Thursday, June 18, 2009


aawwwhhh yeah!
i feel good!
dala dala dala da.....

the NTV 7 song zzzzz =DDD

i do not know why, now i feel good, feel natural.... i think i siao ady lolx, although just now suddenly do not feel happy.

well, today was quite boring. woke up late. hey thanks babe and her mum for the sushi~! sat down on the 'lazy' chair, watched TV, wah so lazy ~~~ argh can't tahan liao, done seaweed crackers =P daddy dun come snatch =DDD

wow, you really know what i am feeling now. thank you for sharing a bit of my sadness and problems. you are the another person that i trust =)

to my best friend, i really miss u and wanna go out with you. sobx sobx T_T good luck in ur exam !


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