Friday, October 14, 2011

Freshkon Alluring Eyes

Bored and tired of wearing glasses? Want to look good without spectacles?

I've always wanted to try cosmetic contact lenses that gives natural shades to my eyes. Until I discovered Freshkon, it really has defined outline for alluring effect. Who doesn't want beautiful and attractive eyes? ;) It improves self confidence too.

Here are some product benefits that you can get
> Full circle print for bigger and brighter eyes
> 55% water content for better comfort
> Larger optical zone for better vision
> Wide power range (up to -10.00D). Non-powered lenses are also available if you have perfect eyesight
> Facilitates long hour wearing up to 8 hours or more
> Easy handling of lens to prevent lens curling problem
> Higher DK value (23) for better ocular health

The lenses are available in 4 enchanting shades- Mystical Black, Winsome Brown, Mesmeric Black & Magnetic Grey.
Winsome Brown would be my choice =D

Now Freshkon Malaysia is organizing a Model Search from 1st-31st October 2011. Just simply follow the steps below to join the contest. Who knows, you might walk away with RM1000 cash and one year supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Lenses ;)

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Please vote for me in the Model Search contest too! ;)