos, kindly click HERE for more viewing pleasure =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Of Slurpy Udon & Addictive Ice Cream

Read so many food reviews about Marufuku Udon and decided to join the slurpy udon hype, at Taylor's Lakeside Campus =D This time was with my bestie, Ying Han.

All reasonably priced, easy for students =D

Ying's Kitsune Udon. Taste ok according to her =)

Cha Cheong Udon (served hot). Thick sauce with minced meat was decent. Topped with shredded cucumber gives a refreshing taste. Now, the main star of the dish- slurpy and bouncy udon. It was worth trying the udon. The texture was just right and very nice to chew on. Try to add the chilli paste provided. It pretty taste like Chilli Pan Mee lol. It could be better if the portion was larger.

Will revisit there for more enjoyable udon =D Slurp Slup!

Heard of The Last Polka ice cream? They recently opened a shop in the campus, just below Starbucks.

There were approximately 6 flavours available during my visit such as Teh Tarik, White Coffee, Chocolate Chilli (premium), Malt Peanut Butter, Green Tea and Nutella.

After tasting some of the ice cream, Ying chose Nutella while Malt Peanut Butter is on my list =D

Smooth, creamy, not overly sweet and rich textured ice cream. Who can resist it? One scoop followed by one scoop, mmmm it really satisfied my ice cream cravings during a hot day. I want MORE!

Ying hinted to me that a particular shop is coming soon in lakeside, I wonder which shop is it? =P *continue wondering*

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pacific Coffee Company, IOI Boulevard Puchong

The new coffee establishment in town- Pacific Coffee Company. With beautiful interior arrangement, it simply captured my heart.

Iced Cafe Latte. This had too much milk where I prefer the stronger taste of coffee. But overall it was decent.

Environmental friendly cup- reminds me of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is found in ACCA P1 syllabus =P

Left- Caramel Swirl Chillino, Right- Berry Frenzy Chillino. Check out the Hahah Deal that I used to purchase the drinks =)
Caramel Swirl was really pleasant to drink, while Berry Frenzy has a refreshing taste. Glad that my family love the drinks that I chose for them ^^
Also tried the chillino blended with banana (forgot what is it called). Good stuff =D try it for yourself.

Extensive menu as compared to Starbucks. But they don't have green tea beverages =) If you are a DiGi user, do ask for the free top up size from small to regular. Or if you order Alto(largest) size, you can still get discount.

You can select other drinks from this place including fruit juices. The choices available are not bad I would say, and reasonably priced as well. Spotted Sarsaparilla which is originated from old times recipe. Should give it a try next time =)

Cookies and pastries =)

You may use the computer available to surf the net. The speed of DiGi broadband that they are using is moderate. One thing to improve- their WiFi. I can't use my phone to surf the net but others who bring laptop can =.= Well, the staff said there is q problem of low speed connection. Despite of my third visit there, same problem still exists.

Pretty good selection of reading materials ranging from newspapers, magazines to science journals likeNational Geographic.

It was a great experience having drinks and spending the weekends with family. If you ask me which is better between Starbucks and Pacific Coffee, I would say each has it's specialty.

Do drop by there for a visit ya ;)