Friday, November 27, 2009

too much feelings to describe

on thursday, CAT course finally ends. celebration had been done for lecturers. i miss my responsible and caring teams of lecturers. they are the one who gave me precious knowledge and courage to move on. thank you very much. really hope i will pass all the papers one shot >_<
some of my friends are doing ICAEW next year, which means not joining us in ACCA. well, i will miss them a lot to. keep in touch. good luck in final exam ya~! :)

i went to paradise again, thanks to my parents. i have a mixed feeling there. normally i will feel happy and relaxed. but on that day, it was not the same. yea because of something. it came back to me, and please go away from me. :)

the E.N.D ? really the end or the energy never dies?

something or in fact many things are blocking my mind now

will crawl back after finals ;)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ying Han's Birthday Celebration

for the 5th time, happy sweet 18th birthday Ying Han ^^

long awaited plan, finally it is going to be implemented yesterday.

after piano class, fetched Panda and Phuah to ying han's house. Pei Ling and Corine came too. since ying han was still not at home, we all went mamak for breakfast.

the exciting part. pei ling called Ying's house and luckily her bro picked up. we asked him to open the gate for us so that we can go in and hide at the kitchen to give her surprise. LOL.

pictures will be uploaded soon.

the plan was 80% success ^^ although we encountered some minor problems, it was worth it.

Young Entrepreneurship Start-up (YES) Red Carpet Party

friday was an amazing and awesome day in my life. i never attended such event before whereby students from different colleges gather together and have sort of party. the main thing is celebrating for the 5 teams who successfully qualified to the final round of young entreprenuership challenge. i went alone @_@ as said in my previous post, i encountered some problems during the 'journey' to the venue of the party- Eastin Hotel, PJ. lol.

and i spotted you, although we didn't know each other, but i sensed that i have faith in you :)

i stood there, looking at the array of scrumptious buffet, smelling the aroma of food, i began to feel hungry. looking at the people there socializing, but i am still standing alone looking at the crowd and wonder what is going to happen. some people from other colleges approached me and socialize. it is pleasure to know you all ^^

after registering myself, i went to table 17. lol my dad's lucky number. most of them are doing accounting courses from sunway. some are from monash. nice to meet they all. a girl, who has the same surname as mine, and wearing the same colour of dress, just sat beside me. lol...

what UV promised was 80% i think. first was kinda of light show. laser lights everywhere, they even send you SMSes indicating what program is coming up. lol...

overall it was a fun night. the best part is two young men, won in the final and walked away with cash and prizes which are useful in their future business. Congratulations! nice to socialize with people there oso. if i didn't go for the event, i would regret.

the card we got after registering process. that is neither a credit nor debit card. and we can to bring it home. till know, i dunoe what is the purpose of that card =.=" just keep for fun ^^

nice, isn't it?

the finalists for YES Challenge 2009

the official red carpet

Michael Reyes and Wong Yu Vee, the director of MoneyTree who gave lots of inspirations to me.

dropped jaw enjoying the rap performance by this young talented boy.

malaysian singer, i have forgotten his name

if im not mistaken, the guy in black is a psychologist. he can read ur he proved to us on that night.

and finally



















the winner for YES challenge 2009.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

busy studying...

will update about young entrepreneurship start-up (YES) Red Carpet Party and ying han's birthday soon.

have a nice holiday for those who have finished school.
take care people ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

oh my god

(currently blogging with frusfrated mood in taylor's business school)

i am in a deep XXXX today...

well, today is the day for YES red carpet party. i woke up quite late in the morning, as a result, i didn't even touch a single page of my revision books. cuz this whole day i will be at outside and come back late at night. so my plan was study early in the morning so that i won't waste time, but i failed.

well right. mum planned to send me directly to the hotel, so it would be easier for me. she claimed that she knows the road to the hotel very well. so i trusted her. dim ji reach PJ, we were lost! the road changed. so my mum panicked and started to be angry. and she keep on saying those things that spoiled my mood >_<>

ok. reached taylors. i ASSUMED the business school is there. but then i am so wrong. it is in SS15! oh seriously... i am so blur. so i asked the students there for direction. i need to take a taxi to biz skul. luckily i brought some cash with me. if not, i will be stucked there.
mini conclusion: driving yourself is the best. no worries. so i need a car!
now finally blogging at taylor biz skul lo... too nervous so called UV for help ( hope he doesn't see this =P ) thank you. quite calmed down, now waiting for the bus to come >_<
let's party people!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's getting closer, closer and CLOSER...


i am not sure whether i had a good or bad mood today.

anyway, something are coming soon. all i can say is ( muahahaha..) just wait and see, and do the best i can!

not hoping for the feeling of regret and failure

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The turning point

entreprenuership is the turning point in life?

haiz...i want to attend the YES challege, but there are restrictions T___T sobx, if my team cannot get the grant, at least i have gained valueable experience, and add value the my CV. why??? and the another probolem is, i do not know who to find as my partner, business partner?!!!


should concentrate on studies now


maybe i am wrong

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the young entreprenuer ship (YES) spirit is on!

ignore the exam stress, and we headed to the talk.

Date: 10 November 2009, Monday
Time: 4.30 to 6.00pm
Venue: Audi 2, Sunway University College

What is the talk about?
young entreprenuer ship (YES)

the talk was organised by Sunway YES club, MoneyTree in support with Maybank.


the talk was amazing! it gave me special experience. talking to people, not just ordinary people. i didn't expect the whole session to be so interesting. they all are fantastic people, great personality, good public speaking skills, HAVING OWN BUSINESS AT YOUNG AGE. so this came to my mind * i want to be a young entrepreneur* money minded $__$
since when i want it?

i am still considering whether to join the workshop or not. if i want to, i need 2 or 3 partners to work as a group ( the requirement is 3-4 persons in a group)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming soon

many things are coming soon especially during this month.

" can you all pls fill up this form and pass it up before 15th of November? "

i asked myslef :" what is that?" i was so curious about it.

oh it's a form, decide what and how many papers you want to take for ACCA next year.
after that i asked myself: "will i be able to pass CAT this year?"


i am so worried, but kinda excited. because i can't wait to finish my CAT and proceed to ACCA. >< many people said ACCA is a super hectic life. no jokes no break no fun~ duh~ i hope it is not true XD i just hope for the best. anyway CAT is still not bad-lah. can still play a bit, but not in ACCA. it is not the time to worry about that now. worry about studies instead! XP

Mr Jana's last class with us yesterday.

i felt sad in the morning, almost dun have the mood to continue the revision class.
"in cash flow statement, you need to..."
suddenly, my classmates Alveena, Nawal, San San brought the cake into class. mr jana was like speechless, looking at the cake being delivered to him. haha....we all clapped hands and cheered.

-----having the feeling that cannot be described by words-----

that was the last class with mr jana. i love his personality, jokes, charisma...oh god i will miss him so much. i think he is not going to teach my class for ACCA next year. is it? thank you for your effort in teaching us. i appreciate a lot.

happy birthday to Li Ting and my other classmates in advance ;)

alright time to leave my blog temporarily. will be back to blogging during free time.

i miss you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's November!

gah~ this year is coming to and end. i feel like i am in a working mood, because i need job to find money T__T i have realised something which i think is sad for me. but i will do my best to get rid of it ;)

oh yeah today is the 1st day of revision class. haiz...i feel sad because this course is going to end. i miss mr jana. i will miss his jokes. i wonder if i am in ACCA level which most lecturers and students are serious type ppl, i think i will feel weird @.@ haiz...i can feel what he said. all i need to do is hope for the best, when it comes, no matter bad or good, just accept it ;)

the revision questions are driving me mad! soon....

wait for the gate to be opened...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I can't stop thinking

i do not know why.

badminton session on saturday was really fun. 1st time drove to puteri ALONE. kinda scared but i reached there safely LOL. played until my whole body pain >_< duh~ but it was really fun and funny! you 2 are so sweet! until we 3 behtahan lol. loves~ thanks to phuah, ying, pei ling and corine ^^ the match was really exciting. sitting on the bench watching the match, the feeling was unexplainable...

next was lunch with them. went for pan mee in kenari. then jam nearly killed me during the lunch time. passengers, you know who you are, do you feel safe? haha... >_< food again, we went pao bing. phuah left us and walked to ioi. met a new friend, nian yu. nice to meet you :) we chatted for a real long time until i didn't know the time passed so fast. my dad bombed me why am I going back so late. haha..i have a car to drive ma, so i just go back what time i want.... muahahaha. i can't imagine. another funny session went on.

sent ying and corine back home, it was A REALLY REALLY HAPPY DAY WITH YOU ALL. muacks~! hope next time have the chance to have a day like that.

remember our plan XD

to all my friends, good luck in the coming exams! ;)