Wednesday, January 14, 2009


hah second week of college life...going on well ^^

as usual.wake up early in the morning.this few days getting more lazy.wake up later then last week.haha.

feel sleepy during T2 after a bit of joke i am stimulated to ... become fresh again.haha XD

yeah got 1 1/2 hour break time.bagusnya~yeah can meet ying han ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
haiz...normally we do not have much time to i appreciate the time when we are together =) lalala....

we had yummy lunch @ the cafeteria together.the fried rice ordered by ying was superb delicious! yummy ! i like it ! noddle was ok.hee...i still prefer fried rice ^^

after tat we went to my class to have a look . haha. then we exchanged our tat we know each other's schedule =) after chatting 4 a while,we went to the 5th floor to have a look at the nice restaurant.mainly the school of hospitality and management.

back to my class classmates have not came back yet to tell ghost story so we chit chat with nicolette oso =) =) =) haha we were laughing out loudly cuz we were so naughty.switched off all the lights and switch on the projector =.=// haha...luckily the students in class did not scold ... -.- swt la...haha but it was fun !

at last our class rep came back.ghost story telling session again! ying met her primary skul friend =) =) =)so nice to see them chit chat till so nice =D ahh...old memories.some ppl try to do sound effect untill some of us were frightened ==
haiyo nick ah suddenly did the action.made all of us shouted till the lungs oso come out.haha ! really scary

after sending ying , T4 class resumed.i like the lecturer.i understand very well. thank you ^^

gotta study more study hard >.<

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