Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wooooooots Kelly Clarkson rocks!

okay this is my very first time attending indoor concert. the first time was 8TV Summer Live outdoor concert in Penang. won the tickets from MyFM and travelled all the way to Penang with my mum just to watch the concert.

but this time, another big thanks to Panda Kong for the ticket! He so lucky lo won it from China Press. by answering 2 simple questions and he got the second place. RM338 per ticket somemore @_@

well, jaclyn victor and suki(oh i seriously admire her) were the performing artists too...

for pictures click HERE. i dunoe why, i tried few times ady but still can't upload the pics here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, Puchong.

If you really want to look for good lunch or dinner deal, then go for Hee Lai Ton Restaurant. there is a promotion going on. It's sort of like buffet style whereby you can just order any dishes you want on the menu given, then they will cook for you. but there is a limit for prawns and crabs.

2-5 persons = prawns and crabs 1 plate each
more than 5 persons = prawns and crabs 2 plates each

Adult: RM 23.80 ++ (including shark's fins soup)

Children (below 10 years old): RM 13 ++ (without shark's fins soup)

No. 22&23, Jalan Kenari 1,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm back!

from the exam world...

yea, my blog has been dead for quite some time :(

okay, finally mock exam is over, at least can relax a bit. i seriously have "no eyes" to see my mock exam results, as i have some uneasy feeling about that. now i only really realize, CAT is very different from ACCA. no joke.

went for zanmai, ice kacang puppy love movie and san francisco extreme mocha today. burp! full of happiness! overall the local movie was not bad...simple yet meaningful ^^ my rating: 6/10

faith really can join people together :)

omg! can't wait for Kelly Clarkson's concert! my first time ever going to indoor concert! A big thanks to Albert Kong for the ticket.

and of course karaoke session with buddies, i miss you all! loves...

oh yeah study break starts next week! im feeling happy, i dunoe why >_<

good luck and enjoy your life people! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunway 20th CAT/ACCA Graduation 2010

results for Dec 2009 session were out on 22th of Februray. and 3rd April was the CAT graduation ceremony. I am officially a CAT graduate!

well, it took us quite long time to wear the robe. gasping for air cuz feel kinda hot after wearing it, and there was many people at the hall.

thanks to my family for attending the graduation! <3>

for more photos, click HERE :)

the next aim is ACCA graduation in two years time, i hope so.


mokky: i graduated from CAT today.
EJ : huh? what is CAT? cheat ......?
mokky: haha....it's certified accounting technician la.
EJ : oh i see. so what are you doing now? DOG?
Mokky: huh? =.="
EJ : then what? PIG?
Mokky: =.=!!! ACCA lar!

Friday, April 2, 2010

it's friday! oh god i can't really concentrate in class today, cuz i feel excited about the outing! :) weee~ just to release stress...
as usual, sushi zanmai, yes, again :D

should hire him as the chef in my home XD

dessert time! we had japanese imported ice-cream. they are delicious! :3

vanilla ice cream with hershey's chocolate. according to pei ling and nian yu, it was delicious and full of chocolatey taste. yummm~

looks so tempting! saliva drooooools~

my green tea red bean ice cream

wasabi or green tea ice cream? :P well im still yet to try wasabi green tea ice cream. pei ling and nian yu dared me to mix the ice cream with wasabi. shiok!

had a great lunch with you all! happy graduation day to all CAT graduates/ACCA affiliates! ;)