Monday, January 5, 2009

Sun-U Orientation Day

woke up as early as 7.30 am . when i was in the bathroom nic called my hp , then mum helped me to pick up the phone . suddenly nic wan to come my hse and go college together. terkejut saya pula...haha

ying's parents fetched us go college.thanks ^^ wow there were a lot a lot of ppl.the queue is soooo long.after registering went to the many new friends^^

sadly, i , not only me , received a very bad news.haiz....hope she is fine.dun get tortured.i will be always by ur side ^^ haha.....haiz... need to suffer for few years AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!! no no no! anti !

went to cafeteria to have lunch. so hungry at that time..

then went to the hall again for course briefing. what the man said is wat i agree .

i dun wan to write anymore.i have no mood because of the bad news ==

*hearing aid is sold out ! *


1 comment:

yingfriendship said...

Haha...i also very shocked when u told me.
ok,u are welcome.^^
haiz..very sorry that i didn't sit with u and nic when orientation.
don't think about the bad things la..I am ok.don't worry me.I already习惯了。一个人辛苦总好过很多人一起辛苦。上天要那样对我,我也只好认命了。不想遇到的人,偏偏又出现在我面前,我也没办法。只好不理那么多。开开心心的过日子好过伤心的过日子。加油哦!要天天开心哦。。