Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exam Season- T4

costing! the paper that i fear the most. as usual, can't sleep last night.

did quite a lot of revision and questions, hope it helps in the exam. went library study for a while then went out for lunch. nice cereal chicken ^^ but eat until half suddenly no appetite =.=" i think the dish was a bit too dry for me so i ordered barley drink =)

lol i din notice i need to go another class cuz the sitting was different frm yst. luckily my classmate reminded me. thank you. the classroom is very very cold~ without my jacket my brain and hand will freeze -.-

hmm the questions style are diff i guess, cuz some i din see before in the past year questions. luckily this final exam i can do. phew~ luckily the structured the questions i managed to do quite well i guess...hehe capital investment appraisal din came out for section B. phew thank god. i am really as lucky as yesterday, and hope tmr T5 is a lucky day too

gtg study!

good luck and all the best =)

*hope chapter 10 won't come out even a single question =/*


yingfriendship said...

Wish you god luck and all the best in your exam.take care=)

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

ok thank you =)

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

ying~ good luck in your exam too ^^