Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to School

yesterday morning i got expected shock. yes, expected one. thank you for telling me, you are not wrong. at least i know how does the person feel. and i was telling you the truth of what i am feeling that time =) everything is fine.

went back to secondary school to enjoy chinese singing competition. met ying at the main entrance. i got tidak biasa feeling of wearing PJK shirt lol. the size is big =D

i nearly can't recognize some of my schoolmates =/ teh ee chern, xiao qian, hui qian and sok may still remember us =D panda is so black , even oso got dark eye circle like panda =P hehe...

the solo part was interesting. the duet part was awesome! the PA system was good, better than last time. and the judges are weird to me =/ congratulations to all the winners and chee yiap ( ying han's brother ) ^^ hope next year I can see it again

oops i forgot to call my piano teacher for extra class. and im supposed to come for class this morning =/ luckily she din scold me =P

Today morning i got unexpected shock. when im still lying on my bed, and my mum came and told me that Michael Jackson and Sarrah ____ ( forgot the name, dunnoe who is she) had passed away. awh so sad...


suddenly i felt excited, my mum and I going pyramid ^^ but i cannot drive yet =( haha...but i think today cannot pay fees for second semester le...

argh next friday going back to study mood \_/

but one month of holiday is totally enough for me =P

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yingfriendship said...

Icic.u are welcome.hope so.
Have a nice day at pyramid.^^