Friday, January 30, 2009

23/1 progress test and steamboat gathering for CAT group 4 ^^

ah first ever test in college.okok la.some questions really confusing and a little bit hard.hope can pass la =)

CSB class was quite fun.CAT group 4 was a lil quite tat time cuz wan save energy for the steamboat a presentation.learned many things.good good ^^nicolette did a great job! and my other group members too ^^ =)

1st went shopping @ SP with! thank you carmen for sending us there.they bought quite a lot of things,mainly earrings.i didn't buy anything.tried dress too.the dresses are soooo nice ! hee....

on the way to steamboat


jonathan tan and vivien holding plate full of uncooked food.haha.

so sweeet..haha.yuet and nic

yaaaaaaammm seeeeennnggggggggg~~

this guy ahhh keep on making me laugh

look at the mess of the table ==

we were so mad of the chocolate fountain.ate a lot.haha.stomach going to burst.yummy~
thanks to jonathan tan and darsh who organised and made this gathering fun.

after tat,darsh,yuet,jonathan,nic,vivien,justin,nick's friend and I carrying full stomach and walk to SP for a movie.

serious~ i love this pic!

so...we decided to watch the movie rec. **** ****ing stupid la the movie! really very scary ! stupid movie ! made me so nervous.nightmare! not dare to sleep those who not yet watch,i suggest u not to watch tat movie.unless u really like to watch zombie biting ppl .lol.
the scariest movie tat i had ever seen!

phooh~quite tired.went back home @ almost 12 am.
tired but very fun day =)


SO RED day

haha...another one.on thursday , we decided to wear red shirt to college.hahaha...again,it was really fun! lol =D woo hooh ~

here are some pictures ...beware ! we were so red ! haha....

nicolette and yuet ( jun hoong sleeping behind =.=)


I Love Sex University???
I Love Sunway University???

Jonathan Tan


kah hei & nick li ning

whoA ~~~

buat apa ni?

class pic with mr jack wong.oh my god !( he is cute ...haha >< )


-----break time-----

everybody go play futsal !!!!

-----class resumes-----


Saturday, January 24, 2009

CAT Group 4 class ! ^^

so far, i had attended class for 3 weeks.not bad.lecturers are good.( handsome and smart lecturer ^^ haha)conducive environment( although they are constantly upgrading the college ) good ! thanks to my parents who are able to support me financially.i can study in the college that i like and wanted to go. my parents also guide me on my syllabus ^^ thank you ! muah muah !

thanks to the lecturers.they teach with their heart.they had done a great job! no complaints! they are so good! jack wong is handsome,has high qualifications,smart...haha...jack wong, if u see this,this is true... =)
it is like a family lecturing.see>>>

mr. tan - father
ms.yu - mother
madam teh - grandma
jack wong - BF !!!!! mad ady la.sry ya if i am over reacted =.=//
but i really think that one family is love!

i also want to thank to my friends----BCG clover and Group 4 classmates! u all are so important to me ! without u all , i am sure very stressed out now.

i make sure i have chance to meet ying han at the matter what,if have time,i will apprecite the time to meet ying han.although there is left 5 minutes, i will still rush to her place to meet her ^^ i dun wan to lose her as one of my best friend! although we are taking diff course,we make sure we keep in contact.

nicolette-she is always helping me and advising me when i have difficulties in my studies.thank you very much! * sometimes you left me alone and go to find BF...sob sob ...nola haha . i understand ^_^ * glad that we are in the same group! i did'nt expect it ! =) cuz i thought after form 5 we will be seperated =.= haha...and i dun wan to lose her as one of my best friend too ! she is so creative ! come up with so many good ideas ! muah i love u !!!

Group 4 classmates- u all are so wonderful ! i am speechless. juz one word ----great ! u all are so great ! glad to have u all as my classmates.i will appreciate !
our motto , PLAY HARD STUDY HARD ! prove them wrong ! let's do it !

I LOVE U ALL GUYS ~~~!!!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

duh~what a day!

woke up at 8.40 am.duh~lazy to go for piano class.hope tmr is piano class.i am lazy.lazy girl~~~~~ it is not because i did not practise piano, is .....i dun wan to face the reality =.= i was late for 5 minutes.normal la.

played the songs.mistakes are the same again. == lol.i dunnoe what happened to my hands.haha...but the 2nd song seems ok.i dunnoe whether i have time to really practise untill very well or not before the exam time -since i start late. nvm i do my best

after brunch went for the really boring wasting time seminar really wasted my precious time!!! arghhh i juz feeling like wanna go off frm the room and go back home to do what i need to do.nearly dozed off when listening to her voice explaining almost all of the syllabus in the book.i go back home and read better la ! i am really angry. y need so ma fan ?????!!!!! argh ! nvm....tat is the reality.
need to face it.nic still dun hav thumbprint==

yeah bought the peanut paste and enjoyed! yum yum ! thanks mum !

sry nic forgot to give back ur water tumbler to u

saw ben,eddie,wei jian and xi ming @ the makan place.haha xi ming dye hair ady.quite nice de .

ok. I HATE :
being nagged and shouted at!!!
being called STUPID!!!
ppl throw my things on the floor with maximum force applied.the impulsive force is very huge ok???!!! == physics...
myself being not a good girl
being insulted and the person's voice is like producing earthquake effect
that i dunnoe about something which i should know
ppl showing off

sometimes they juz really dont understand.i am heartbroken !!!!! ='(

and now i am in very bad mood.pls...dun trigger my angry nerves again !!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Skirts Day for gals =D

haha today is skirts day for gals...nick our class rep suggested gals wear skirts and guys all wear short pants =.= haha that was fun ^^

lol.finally my blog got picture ady =|

not fair.guys' pants were longer untill below knee...some of them complain that it was cold.dunnoe y tat day i was feeling not that so good many ppl followed the 'instructions' given by nick ! haha... =)

T1.class ok.we asked our lecturer to roll up his pants...haha . kinda not respect him =.= sorry ya.juz play onli.

T5.okay la.he asked a lot of questions.i need to revise ady == ==

sexy Darsh

after having tom yam lunch outside with classmates ^^ , we went for the MS class.hate to waste my time there.
nic wrote something on the board == swt.
took pictures while waiting for the class to start.

swt =.=//

nic,me,yuet.swt the one behind wanna pose oso =.=

vivien zher yee and nic

so nice ^^

steven's and jun hoong's legs i think =.=

oh my...jun hoong aka durex guy can't stand coldness.having running

nic,vivien zher yee,me,darsh

class photo ^^

the lecturer asked us to write a short essay . swt !!!! tat topic really disgusting la....

after tat went back tired...

P.S i love my classmates ! ^^ play hard study hard! let's get the world prize winner ! haha....gambateh !

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


hah second week of college life...going on well ^^

as usual.wake up early in the morning.this few days getting more lazy.wake up later then last week.haha.

feel sleepy during T2 after a bit of joke i am stimulated to ... become fresh again.haha XD

yeah got 1 1/2 hour break time.bagusnya~yeah can meet ying han ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
haiz...normally we do not have much time to i appreciate the time when we are together =) lalala....

we had yummy lunch @ the cafeteria together.the fried rice ordered by ying was superb delicious! yummy ! i like it ! noddle was ok.hee...i still prefer fried rice ^^

after tat we went to my class to have a look . haha. then we exchanged our tat we know each other's schedule =) after chatting 4 a while,we went to the 5th floor to have a look at the nice restaurant.mainly the school of hospitality and management.

back to my class classmates have not came back yet to tell ghost story so we chit chat with nicolette oso =) =) =) haha we were laughing out loudly cuz we were so naughty.switched off all the lights and switch on the projector =.=// haha...luckily the students in class did not scold ... -.- swt la...haha but it was fun !

at last our class rep came back.ghost story telling session again! ying met her primary skul friend =) =) =)so nice to see them chit chat till so nice =D ahh...old memories.some ppl try to do sound effect untill some of us were frightened ==
haiyo nick ah suddenly did the action.made all of us shouted till the lungs oso come out.haha ! really scary

after sending ying , T4 class resumed.i like the lecturer.i understand very well. thank you ^^

gotta study more study hard >.<

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Summary of last week

phooh~ finally i know how college life is..haiz...dun have much time to enjoy ady..haha.need to study the topics before the lecturer teaches.not much time to meet friends again.slowly getting pressure on me.3 things i need to focus at the same time =.=// but i will DO MY BEST for sure !

wah progress test comin soon~! err juz treat it like normal need feel stressed la..i am looking forward to the steamboat reunion dinner ^^ haha so fast

went to that makan place again to enjoy..haha.addicted to coffee! hee nola juz enjoying.

suddenly i miss my form 5 classmates.saw them working.haha..hope this year have gathering again ^^

hope everyone have a nice day enjoy doing daily chores

Friday, January 9, 2009


again.again and again! the thing happened again! argh...many things la.
the news,seems like many things not yet do...watever.

juz hope everything will be fine

A Tired but Fun Day

oh class is 8 am till 6 pm...walao i am going to suffer.
as usual,go to college early.the T2 class is quite boring.all about computer things.but this time is a little bit more interesting than the previous lesson =) okay la..

after a short break,we had CSB she is not teaching :P haha...we all were so happy.CAT and ACCA students combined into a class.and the activity is ice so interesting~we interviewed each other about each person's characteristics.and we were called one by one to say out the characteristics of the person.haha so funny la the students.we mainly aim for the seniors.haha...nice to socialise^^ no no.before that.we decided to have ghost story telling session.haha.we switched off all of the lights in our classroom.then we start to tell...very scary la.some boys oso made some effect.hahax~ quite scary la...and we talked about facts too~lol.then a janitor came in.and she was scared off by us.haha! the lecturer oso was fun.thanks to nick fot this idea.and thanks to all of my friends who have contributed their story.haha.

then we started our lesson.very cold in the classroom~

went back.quite but a fun day =D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i am constantly updating my blog...but i think later i am unable to do so

my gosh,my memory...neurone got problem liao == no no cannot i must memorise !
juz now squeezed the T5 chap 1 all into my brain.i wonder tmr if he asks me how would i answer? err too many accounts terms...really need a dictionary as mr jack wong said.see how he explains tmr.and i will study again.FOR SURE !!! if not i will suffer at the higher levels.and i don't want that to miserable...

i really appreciate the timetable done by the staff who came in our class today.she wroked so hard and produced good work.keep it up!and thank you!

the staffs are quite i know if you are not satisfied you can complaint.tat is why they are very organized.feel lucky to study there.thanks to my parents.and i must work very hard!

wah... all so nice suddenly come out an odd one..err i really pity them la.phew luckily last time i manage to do quite well == haiz...i am really dissapointed with the system.students do well and u give them this kind of thing?hmm i think this is really not reasonable. nvm students ! dun let it bother u . keep on doing good ! gambateh!

wish everybody's life is going good
be confident and you can do well !

2nd day >.<

wooh woke up at 6 am ! early~ kinda not enough sleep haha..yst night can't
not yet study T5 1st chap.gonna die tmr ==
it is freezing cold in da classroom ! my hands are freezed! lol.keep on feeling hungry.luckily i brought my hot milo in the thermos flask .
1st lesson T2.quite bored!ah keep on talking on computer parts! you know i am not pro in IT == tell stories somemore.need exam somemore.3 saturdays have computer class == duh...~
malaysian studies time oso go haywire~
T4. quite interesting.the lecturer gave lots of examples and made me understand faster,better =)

lunch went out with some of my classmates.they are very friendly ^^ glad to know them.lucky to have them as my classmates.

went back home at 5pm.suppose to end at 4.30 pm.neh the lecturer lo keep on discussing the exercise.

nah gtg study now.bye


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

! st Day of College

Wooh ~ today is the first day of class...i thought the class starts at 10.30 am which is the T5 but...nic and i missed out the T1 class which was at 8 pm i guess...swt ! we didn't see the time printed on the left side == we reached there so early and doing nothing..actually have class == but we went around the campus...luckily they didn't take the attendance.haha.. XD

saw a lot of leng lui and leng zhai.envy them so much.seems like they are more independent and professional.haha.i am new and fresh ma..hahax

my lecturer for T5 is mr jack wong.he is a quite nice person.i think he is good lecturer == . lol . he is using the Mac book.i actually dunnoe the name ( i am not a computer expert ) it is so nice! i want it! haha....he asked us to key in the details cuz he need to send us course oso need to use computer , in fact is internet ady.haha.he oso asked us to introduce ourselves.wat is ur name?where are you from?why are you choosing this course?
swt == so nervous because majority of them i do not know them. hah ! nick is in the same group with me.can't believe it.this world is so small. haha...(direct translation from chinese)
deng deng! our class rep and assistant is nick and err...kah hei respectively. sry if i spell ur name wrong. they will do the job for us.muahaha. lol.

went back at 1.45 pm.kinda tired.after shower took nap. lol sleep form 3 pm till 5.20 pm.i am a lazy girl.haha~

hu hu need to begin my study plan ! of course dun forget my piano ! ahh ! gonna work very hard this time ! gambateh ! XD

wish everyone has a nice day =)

Monday, January 5, 2009

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06 专长 : Eat

幸福套餐 NO.2
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Sun-U Orientation Day

woke up as early as 7.30 am . when i was in the bathroom nic called my hp , then mum helped me to pick up the phone . suddenly nic wan to come my hse and go college together. terkejut saya pula...haha

ying's parents fetched us go college.thanks ^^ wow there were a lot a lot of ppl.the queue is soooo long.after registering went to the many new friends^^

sadly, i , not only me , received a very bad news.haiz....hope she is fine.dun get tortured.i will be always by ur side ^^ haha.....haiz... need to suffer for few years AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!! no no no! anti !

went to cafeteria to have lunch. so hungry at that time..

then went to the hall again for course briefing. what the man said is wat i agree .

i dun wan to write anymore.i have no mood because of the bad news ==

*hearing aid is sold out ! *


Saturday, January 3, 2009

today woke up as early as 7.35 am.for wat ? piano lesson lo.haha...normally i won't wake up so early.hee...

haiz...the 1st class seems not so good.scales need practise again by myself cuz not much time no.need to work very very very super hard! and she asked a lot of questions ...lolx

hmm mum went pasar bought a lot of things.haha.she bought the things that i want.hee...thank you.muah muah >.<

college gonna start..and piano is starting! == hope i can do well in both.

yeah yeah tmr is orientation day.anticipating day........hope everything goes well.

yst went ioi and tesco.then went to rm 3 again 4 late late dinner.can say supper ady.the food quite nice.but some dishes dissapointed me a little bit.walao we yue chi yue duo...haha.

today erm going to KL and having steamboat @ home ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ lalala....

bye for now


Friday, January 2, 2009

Today woke up late again.haha...raining frm 7 am till pm.slept well...haha. so din go to school with my sis 4 orientation.lazy me arr....

i heard that the school is good i cannot least i noe better than _______________. ok? offence.

hmm tmr going to start my piano lesson == grade 8 arr....scared.i will sure do my best! gambateh!!!

after today , i am going to be in busy mode. no more shopping , no much time on TV ...blah blah blah...

i welcome my college matter what happens,i will try hard and do hard to solve the problems.can't wait to go college

while i am busy,i will not forget my friends and family.i miss my classmates!!! haiz...hope this year will have a reunion dinner.

to everyone
have a nice day~!

:'( T.T

today i am quite sad because

i still not recover frm sickness.cough and running nose.feel bad. 2 nd day of new year still like is important!no health no talk!

i saw somebody's blog.again u noe im Libran and i hate to be left alone.but not their my problem.they have it is their fun.ok ok i am not angry.i am just controlling my i promised to myself,i must change my attitude.must! ok cool down man~ and smile =) =) =) i am ok now . i just need some time.sorry

i really do not get what i want.but i am not frusfrated.cuz i am lucky.i can pursue my studies...and that is good enough.the thing i am interested in at last i oso cannot get it.i dun have the really smart brain.and the future is not very dad also can guide i am happy with my road taken =) again i am smiling now.dun worry be happy.juz do what are u told to do.gambateh!everything will be fine.

i saw his personal message.he really needs help.i am so sorry to hear about that.i am so sad.anybody who can help ...pls help him.
i realized that i am very fortunate compared to others.i have good health ( although i am sick now ) TT.TT i hope that he is fine and can sit for SPM this year with good health.


hope tmr is a better day for everyone

Pls help

O + blood is in need...especially for blood from age 17 to 19. pls inform if you want to donate blood to yee sok ( a form 5 student form Catholic High School )


hope yee sok is fine


Thursday, January 1, 2009


owh! i am sick ! sick ! argh...i dun like it ! and i woke up late today
haha yst chat till morning almost 5 am...swt == keep on arr chiu...cough somemore

ok today is new year day.received new year sms from hui le. i was mcc after wake up

went to the curve...yea the curve again.but i really like to hang around at there ^^
i love the curve~!!!
had late lunch @ madam lim
had late dinner @ sambal sushi and rm3 =D

now going to bath

no more happy holidays~!