Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of Exam Season- T5

woke up at 8 am to study T5. after that slept for a while XD brain still not yet wake up. received Mr Jack message. thank you very much Mr Jack, you really concern about your students. after having lunch at home reached college at 11 am. quite nervous for T5 paper. studied for the chapters that i am not familiar with. william suddenly came lol

last paper finally came~ i forgot to bring my jacket. luckily i was not freezed XP
MCQ was incredibly easy. lol. i was stunned when i looked at section B. haha...

lol as i wished yesterday, chapter 10 really din came out for section B! raelly thank god! phew~

yeah! exam over! happy holiday to CAT students and others =)

i should enjoy my holiday to the max as next semester maybe is a disaster X/

ooooohhhh yeah~!!!!!

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