Tuesday, June 30, 2009


maybe i should comment more after I ask. The situation is different. pls do not tao bi or whatsoever anymore and tell me the truth. i am here, ready to speak up and solve problems. if u r not willing to do that, then i am very very sorry about that.

thank you for part of the answer. i knew it.


well today is the last day of june. i realized that i have spent my half year life in college *crapping* time passes so so fast. all i can say is sometimes emo, happy, sad, stressed. i have faced problems that i have never faced and never expect to happen before. till today i still not yet get the answer >.< am i really that bad person? oh ya i heard that the results is coming out on aug 17. LOL that day i have piano exam in subang leh! scared i can't concentrate =.=! ahhhh!

well the timetable really made me confused. i still not yet pay my fees! i hope they wont do something on me -.- next tues got 4 hours break! wanna go pyramid? haha....and every wednesday no class!!! woot woot! hehe... i really miss the times with my classmates during january to march ... we go to pyramid quite often to have lunch or gathering. how nice! i hope next sem is equally interesting ^^

)___( nothing much to write these days. so sienzzz at home just to wait for semester break to pass T___T friday going back to study mood.

oops i saw somethng again. hmmph~ i wonder how it looks like? O_O

alright. start a new life tmr. 1st of JULY


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do you still remember our promise?

suddenly i remembered of that thing. when i was in form 2 ( if i am not mistaken... )having tuition, my tuition teacher suddenly told us that she do not know whether we will still remember her or not after 10 years. So, she decided to make a promise.

Date: i forgot >.<
Venue: Mc Donald's, IOI Mall
Time : 8pm

if i am not mistaken...we will meet there according to the details above.

paiseh~ i really forgot. and i remembered i save it as a note in my old handphone. now the handphone is not with me cuz i was sold. haiz...so sad.

to all my tuition friends, if you all see this post, pls tell me more details especially which date to meet by leaving a comment here. i seriously do not want to miss this golden opportunity to meet you all.

thank you =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to School

yesterday morning i got expected shock. yes, expected one. thank you for telling me, you are not wrong. at least i know how does the person feel. and i was telling you the truth of what i am feeling that time =) everything is fine.

went back to secondary school to enjoy chinese singing competition. met ying at the main entrance. i got tidak biasa feeling of wearing PJK shirt lol. the size is big =D

i nearly can't recognize some of my schoolmates =/ teh ee chern, xiao qian, hui qian and sok may still remember us =D panda is so black , even oso got dark eye circle like panda =P hehe...

the solo part was interesting. the duet part was awesome! the PA system was good, better than last time. and the judges are weird to me =/ congratulations to all the winners and chee yiap ( ying han's brother ) ^^ hope next year I can see it again

oops i forgot to call my piano teacher for extra class. and im supposed to come for class this morning =/ luckily she din scold me =P

Today morning i got unexpected shock. when im still lying on my bed, and my mum came and told me that Michael Jackson and Sarrah ____ ( forgot the name, dunnoe who is she) had passed away. awh so sad...


suddenly i felt excited, my mum and I going pyramid ^^ but i cannot drive yet =( haha...but i think today cannot pay fees for second semester le...

argh next friday going back to study mood \_/

but one month of holiday is totally enough for me =P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Day ^^

Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Theme: Eat & Plan =D

ying's mum fetched me. thank you very much to her =) for every wednesday, june only, there is RM 1 food promotion at asian avenue. and today is the last wednesday. so we were there to eat. lolx =D

since ying haven't have her lunch, we had this first.

porridge + fried chinese crullers ( you tiao ). taste nice =)

-now, RM 1 promotion-

Gasoline, seafood tom yam soup. small serving, what can i expect for RM 1? tasted not bad and ying can tolerate with the spicy flavour.

Seafood tofu stick. original price is RM 3. now with RM 1 is not a problem. taste normal.

RM Cafe. spaghetti with chicken sausage. ying and i agreed that it tasted weird =/ mmm not good.

station cafe. toasted bread. not enough of butter and kaya. so not flavourful enough. it was ok.

sadly, the oyster mee sua, bubble tea, dunnoe what fries, mango dunoe what dessert and porridge are not available. but if we ate all of the mentioned food, we may be unable to eat the following food. again~ food XD

Takoyaki~! @ jusco. mmmmm taste so good... =P my favourite. ying tried it first time.

char siew puff + dunnoe what puff + herbal jelly @ Eu Yan Sang ^^

omg~ we were 110% full at that time. guess what, we spent about 3 hours eating and about 30 minutes on our plan. LOL 1st time eat so many things in a shopping mall >.<

a happy day ^^ thank you ying han ^-^


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gosh, memorable day =/

Can't sleep well yesterday night, kept worrying about today, but thats stupid and just plain worries.

the feeling of want to vomit is just so horrible. dun even have appetite for lunch
=( he said: ' be calm and careful. ' i waited until i wanted to doze off. my legs cramped. i was wondering whether i can do it or not. all i want is to finish it today.

reverse, change to first gear and go ahead, my P license is waiting for me!
and i passed finally~ phew! really thank god.

i even bluffed my family that i failed XD hahax~ thank you to Mr Chan, my parents and friends. love u all lots!

Madam P

- in probation period -

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boring and lame Sunday

the sundays are different for me recently, because after sunday I do not need to go college =P semester break ma...ngek ngek. so, i am so lazy. normally sunday morning i'll have piano class. now, after class go pasar. after breakfast, i'll sleep. lol. TV is next then. but next sunday cannot do like that le. need start study ady =.="

i dunnoe what to do now, except playing piano >.< online lo...

To my daddy, another father phuah XD , and other fathers frm all over the world



Friday, June 19, 2009

The longest chat ever

5.01am @.@ i did not feel sleepy at all =D chat and chat and chat. fingers dancing gracefully on the keyborad XD thank you very much to ying han for chatting with me. thank you for everything that you have done. I hope our plan is a success ;) ngek ngek =D *you are my best friend ying han*

* i never thought of losing you all as best friends *

hope there is new hope new life for us, and im sorry for what i have done

Thursday, June 18, 2009


aawwwhhh yeah!
i feel good!
dala dala dala da.....

the NTV 7 song zzzzz =DDD

i do not know why, now i feel good, feel natural.... i think i siao ady lolx, although just now suddenly do not feel happy.

well, today was quite boring. woke up late. hey thanks babe and her mum for the sushi~! sat down on the 'lazy' chair, watched TV, wah so lazy ~~~ argh can't tahan liao, done seaweed crackers =P daddy dun come snatch =DDD

wow, you really know what i am feeling now. thank you for sharing a bit of my sadness and problems. you are the another person that i trust =)

to my best friend, i really miss u and wanna go out with you. sobx sobx T_T good luck in ur exam !


Received ^^

After waiting for almost one month, finally i received this


5 pieces altogether. woohooh~ XD

wow...gonna test it for 10 days and see what is the result on my hair


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sin Chart

Lust:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com

wow, what a nightmare.

yst when i finished seeing something, suddenly there is a bang sound from the CPU. and my dad just pass by me, and he said: " gosh, what happened?"

"i think something is burnt *_*"

my dad replied: " yea, i think so."

"ah you see, on the computer for many hours la, see now what happened.


haiz...my mood is not good ady that time, plus the bad mood frm scolding. enough. so i rushed upstirs to hide in the bedroom. feeled like crying, but i tell myself, dun think too much, those are just a part of my life, wont influence me a lot. I can't sleep. Kept thinking what is wrong. I still can't get the answer. Can someone pls tell me * right now i need you ='( *

and today, im fine! =D i tell myself, juz forget it. juz be yourself, and no matter what happen, be cool =)

forget all the sadness, and start a new happy life ^-^
I'm not able to do anything

I just wanna tell you I ain't stupid. Some ppl have the luck while some don't. i am just so dissapointed and sad. duh~ can't describe.

haiya~ just forget it lah


new life


Mokky cheer up! ^^V

Feeling miserable and helpless

oh gosh, i saw something just now. maybe i should not see it, but i saw it =D

duh~ i felt so pissed off! and i realized that why am i with those kind of ppl. my eyes and brain are really going wrong i think. haiz... i nearly can't control myself. so bathing really helps =P felt cooled down a little bit. but the feeling is still there. maybe i lost it and cannot find it anymore. huhu~

the feeling just can't be described by words

i dun wan my holiday to be spoilt because of that

and blogging really helps ^^

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally, she is back.

yes! kah yee, you are back! my baobei lol =D

Fantastic Day

yeah, yst i went to The Curve for the 3rd time =D and i get to play
S N O O K E R! mad again lolx. my bro really pro in playing that lo, but at last i won ^^ hehex~

since i know i will get bored if im going to ikea the boring furniture place =P so i decided to go popular to hunt for books. cookbooks do suit me well ^^ many cookbooks there and i easily can learn to make the food that i want ^-^ everytime i go there sure will pick a pile of cookbooks to read XD nice to have reading time there

went back puchong to have dinner. the dishes we ordered tastes excellent! but i didn't take pic of the dishes. i miss the taste lol XP

sem break is just kinda fun, but sometimes kinda bored. i must enjoy to the max. who knows, next semester may be a disaster =/

Saturday, June 13, 2009

weehoo~ another happy day

yes, went to the curve again yst ^^ we went there late evening. the stalls are open yeah! lol when i see the stalls i become like a mad person =P the place gives me a special relaxing feeling when i'm there. unlike any other shopping centres, the curve is still the best ^^

well, many ppl went there and the crowd makes me feel mad lol. the reason is more ppl more fun =D walk walk walk. saw a stall selling the things i like. my mum bought for me!!!!!!!!!!!! see how mad am I. mad mad mad =P paiseh~ hmmph only 2 is mine. you know why? cuz im too big sized lol =/ but i really love them a lot ^-^ hehe...

dinner was a chilli feast. Since my mum, sis and I were attracted to one of the stalls nearby the makan place, my mum asked dad and bro to order food 1st. I do not know why, my father ordered all dishes with sambal thingy except the soup larr...
lol the dishes i saw were all spicy one. luckily i can eat spicy things. i love them too =D but it was really chilli feast yst =DDDD teehee! see im mad again lolX XD

lol seems like today im going the curve for the 3rd time for 3 consecutive days.

mad mokky is in the town =D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Day

woke up late again. mum told me we are going to ioi and THE CURVE!!!! yeah~! lol

after lunch we went ioi to send the electronic dictionary for repair. walked around then sent brother to tuition.

kekex, we went to the curve after that ^^ i really miss the place.

went to secret recipe for cakes ^^ again, i miss the cakes there.

always the best, chocolate indulgence

cheese hazelnut cofee. taste no cheese at all =( but the overall taste was quite good.

after dessert session =P, we proceeded to shopping heaven lol =D haiz...the stalls are not opened ='( eventhough it was just window shopping, but i dun mind, cuz the place gives a relaxing feeling to me. i love the place so much!

went to ikea then. as usual, had some tea time snack lol...all time favourite curry puff and coffee^^ duh i think i drank too much coffee until my stomach din feel well =(

just a happy day in damansara ^^

hope can go there next time ^^

hmmm looks like im going there tmr again. i wanna play snooker!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm craving for this

*adapted from cheeserland.com and other websites*

Takoyaki Balls~!

mad mad mad =D


first and foremost, happy sweet 18th birthday to phuah eu jin =) hehe come steal my seaweed crackers lah =P be a good boy 'father' =)

well, woke up at 11am today. actually can sleep until 1pm oso nvm =P but i need to do sth. do what? make seaweed crackers and crabmeat crackers ^^V lol...

the whole day i was sweating cuz the weather is seriously hot! =(

deng deng, the snacks are too yummy lol~ but after eating them u will feel thirsty *crap*

done my piano thing, i need some help.

went to ioi boring place, juz hanging around there for no point XD i want the shoes

lol suddenly im craving for my favourite food

duh~ what am i going to do tmr?

i wish i can go shopping =P

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another boring holy-day

XD my title is weird...

well woke up late as usual because it's holiday. haiz... kah yee not coming for this whole week ='( miss her so muchiiee, my baobei! ate few pieces of sushi, thanks Mrs Lee =) then went to college to meet ying han ^^

went lunch with ying. i had weird taste marmite chicken rice and what Coffee O ice...1st time try =P i should have ordered the nestum chicken rice. that taste really good lol.

RM 150 or in fact RM 300 i can go for perm treatment to straighten my hair =( and buy lotsa clothes of course eat more! =( nvm...

went library to hunt for books =P and online for sure. played online games called
" jail escape". addicting and fun ^^

back home

haiz... piano mood come come!

gotta do sth



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

$$$ MONEY $$$

yea, many ppl nowadays need money, work hard to earn more money, for many reasons

the main reason -satisfy own or other ppl's needs or requirement

the sad thing is, in reality


sometimes without money you can't do anything. you may miss the golden opportunity. you may be sad because without money, you can't get the thing you want. how sad...
im sure this happenes frequently to many ppl.

haiz...i failed my driving test again. and the sad thing is my parents need to fork out more $$$ to pay for me ='( sorry... haiz...

and next semester fees need to pay ady. the payment statement also sent to my hse ady =.=" i noe my parents need to pay for me using their hard earn money. i could understand the feeling they are having. luckily i managed to do sth to deduct my tuition fees phew~ at least better than nothing. my heart breaks whenever they need to fork out $$ because of me. so the simple thing i must do is

study hard, work hard, earn $$$ payback to them,' xiao jing' and thank them for being so san fu these years. my obligation =)

should i use the knowledge learned in T4 to calculate payback period =P

cannot lo, no cashflow, cannot payback. wat to do?

WORK HARD EARN MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!

Lesson that I have Learnt Today

1. Do not be over confident.
2. Be patient to people who are rude.
3. Do not always take for granted.
4. Do not be sad because of small matter.
5. When you see the ppl who you do not like/hate, do not be afraid of him/her =/
6. Do not panic when you are facing hard situation.

Be Happy!


Sunday, June 7, 2009


drive? XD
play stupid games?


I hate that feeling.

Yes, just now i logged into the page and i saw something which i dun wan to see. it reminds me how ______ the ppl are ( i dunnoe how to describe ) suddenly i feel so angry =( luckily i can control myself by hearing songs ^^ phew~

i can't sleep =( holiday mood on till maximum XD

tues driving exam! i must pass!


A Fine Day

piano class was ok. need to practise more =/

online. siesta frm 2 to 5pm lol. went to klang for seafood. reached there, a lot of ppl oso waiting. need wait for almost 2 hours =.="

this restaurant is reccomended by Ah Xian- Astro AEC host.

he's a singer and the restaurant owner. he quite macho lol XD


but then we chao ady~

we were so hungry and cant wait so we decide to go back puchong to have our dinner. wasted toll fare and petrol >.<

Tak Fok Restaurant was our choice =)

Butter Mussels

Fried Homemade Beancurd ^^

Fried Noodle =)

the main... salted egg yolk crab =D

marmite crab

the bill came RM 100+ =.=""" i noe i ate a lot and i'll get fat. so i better do some exercise during this sem break XD

after nice dinner went ioi. boring place. saw clament at the com shop where he work.
lol he looks shocked when he saw me =D dad bought PC casing again =.=" he bought a few before that. buy so many for what oh? >.<

so after back home, he was doing his 'project' =D

he was inserting something which i dunnoe into the casing. i really dunoe what is he doing. so i just observe only lol =D

he said :' cross your fingers and hope smoke won't come out frm it.'
i said : 'why?'
he replied :' because if i connect the wrong wire, the smoke mai come out lo'

swt =.=" i really dunnoe... XP

and now

he has proudly completed his so called project =) he said:' girl, come see my boy.'



yeah tmr the cute babies are coming. miss them so mucchiiee!!! when i feel stressed as a result of college stress or other, and when i see them and spend the whole day with them, i feel so so happy =) they are so innocent~! muahkx!

have a nice day =)

what am i going to do tmr?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

KL+ Jolin Promotour ^-^

well, woke up at 12 noon today. lol. actually woke up at 10am but continued to sleep >.<" but i had a very good sleep =) suddenly i thought of what i wrote in the T5 exam script booklet =.= dun think ady! exam is over. enjoy the hols! =D

after having lunch, as usual do my fav thing, online. then read the student accountant mag. quite bored lol. after sending sis to piano class, practised my piano.

yeah! going times square to see jolin =3 LOL my mum keep repeating :'' girl ah, go there for what? jolin you see many times ady what. later many ppl u pening u noe?"
duh~ she said many times, but i am still determined to go there ^^ hehe =P

there is no traffic jam problem, but is people jam LOL. can see that the entrance is full of jolin fans when car passed by times square. KL very hard to find parking =.= somemore a busy city...very unorganized =.=" very luan. too many cars and people.

finally found a parking. but need to walk quite far to reach low yat, and other shopping complexes nearby. long time never come to KL ady. there are pros and cons coming to KL. the good thing is u never come to KL you never know whats happening. in my opinion la. the bad thing is becareful when you drive, many drivers will scare me off lol. be alert too =( many bad strangers there =/

peep from the pedestrian bridge

managed to see the backstage only =.="

1st stop

nice butterscotch biscuits I ate

free smells anyone? XP

aww... they are so lovely! i wish i could have all of them XD so greedy ah...

enough craps. after dinner, my bro and I rushed to times square entrance to see jolin =D

but too bad, i was late. i missed her performance session ='( how stupid I am... sobx sobx. luckily we were smart, know where to stand so we can see =P

she was throwing the tennis ball sth like that to the fans, and i was shouting her name until my lungs wanna burst LOL. i was mad XD

oh my god! see so many ppl! more ppl behind there actually =.=" flooded lol

wai fun MYFM DJ was the host for the event. can see jolin sitting on the stage?

signing session~

fans club taking photo with her. I jealous =/

i din buy her album, so can't get her signature and can't see her closely =(
nvm, can see her frm far is good enough ady ^^


lol...she's awesome~

i really believe that i have faith in her =)

went shopping for some clothes, but end up din but anything. simple reason, im fat and cannot fit in the clothes ='(

walking in the busy Kl street, that was the 1st time i saw jalan alor LOL. i seldom go KL ma... so many food stalls there =)

duh~ tired.

have a nice day =)

dreaming of jolin... XP

Friday, June 5, 2009


Xandria Ooi ( she's hot!)

Ah Boy- Astro Talent Quest Finalist 2008, Host of Motorsikal ( he's cute! )

both in sunway piramid ^^


i started to feel the boredom...before exam i was desperate waiting for the semester break to arrive...now, it's holiday!!!!! hmmph~ i better find sth to do such as :-

cook or bake something
practice my piano
drive XD
watch TV
window shopping perhaps (now got sale, im eyeing for many things =P)


hmmm i think i better find out what are the papers about that im taking next sem. next sem maybe is a disaster. but no worries, there are many good lecturers ^^

enjoy the holiday folks =)

Last Day of Exam Season- T5

woke up at 8 am to study T5. after that slept for a while XD brain still not yet wake up. received Mr Jack message. thank you very much Mr Jack, you really concern about your students. after having lunch at home reached college at 11 am. quite nervous for T5 paper. studied for the chapters that i am not familiar with. william suddenly came lol

last paper finally came~ i forgot to bring my jacket. luckily i was not freezed XP
MCQ was incredibly easy. lol. i was stunned when i looked at section B. haha...

lol as i wished yesterday, chapter 10 really din came out for section B! raelly thank god! phew~

yeah! exam over! happy holiday to CAT students and others =)

i should enjoy my holiday to the max as next semester maybe is a disaster X/

ooooohhhh yeah~!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exam Season- T4

costing! the paper that i fear the most. as usual, can't sleep last night.

did quite a lot of revision and questions, hope it helps in the exam. went library study for a while then went out for lunch. nice cereal chicken ^^ but eat until half suddenly no appetite =.=" i think the dish was a bit too dry for me so i ordered barley drink =)

lol i din notice i need to go another class cuz the sitting was different frm yst. luckily my classmate reminded me. thank you. the classroom is very very cold~ without my jacket my brain and hand will freeze -.-

hmm the questions style are diff i guess, cuz some i din see before in the past year questions. luckily this final exam i can do. phew~ luckily the structured the questions i managed to do quite well i guess...hehe capital investment appraisal din came out for section B. phew thank god. i am really as lucky as yesterday, and hope tmr T5 is a lucky day too

gtg study!

good luck and all the best =)

*hope chapter 10 won't come out even a single question =/*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exam Season- T3

yesterday damn worried about T3. scared forget what i have read, scared hard questions come out, scared la fear la...heart beating fast and act like mad person yst >.< can't sleep, full of accounting terms and principles in my mind.

this morning i faster look through my notes. then went for lunch with ying. lol she can see how worried am I. i told myself to relax. phew~

haha! luckily partnership, accruals and prepayments, bank reconciliation statement didn't came out..phew~ felt relieved after the exam. the depreciation question i think i will get zero T_T nvm, dun fail then can ady =P must be confident!

okok tmr is T4, my biggest fear!

i hope tmr is my lucky day too~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shogun- 2nd visit

well, woke up suddenly because of a phone call. and the stupid dream...then i realize today going to shogun =.=" maybe because of stress i forgot ady >.<

wow many ppl went for the buffet since it's school holiday now. lol luckily we managed to make reservation.

eat and eat and eat...forgot to take picture. i din bring my hp oso -.- haha nvm la...eat is happiness =D

wow ate many variety of japanese food today ^^ so yummy...i hope can go there next time provided they have promotion =P hehe....

haiz..my heart is beating super fast. tmr is the day~ after friday, i'll be mad

good luck to everyone who is taking exam in this 'exam season'