Saturday, June 6, 2009

KL+ Jolin Promotour ^-^

well, woke up at 12 noon today. lol. actually woke up at 10am but continued to sleep >.<" but i had a very good sleep =) suddenly i thought of what i wrote in the T5 exam script booklet =.= dun think ady! exam is over. enjoy the hols! =D

after having lunch, as usual do my fav thing, online. then read the student accountant mag. quite bored lol. after sending sis to piano class, practised my piano.

yeah! going times square to see jolin =3 LOL my mum keep repeating :'' girl ah, go there for what? jolin you see many times ady what. later many ppl u pening u noe?"
duh~ she said many times, but i am still determined to go there ^^ hehe =P

there is no traffic jam problem, but is people jam LOL. can see that the entrance is full of jolin fans when car passed by times square. KL very hard to find parking =.= somemore a busy city...very unorganized =.=" very luan. too many cars and people.

finally found a parking. but need to walk quite far to reach low yat, and other shopping complexes nearby. long time never come to KL ady. there are pros and cons coming to KL. the good thing is u never come to KL you never know whats happening. in my opinion la. the bad thing is becareful when you drive, many drivers will scare me off lol. be alert too =( many bad strangers there =/

peep from the pedestrian bridge

managed to see the backstage only =.="

1st stop

nice butterscotch biscuits I ate

free smells anyone? XP

aww... they are so lovely! i wish i could have all of them XD so greedy ah...

enough craps. after dinner, my bro and I rushed to times square entrance to see jolin =D

but too bad, i was late. i missed her performance session ='( how stupid I am... sobx sobx. luckily we were smart, know where to stand so we can see =P

she was throwing the tennis ball sth like that to the fans, and i was shouting her name until my lungs wanna burst LOL. i was mad XD

oh my god! see so many ppl! more ppl behind there actually =.=" flooded lol

wai fun MYFM DJ was the host for the event. can see jolin sitting on the stage?

signing session~

fans club taking photo with her. I jealous =/

i din buy her album, so can't get her signature and can't see her closely =(
nvm, can see her frm far is good enough ady ^^


lol...she's awesome~

i really believe that i have faith in her =)

went shopping for some clothes, but end up din but anything. simple reason, im fat and cannot fit in the clothes ='(

walking in the busy Kl street, that was the 1st time i saw jalan alor LOL. i seldom go KL ma... so many food stalls there =)

duh~ tired.

have a nice day =)

dreaming of jolin... XP

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