Friday, January 16, 2009

Skirts Day for gals =D

haha today is skirts day for gals...nick our class rep suggested gals wear skirts and guys all wear short pants =.= haha that was fun ^^

lol.finally my blog got picture ady =|

not fair.guys' pants were longer untill below knee...some of them complain that it was cold.dunnoe y tat day i was feeling not that so good many ppl followed the 'instructions' given by nick ! haha... =)

T1.class ok.we asked our lecturer to roll up his pants...haha . kinda not respect him =.= sorry ya.juz play onli.

T5.okay la.he asked a lot of questions.i need to revise ady == ==

sexy Darsh

after having tom yam lunch outside with classmates ^^ , we went for the MS class.hate to waste my time there.
nic wrote something on the board == swt.
took pictures while waiting for the class to start.

swt =.=//

nic,me,yuet.swt the one behind wanna pose oso =.=

vivien zher yee and nic

so nice ^^

steven's and jun hoong's legs i think =.=

oh my...jun hoong aka durex guy can't stand coldness.having running

nic,vivien zher yee,me,darsh

class photo ^^

the lecturer asked us to write a short essay . swt !!!! tat topic really disgusting la....

after tat went back tired...

P.S i love my classmates ! ^^ play hard study hard! let's get the world prize winner ! haha....gambateh !


yingfriendship said...

Wah!ur class very fun.ur class representative also have so much idea.ur picture some very nice some are funny.wish u good luck in ur studies and have a nice time with ur classmates.^^ said...

wow..ur class look so fun..haha..u 2 seen like very enjoy n happy study thr..haha..hope u 2 can enjoy study thr too..gambatte oh..>_<..haha...

~StEven~ said...

wa.. my leg so sexy.. XD

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

Steven-haha sexy any secret to maintain ur legs' beauty?haha XD
have a nice day =)