Thursday, November 27, 2008

EST is the last sub n last day of SPM !!!!!!

nyah verry lazy to write about the subjects after chemistry.
let's jump to EST hahax...
hmm paper 2 tricky...quite easy
paper 1 GO no comment...essay really easy!
but no time to write lol...hah...tis yr we untung
but sadly all papers' format have changed.but nothing special.juz like normal.
when i finished my last word for the EST essay on 'nutrients',i immediately breathe deeply in and out and i tell myself:'Phooohhhh SPM is over!really?i can't believe it! ahhhhh SPM is over!!!!!!!!!!!'
my brain is working kinda slow lol...
after the EST some students shouted...happy marh...i have no reaction.cuz i can't believe tat SPM is over...swt =.=//
hahax then butty hui and I went to nic's hse to take shower and go ioi to celebrate hui and ying's excited!!!!!
heh heh nic ying n i plan to bluff hui tat ying din go ioi ...muahahahhaxxx
at nic's hse was very fun...v danced together.laughed like sopo...veri veri veri happieeeee!!!!!!! no need to worry liao lol...
we 6 pm reached ioi...i first time wear tat dress to go out with friends...zzz.quite not used to it.
we went to buy cinema tickets 1st.we decided 2 watch Madagascar Escape 2...
then wong kok char chan teng is our next stop.hmm...the food tasted so so only except for the wat fish wat tan hor something like tasted good! but...serving portion is kinda small.
oh my god the cheese baked rice really dissapointed me.the french toast had too much peanut butter.the chocolate drink...'no comment'
hahax we decided to take a video.haha very funny n we laughed till drop...laugh!!!!!
heh heh me n nic went to the bra shop to buy hello kitty bra 4 hui n ying as bday present.sooooo cuute!!!heh heh... XD
the movie is sooooo funny.laugh frm the beginning till the end.i love tat!laugh hahax...
wOw dunnoe y feel not tired at all.juz wan to play till drop haha...
hah SPM is finally over but................many things still need to be done
quite frusfrated.i dun care .i must get enough sleep n do wat i wan to do!
heh today actually need go renew passport but mum lazy so din go le...haha
yeah! next month goin singapore.i hav never been thr before.honestly,i go thr to hunt 4 FOOD only haha.
hmm genting trip...prom night...i realized tat i have used a lot of my parents' money.must jimat sikit lol
ah...relieved!!! no SPM books!no sejarah! no add maths! so good...........
gtg do wan i wan to do...
tata ^^
mokky =)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chemistry SPM

wooh~chemistry SPM exam is comin!im quite scared...
the day b4 tat i juz study a bit bit onli n do pst yr Q
the day finally comes
no feeling
juz wan to exam fast fast...
paper 1 is easy...very much easier than i thought
paper2 ok ok...1st time i saw essay easy...phew~~~~
paper 3 shiok!!! easy!
have confidence more than last time
the most important is get an A for Chemistry!
[keke...again...i untung.good luck to next year's SPM candidates!]
and thanks for butty hui's prediction...hahax...very accurate oh =p

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Arghh...headache warning!!!
haiz...these few days headache.tis morning wake up like wan to bang the mood.head
hmm today add maths wor...actually not afraid of it ady.juz do it...
paper 1 was quite easy...but the Q1 made me say'hah???what is tis?'
haha...but if look carefully can get the ans...
paper 2 die la...sec A n C ok...but sec B no confident


moral wor...
okok lo...
almost forget the definisi ady haha...

whatever!!!it's all over
wohoo can forget the moral n ad maths ady


Thursday, November 13, 2008


congratulations to my sister!!!
UPSR 7 A 's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow tat's very very very good!!!!!!!!
actually i expected her to get 7 A's
my mum oso promised her to bring her travel to Australia
the moment she noe my sis get straight A her tears roll down....
so touching........
go for it !!!! ikan bilis!!!!!!!!!
always support u !!!! hahahahha....... =)

Things that i wish to do after SPM

but wait...before that
i must get at least 8 A's in SPM.of course,better straight A's lah...
if dai kat lei si cannot,nvm,because i know tat i hav done my regrets

now...muahahahha enjoy life after SPM
got prom la...steamboat dinner la...whatever...

1 . Sleep till I drop

2 . Sort my books....owh so many....

3 . Burn and destroy Sej book

4 . Clear memory of komsas,literature and history in my brain...DELETE ALL!!!!dun ever leave even 1% of space for the evil thingy

5 . online to search for more info on tertiary education,FOOD,extra knowledge...whatever

6 . Set up a food blog

7 . Get a driving license

8 . Finish my piano till Grade very very very very hard on tat...

9 . Get a very very very hard to earn more more more a lot a lot of money
(mostly spend on FOOD , trip , nice dresses whatever.....)

10 . Brush up my English

11 . Learn Thai and Japanese language..

12 . Attack popular bookstore ( magazines , novels , whatever........)

13 . Decide STPM or what.....if STPM start to read books on tat
work very super hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 . Organize reunion dinner to meet up with my friends...will d miss u all guys !!!!!!

15 . gather with BCG clover...muahkzzzz!!!! love love~!

i will add if i forget


graduate ady ...
wOw finally SPM arrive ady...actually i feel half nervous half happy.cuz scare can't do well n happy after SPM cuz can do wat i want.hee...

first day

BM and SEJ obj
phoooh dunnoe why i feel quite scared..nervous.hands become icy cold.haha...the day before tat oso can't really sleep well.i tried to calm down myself
then after taking the paper feel quite easy and relaxed...phew~~
wah sej is more easier than i think...
haiz seriously my health condition is not very good
feel headache,sleepy...tired....

second day

fine.eng was quite easy ...phew ...and the much easier than i think!!! poem easy
haiz but the pearl very less thing to write...feel kinda dissapointed...
sej first feel scared...scared cannot write anything out.but it was not true
i untung leh~! i din read de topic din cum out...muahahahahhahahha
the questions quite easy..aiya essay juz write whatever...pour out watever my brain have
msyrkt AJ came out!!!!!!!!muahahahhahahha
tats my pro...i like to read about Islam anyway

third day (today )

feel like SPM is nothing need to be normal exam
feel calm
hmmm maths...i din do any exercise
yst sleep at 9 pm haha....lazy
maths ok la
obj still can handle
paper 2 okok
the earth thingy easier than i thought

-waiting for life after SPM-