Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm back!

from the exam world...

yea, my blog has been dead for quite some time :(

okay, finally mock exam is over, at least can relax a bit. i seriously have "no eyes" to see my mock exam results, as i have some uneasy feeling about that. now i only really realize, CAT is very different from ACCA. no joke.

went for zanmai, ice kacang puppy love movie and san francisco extreme mocha today. burp! full of happiness! overall the local movie was not bad...simple yet meaningful ^^ my rating: 6/10

faith really can join people together :)

omg! can't wait for Kelly Clarkson's concert! my first time ever going to indoor concert! A big thanks to Albert Kong for the ticket.

and of course karaoke session with buddies, i miss you all! loves...

oh yeah study break starts next week! im feeling happy, i dunoe why >_<

good luck and enjoy your life people! :)


ying said...

welcome u back.

don't worry. it will be better.

went with friends? so nice.

haha..u mean faith can join u and him ar?

haha...enjoy oh...take picture=)

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

haha....weeee~ yea that friday after mock exam then staright go ady. go watch! nice movie ^^

nono, cuz that day saw sok may walking around, then saw her with friends in the same cinema hall. haha...

nono, i let you and him share ^^

ying said...

haha...ok. so nice.

icic. ngam.

don't want. no need let me and him share.