Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Fine Day

piano class was ok. need to practise more =/

online. siesta frm 2 to 5pm lol. went to klang for seafood. reached there, a lot of ppl oso waiting. need wait for almost 2 hours =.="

this restaurant is reccomended by Ah Xian- Astro AEC host.

he's a singer and the restaurant owner. he quite macho lol XD


but then we chao ady~

we were so hungry and cant wait so we decide to go back puchong to have our dinner. wasted toll fare and petrol >.<

Tak Fok Restaurant was our choice =)

Butter Mussels

Fried Homemade Beancurd ^^

Fried Noodle =)

the main... salted egg yolk crab =D

marmite crab

the bill came RM 100+ =.=""" i noe i ate a lot and i'll get fat. so i better do some exercise during this sem break XD

after nice dinner went ioi. boring place. saw clament at the com shop where he work.
lol he looks shocked when he saw me =D dad bought PC casing again =.=" he bought a few before that. buy so many for what oh? >.<

so after back home, he was doing his 'project' =D

he was inserting something which i dunnoe into the casing. i really dunoe what is he doing. so i just observe only lol =D

he said :' cross your fingers and hope smoke won't come out frm it.'
i said : 'why?'
he replied :' because if i connect the wrong wire, the smoke mai come out lo'

swt =.=" i really dunnoe... XP

and now

he has proudly completed his so called project =) he said:' girl, come see my boy.'



yeah tmr the cute babies are coming. miss them so mucchiiee!!! when i feel stressed as a result of college stress or other, and when i see them and spend the whole day with them, i feel so so happy =) they are so innocent~! muahkx!

have a nice day =)

what am i going to do tmr?

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