Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yuna Inspired Secret Concert

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation to this concert. It was a great night listening to Yuna's soothing voice, with gaya at the same time. She totally rocked MAPKL, Solaris Dutamas!

Being invited as media for the first time. DiGi, Astro Hitz, Malaysia Airlines were also present to cover the event. Saw DJ Jeremy from Red FM too =D
Stage is set!

The fans and family members of Yuna are here
So, where is Yuna?
Dressed with a sweet pink jacket, Yuna performing songs from her album. She sang both English and Malay songs.
Love her energy, soothing voice and humble personality. Enjoyed the music and tapping my feet along with the rhythm. It was really fun and enjoyable.

Host of the night was Jojo Struys (omg she's gorgeous). Activities were held in between such as Q&A and fans singing on stage to win Yuna's album as one of the prizes. A girl won a Blackberry Torch sponsored by DiGi.
A press conference session was held after that. Media members are entitled to pose questions to be asnwered by the four ladies in the following photo =D
[From left] Staff from Astro Hitz, Jojo, Yuna & Sulin Lau from DiGi Marketing Department
The four winners of Yuna Inspired contest who are awesome fans of Yuna =)

DiGi Super Bloggers ftw! Had a nice catching up session with you guys.

Miss Yuna's singing now hehe... Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Cheers! =)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worst experience that we will never forget

It was a normal Wednesday night. Cool, breezy and calm. Was blasting music while studying for the upcoming mock exam, until I heard my mum called me to come down from my room upstairs- in a frightened tone.

Sensing something wrong, I immediately rushed down from the stairs. Saw mum was on the phone and asked her what is going on. She look really worried, still focused on the phone conversation and didn't bothered about my presence. All I can do is just trying to figure out what is happening. She kept on saying :" Huh? What? Who are you? Huh? Huh?"

Then, she ended the conversation. She told me that dad almost collapsed in bathroom of the sportsclub. Dad was using friend's handphone to call us, on a half-concious state of mind and having breathing difficulties. The weird thing was- it doesn't sound like my dad.

Immediately drove to the sportsclub. Hoping that everything will be fine.

Dad was sitting on a chair near the swimming pool. We knew that he was quite okay except that he has difficulty in talking. We paused for a moment. Everything was silent. My heart nearly sank to the bottom of the sea.

After resting for a while, dad managed to speak properly. He told us that he had serious stomach cramp while bathing. It was really serious until he almost wanna collapse. His jaw was kinda locked resulted in unable to speak properly. And he asked: " Was that a sign of heart attack?"
I told myself that it is quite impossible.

Mum wanna bring dad to hospital for a check-up in case of anything will happen, but dad refused. We were kinda angry that he is still so stubborn, saying want to save medical expenses. Looking at his condition which is getting better, we agreed that dad will go for check-up on the next day. But we will keep an eye of him if there's anything wrong.

Dad did for health check up for kidney, heart and urinary bladder. Medical report showed that everything was alright. Result of heartbeat test was normal, no kidney stone. Nothing is really wrong. That made me feel curious.

Since medical result didn't show anything negative, other alternative was mum suggested to go to the Chinese Temple to do some prayers.

The sifu told her that some evil spirit had entered into dad's body. A FEMALE EVIL SPIRIT THAT SUCKS BLOOD WTF

Okay the story is this. Dad usually will jog in the park and do some gym & swimming in the sportsclub. After working hours he will usually arrive at the park late about 6 something pm? Then he will jog till sky turns dark 0.0 all done he will proceed to the club. All for at least twice a week.

Mum adviced dad many many times not to jog until too late in the park because it might be dangerous, in the sense of robbers and evil spirits. Yes, we do believe in ghost stuffs, except my dad. Ignoring mum's advice, he unfortunately 'kena' on that particular Wednesday. Mum's sixth sense is really......... 0___0 scary. The guard at the park told him that an old man kena rasuk few months ago and sitting at the bench motionless -_____- Damn!

Mum told me that dad was shivering while sleeping. She asked the Sifu from chinese temple and found out that the evil spirit is sucking his blood. In fact, slowly suck bit by bit, day by day. His life will be threatened if continued being like this.

*I'm oso shivering cuz typing this at 12.45 am WTH*

After a few days from the incident, dad told us that he was really scared on that day he will leave us. He felt that he is really dying. T___T After telling him what really happened, he was speechless. Anyway, we do not want to confuse or frighten him by saying further.

Some people may think that this is ridiculous or being supertitious. Well, I'm not asking you guys to believe me what had happened but just to tell you all about my experience. No harm, right?
Sometimes medical stuff cannot explain everything, you just have to seek for alternative method to find out. Legal and safe one okay?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make Me a Belieber, Tune Talk!

"Baby baby baby Oh......" "Baby" is the first song that made me know about this talented teen, Justin Bieber. Another song that is meaningful to me is "Pray". Loving the lyrics and the rhythm, which makes it one of the best songs in my eye. After watching his movie, Never Say Never as stated in the previous post, I have the real huge urge to go to his concert. And guess what, Justin Bieber is performing live in KL this month!!! Bieber fever is finally in Malaysia!! *screams* Date: 21 April 2011 (Thursday)

Time: 8.30 pm

Venue: Stadium Merdeka

What are the top 3 things that I would do to prove that I'm a true Belieber?

#1 Sing his every single song and dance like his style on the street to help raise funds for Japan earthquake victims.

As seen in the movie, Justin performed on the street when he was younger. The enthusiasm and confidence that he has are the qualities that I respect. To be a belieber also needs to have good qualities like him, right? He also visit the sick and poor kids as seen in the music video "Pray". Being able to master his songs and sing to the public, at the same time doing charity, I believe it is a good thing to do.

#2 Dress in Purple, Red, Black, White everyday

Why would I choose the 4 colours? Beliebers will surely know why =) Purple is his favourite colour, and he normally wear attires in Red, Black and White.

I don't care whether the colours suit me or not, I don't care how I look, I don't care what people will say about me, I don't care how people look at me, because of one simple reason- I'm truly a BELIEBER!!!

#3 Never say never in doing everything in life

"They say tickets will never sold out" but Justin did not give up. He still continue his singing for the passion he had towards his dream. As what he said- never say never. His determination makes him famous and successful today. As a full time student, I should embrace the positive energy that he has as well. Never say never to challenges no matter in studies, good opportunities or everything else that has benefits to life. This is what Belieber should do in the long term, by adopt the supporting characteristics to be a better person.

And lastly, some shout out...

So, Am I one of the......

This contest is brought to you by Tune Talk, do check out their facebook page HERE =) Keep fingers crossed!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie

Movie tickets + complimentary popcorn&coke
Thanks to Hitz.FM for the 4 movie passes to premier screening @ GSC, Pavilion.

It all started with the videos of Justin Bieber singing being posted on Youtube.

His story is truly inspiring and made me had goosebumps watching the movie. Down to earth makes Justin Bieber a good person. The movie turned out to be surprisingly exciting, and guess what, after watching the movie, I find that I <3 him more than before. LOL. Bieber fever?

Just don't understand why some people especially guys dislike/hate him. There's nothing wrong with him =)

Rating: 6/10