Wednesday, December 31, 2008

These Days

these days...i have been thinking many things...
how to do nice and young hair style that suite me?
how to do nice full make up?
how to DIY facial masks?
how to cook the _______ ?
how to bake the _______ ?
Did i choose the wrong pathway?
Am I happy with my road taken?
How will be the college life?
Am i fat?
Why am I not practising my piano?
why am i not updating my_________?
why he................... swt!
blah blah blah

i miss the california roll @ sambal sushi...hee
i appreciate my parents for bringing me to eat many yummy food

these days midnight had very good nice time chatting with ying han ^^
ah now nose block,coughing...
maybe because of the smoke frm popular ioi mall! swt! pls repair the lights fast!fast!
or not the staff there oso may get sick.
pity the staffs need to inhale the bad smoke while working~
cham~ luckily i din work there.

and i ate too much spicy food~swt ==

long time no hear Y2J's songs! miss miss!

phhooh~ i juz simply can't forget Y2J



Can't believe it. today is the last day of 2008.
morning went to rm 3 da pai dang in bandar puteri to have breakfast.the food quite quite nice.quantity of serving is quite ok.taken pics but lazy to upload ==
watched deadth note movie...finally! very very very nice! although im outdated ==
then headed to sunway piramid.31-12-2007 i was in SP too~!ate awful dinner.saw hui le and nicolette.i miss them so much! finally i can see their face! haha...miss my other friends too!again,that incident happened again.hope 31.12.2009 will not happen this kinda sick today.i dun wan to be sick on 1.1.2009.sob sob.

lets see what happened in year 2008.

i confess that this is the most wonderful year tat i ever had.
i have loving friends and family ^^
i attended the camp in school with BCG. unforgettable
i have great teachers to guide me to sit the SPM examination
but sadly. i have stopped my piano for a few months ady
the school activities makes my secondary school life more interesting
i have graduated frm my secondary school
i had sat for my SPM exam
i had went to oversea this year
i did not get NS
i went to genting overnight with friends for the 1st ever time.
i have attended my first ever prom night
i had chosen my pathway
i registered myself in college
i learned many things this year
i have changed my attitude
i love 2008!

thanks to everybody who had scolded,nagged,advised,praised,looked down
i had learned many valuable lessons from u all
thank you~

new year wishes???

teachers,friends,and family and other people all over the world will have good health
health is wealth
no war.yes peace.
i can study my course well in the college
i can manage to cope with the piano stress
and of course do well in grade 8 practical exam
i can eat well, sleep well,have clothes to wear.
'chi de bao , chuan de hao , shui de hao ~ '


hello year 2009~~~~~~~~~

i welcome you


Monday, December 29, 2008


these holidays are very very very wonderful~!
the best holiday i ever had!
went to many places
learned many new things
muah muah!
thanks to my friends and family
for making my holiday so enjoyable!

muahkz love u all~


woke up late
the _______ company called again.received job vacancy SMS...swt == all cancelled
helped mum to clean the dirty window ( really very dirty )
went to dentist ( my mum , dad and sis need some treatment...luckily not me...hahax)
went to ahan thai ( again...quite dissapointed with the food )
went to sambal sushi ( we had reasonable priced and yummy fresh sushi!!! yum yum ! )
went to ioi ( juz to hang around...saw some stage performance.saw ppl)
went to mamak to have ...supper ...again!( super nice roti tissue.dissapointing naan)
back home to watch drama

Another Meaningful and Enjoyable day

Finally...i registered myself in college ady . haha...really finally...after long time struggling and thinking.maybe this is the road i have about the road not taken? it reminds me of the form 5 literature poem.watever,i hope this choice is made hard and go for it lo~still thinking how will my college life be?
saw benjamin wong at the college info centre.haha.the orientation day is coming very soon~

i miss my classmates very very much.some have went to NS.wish them have a nice and safe time there.

besides that,hah,my grade 8 practical piano.need work more harder my teacher said it will be more difficult.ok.

after all the so called process in the college,we headed to my favourite place ------ The Curve

hehe...saw the restaurant named wat ketam seafood steamboat...haha.then i decided to have a sis accompanied me.follwed by my cute bro. parents went to dine in teppanyaki.haha funny...split into 2 groups and dine in 2 diff places.

haiz...the steamboat overall was not so nice as my friend told me.the soup was ok.the fishballs were not very fresh.service ok. haha conclusion Mizi is always the best larr...

then went to usual,bought the yummy swedish chocolate very sweet.i can't take too much of that.

haha! then go directly to the curve! truly my shopping paradise.muahaha.seriously,fact, i like to go there.when im in the curve, i feel no stress at im a bird flying freely...haha.I LOVE THE CURVE! hahax...

the flea market there is a place that must be visited by especially girls.u can find many affordable,reasonable priced no matter accesorries,shoes,handbags,fake eyelashes...watever.u will be spoilt for choices~!

hehe i bought some hair ornaments.5 for rm huh? okok lo...hahax~thanks mum!

my mum , sis and I walk around together.we decided to go to popular to read books.we passed by the royale bintang hotel.we relaxed ourselves there by sitting on the very comfortable sofa.haha.then a man came in and played the piano in the hotel just beside us.his playing skills is wonderful~! clap hands!!! we oso chat for a while.he gave us some advice regarding music.example do not give up in music.i really like the way he talked.he is so friendly. and i realized that......
i am not really good in music. so? i need to work harder and harder lo~
thank you _________ ( sorry Mr. i do not know your name )

suddenly dad called us . he asked us to go to the computer shop there .haha .
after asking our opinion , he bought a dunnoe how many inches LCD monitor. im a lame computer if i say anythings wrong..sorry...
haha lol.

then went madam lim to have supper ...haha! not healthy ah...10 pm ady still wan eat.very fast service and nice food~yum yum

( i feel tat i fat ady wor... )

swt ! ==

hmm quite good and fulfilling day i had ^^

Saturday, December 27, 2008


today,3 pm something,the _______ company suddenly called me . below is the conversation>>>>>>>

Mr : hello . is this mok sher yee

me : yes.

Mr : ok.can you work today?

me : (huh what? now u only call me ah.when i wan work that time no place to work for me . now i dun wan then u call me ) err...sorry i have to start my college on ...sorry i can't work already.can u pls cancel for me?thanks.

Mr : oh ok.

swt! job no work.need to start college on jan timetable yet.
the another job also cancel ady.ok fine

concentrate on piano practical exam and college.



hah! woke up at 12.11 pm! so late...cuz yst sleep at around 4 pm~ mum said my face got midnight had a nice chat with my friend,ying han.we chatted a lot of she went genting ady...miss her =)

today need go college register for my course...but too bad.we reached there too late.the office had closed == so ...tmr register lo.and start thinking of how will my college life going on...need to bring wat there?must be attentive during classes..watever.floating in my mind...

then went to sunway piramid.again.quite bored there.1st went to a shop selling nice and quite reasonable priced dresses.attracted to them.sadly i did not try on mood.somemore quite a lot of customers there.went to many clothes shop after that.

sinma is really my paradise.i saw the hair ornaments! i like them! buy =(

hehe! went sushi king for dinner! yum yum . ordered the set meal.yummy licious!!!!!! vouchers again.again...

hmm then walked for a while.bought some snacks to eat.. == eat till so full ady still wan eat extra snacks.becareful may get fat!

tesco is the next place.went there to buy groceries and CNY preparation stuff.helped mum to choose vege. price .my god...suddenly so expensive.

after that,went to the newstand~ my fav place after shopping! saw the limited edition cleo.become small size and cute edy...asked dad to buy but lastly din buy cuz can flip through the mag in bookshop :P no need waste $$$ mar...somemore magazines cannot keep for long time.need jimat wang liao.

ok write till here.time to bath.

bye =)

Friday, December 26, 2008


(hmm long time no exercise ady...)

yst i woke up late =P so parents decided to have lunch at the ampang yong tau foo restaurant in bdr puteri.very hungry at that time,so i ate a lot =)
then haha...went to the club with family...realy long long time no work out ady ...i think about half a year no exercise ady =( no wonder i feel fat ...lolx
phew~ weight still remains

1st played table tennis with bro n sis...quite fun

then went to the gym...haha the treadmill is nice.long time no jog liao

haha next is hand no energy liao =( very bad playing ...hahax

hmm after shower n sauna all then went dinner lo
F1 restaurant in bdr puteri puchong

hehe the food was nice! yum yum !

midnight watch TV and chat with my friend
chat a lot
nice time chatting

hah 2.30 AM onli sleep...


Friday, December 19, 2008


aiyo~ tengoklah masa sekarang. 4.05 am! ok i win this time.i never stay up till this late before. swt .

hmm feeling hungry now.hahax ... =D




hah !!! finally bought grade 8 exam pieces..with 2 cd' god so expensive! heh now only start.a bit too late ady lar...watever la juz learn =)

1st hear the pieces played by the professional..ok quite good

sight reading the piece...totally out of god.

hah few days past and i hav learnt the A piece ONLY for few days ady.manage to get 1 1/2 page only.nvm..quite good.

B and C are quite hard! but nice to hear my piano teacher choose for me.

i always like the A piece.but now...A B C i oso like!!! ^^

gambateh lo!!!! must pass!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!!



so wu i still not going to bed not sleeeepyy at family went to bed ady.left me alone online.haha.


still not yet sleep ==

ok la

byebye la



hah!now is 2.23 am and 6 pm i am leaving to singapore.and now? i am not sleeping.still online! wOw...but i can't viewing food blog.

these few days almost 2am sleep...awh... goin singapore.not feeling excited or...haha.i heard frm many ppl tat the food thr has diff taste frm here.ah i just concerned about food.hahax XD
helped mum packed things,helped dad do research,and im prepared!

last time when i was a baby i went singapore before.but i can't seem to, i should say tat this is my 1st time to singapore.hah! i must appreciate! ^^

take many many many pics!have fun there!

and sry guys i will not be able to online and reply u all.wish u all have a nice holiday~!



Thursday, December 18, 2008

Training & interview

Monday 4 pm went basic promoter training with butty hui in OUG.
tat was the 1st time i make up myself.ah kinda ugly.
we reached there quite early.we were the 1st to reach.the trainer asked us to fill in our details in the com.we wait and wait for almost 2 hours! also not yet start.haih...i hate waiting for people.worse is the 4 ppl late 4 one hour!
the trainer was quite funny...sometimes serious.i learnt many things through the training.he asked questions to test us.we also learnt how to set up and dismantle the booth.

after training 8.30 pm only reach home.quite tired but happy.


another interview.

it's a law firm.the boss interview and ask questions.haha i can't ans well.can't expect him to ask this type of Q.scared.haha.faster think faster give ans lo hehe...
after tat butty hui and I went berry cake shpo bought bread and tart just to get small change to take bus.haha.then we try to take bus go back home.waited for 30 mins!hot day hot sun somemore.haha saw xien hwa and ming chuen.they also take bus go ioi work.
after tat can't tahan,my mum cum fetch us.

thanks butty hui for the job! =D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just to go there for 2 stupid vouchers

On Sunday,I suggested my parents to bring us go pavillion.because of what?hah! just because of the food voucher tat i had won a few months ago from MyFM.

it is a thai restaurant,named Celadon.

when looked from outside,the ambience inside is nearly perfect.i like it honestly.but when u steeped in to the very high class restaurant restaurant,u can see there are many bottles of wine displayed on the i dun think it is a thai restaurant...haha.but nvm's ok.but what i can tell is the decorations are simple and nice.hence,the price will be......( you know...)

my mum and I ordered 3 dishes including tom yam soup (TYS).guess what.the single TYS costs rm 18.90!!! and the serving is small.the taste is ok. it has fish fillets in it.they tasted not realy fresh mayb because of the smell of the fish.
the chicken was quite good.same price as the TYS.not bad.
same goes to the asparagus with prawns.

my dad ordered green cury chicken accompanied with thin bread crust.taste good!not very lemak.not very oily.chicken tender.goes well with the thin bread.thumbs up!
i don't know the price of it.

the rice is rm 4.80 per person.refillable.

MINERAL WATER accompanied our meal.

juz feel pressured when dining in tat high class restaurant.haha...

when the bill came...*SHOCKED*

one small bottle of Evian mineral water costs about RM 13 inclusive tax *DAMAGE!!!*

my god! i never drink water tat was so so so expensive! tat was not water frm god!

whole family ate and the bill came about rm 200++ ! WOW!!!!!! luckily i have rm 100 vouchers to pay la...haha~but very very very expensive!

better go eat in seafood restaurant la...

i swear i will not go to tat place anymore

and beware of vouchers given to u . they are just a marketing gimmick!

hehe after tat went to buy JCo donuts...hmm after eating tat sinful donut must have get fat...i prefer big apple donuts.the toppings used are more of good quality i think..

the nikki sports shoe costs rm 600++ !!! WOW!

the parking costs rm 12 ...also damage pocket!

went back home with full stomach...and i oso swear i never go there again.
unless i kena jackpot la XD

Sunway College open day

since i have nothing to do at home,i suggested my father to bring me to the open day.

i reached there quite late.hah!i went for the aptitude test first.many questions.some quite funny.the results was not of my expectation.anyway it is just a suggestion and reccommendation only.

my dad also enquired about the accounting course.

hehe i saw the myfm crew members! i went to play a game.but i lose ady la..haha!
so what are the prizes?
4 packets of tissue
an expired himalaya products voucher (==)
himalaya brand dental cream & facial wash

while my bro managed to get a small christmas bear.cute cute! from S&J .


swt!the girl beside me seems like already mad!i just behtahan her =.=//

conclusion : some of the things that u want may not belong to u at the end.things will change from time to prepared for it and think properly before u make a i better think what course should i take,concerning many factors.

gambateh!!!!!! go for it! ( depend on your abilities )


5UKM gathering

yes!finally we can make it!haiz...nicolette cannot come.miss her so much~!

venue: Mizi shabu-shabu , bdr puteri puchong
time : 6pm

15 classmates came for the gathering.feel good when saw them.just excited for the booked a room for 16 ppl for the gathering.

ying han first arrived there.sry...need u to wait.butty hui and I then reached there.
when all arrived,we ordered 5 sets and share.sry guys if the food is not enough.we talked and laughed.despite the echo of the room made the ambience noisy , but i hope after tat gathering and in the future,i can hear their voice again.just full of happiness.miss their smiles and laughs.haha... we also took many pics.

keng soon and ming chuen keep on eating.hmm tat day we ate a lot of vegetables.haha...

after the dinner,we went to wings cafe.we ordered drinks and dedicated songs...haha the two singers were very funny.they ask why our class name is called like tat.we had good interaction.we chit chat and laughed...the moment was so wonderful.
we played many games using cards oso.

we spent almost 3 hours there i think.phuah,weng hong,thomas,hock him and jen fei went back together first.when they are about to leave,i tell myself i am going to miss them very very very much.

butty hui went bac then followed by me.i miss u all guys~~~!!! hmm hopefully next year there will be more gathering.

after tat i went to tesco with my family...

phhoohh~~~ since tat day i miss my classmates very much.hope u all have a nice holiday.miss u all!


Congrats! (hehe...)

hah! congrats to my friend!!! muah muah! hee...

ah...finally ...hmm i think about one year ady...finally! hehe...i salute to my 'father'...haha~

ok wish u all will be together forever! deng deng deng deng! haha...

Best regards

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


ha! i think i need to change my attitude.bad bad bad...

and cut new hairstyle!!! although it's long n nice but i think it's kinda messy =.=
ermm..not too short...i mean keep the length and cut layer..maybe..see first lo =) im not be able to attend 6E gathering.sorry guys! =(

hope u all enjoy there ^^

im looking forward this fri's gathering!!!miss u all so much!hahax...

hmm finding job too


ah lazy to sort my books...and my room!oh my god...but i think wil finish soon~

soon............... ~



很感谢朋友们在我需要帮助时愿意伸出援手,对我不离不弃。也很感激他们带给我许多美好时光 ^^







Monday, December 8, 2008

Education Fair

morning msn with panda.he said tat there will b an edu fair in he got go...then i oso got go lo...hahax.i go with my beloved family ^^

wah many ppl went there.first went to UCSI booth.the girl explained to us very the way she communicate with us.

i oso went to UTAR and Methodist booth...ntg special

next is taylor's , HELP, Sunway and SEGI

wah taylor's A level almost rm 30 K !!!! my god~! the chinese boy talked a lot.i like the facts he explained.very true!!! i support!

HELP - the indian guy oso explained those facts well~ i support too!

Sunway - i saw my cousin.she oso explained very well.

SEGI - i juz feeling being cheated and wanna slap the guy.dunnoe why...

oh time to go bac to prepare 4 prom.luckily no jam in KL..haiz...

my conclusion : i still really dunnoe what i want to be.i need time to decide.seems like my decision is not very right.

whatever.i need to choose depend on my ability.being too stubborn is not good.sometimes we need to understand.what we want we may not get it.but in the end we may be happy with the road taken.

=) good luck

Prom Night 2008

7/12/2008 went to the first prom night in my life.haha i can't wait for the event before my SPM until before prom.according to my research,prom night is the most anticipating event awaited by many students from secondary or high school.i believed that.but...haiz...the event really kinda dissaponited me *honestly* rm 90 was quite a waste

i went out during afternoon.juz came bek at 5.55 pm.swt.prom starts on 7.30 pm n i need to leave my hse at 6.45.faster take bath.set my hair.then my mum helped me make up.thanks mum ^^ muahkz...i love the purple eye shadow very sis helped me put on those ornaments and accessories.thanks to my sis oso =) my dad took a few pics of me.wah i look kinda old == i think my dress is kinda oversized.i juz love the gorgeous ribbon and the bubble style dress.hee..overall im quite satisfied.butty hui's dad fetched me to PJ hilton.thank you very much ^^ felt nervous X|
reached thr...since im not wearing specs i can't really see clearly.i can walk well with my high heel shoes.not very high.the atmosphere is quite right.decoration okok.i like it =)

we sitted n waited 4 the prom to start.juz speechless while sitting with others at the same table.hahax...we then went to the swimming pool to take some pics.

buffett time..the food is good~ i give 95/100 =D luckily it did not dissapoint me.

haiz...after having meal was quite bored.then i was called to play the single game.cuz im single marh hahax XD

deng deng deng deng

prom king - benjamin

(he dye his hair brown)nice

prom queen - nicolette

(looked gorgeous in white dress ^^)

best couple of the night - cheah n nicolette

( sooooooo sweeet )

ah after tat went bac with dissapointment

haha not experienced in make up removal

took bath and went to bed...nitez =)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ah trip!

hmm these few days din update my blog ady.kinda lazy.busy lol so no time write new post.hmm the first tip after SPM is genting~3 days 2 nites.wohoo~~~
i went with my friends and others frm 5 UM.
my mum fetch me,hui and nic to KL sentral to take bus go genting.
wah kinda jam in KL and we took 1 hour to reach thr.amazing.
felt moodless cuz ying din go.last time oso went thr with tt friends before.didn't talk much thr.

first day>>>

quite bored.took bus directly reach first world.tat day cable car was undergoing maintanance.wah kinda cold thr~i can't tahan the coldness and kept shivering.i old liao la.hahax >< hmm we first put our luggage at the lobby.thn went 'jogging' LOL
we took a big round...walk and walk...cold.tired.we walked round the first world building.go see wat rock...hahax.some of them are afraid of heights.w talked and laughed.quite fun la.then we went to the hotel to check in.our room num is 14771.nice num =) we booked 3 rooms.2 for boys and one for gals.hee...
sok may,nic,hui,see chin and I were placed in the same room.interesting part.before going in , we did a 'sembahyang ceremony' superstitous.we knocked the door and tell 'them' tat we didn't mean to disturb them,we r just here to hav a holiday.then we swiped the room card,went in to the room and sembahyang again.the washroom and bathroom is small.ah haha.tat oso was my 1st time staying in first world hotel.the room not bad actually.boleh tahan la.swt=.=// tat day at night itself we went to watch circus show.before tat we walked around the first world plaza.bored..zzz
ah the circus tickets cost us rm 110! *damage* tat was the 1st time i went to the most expensive show.i wonder i can use tat money to watch fahrenhait concert...swt== but the show was quite interesting.the magic show is too normal.nothing special.wah i 1st time saw white tiger and white lion...hahax.the princess has good voice!i admire her~ ah forget lunch we went food court thr eat.the noodles taste strange but ok.dinner we all had in pizza hut...quite expensive huh.
after the circus we went outside to chui feng...coldy wind man~~~ can't tahan so sok may and I went bek hotel 1st.oh ya the shower was good on the first day.we girls chit chatted on the bed quite ^^ ah see chin did something on us! hahax. i had a good sleep.can't wait to go all park on the next day.

second day >>>

yeah we r goin all park 2day~so excited.quite scared of the thrill rides all.hee...i m really old liao.heh put on the wristband 1st.then we zoom to outdoor 1st.excited!!! arh very cold thr...i suggested to go spinner 1st.but sadly it was not open yet.when i go outdoor themepark i usually go for the spinner to warm up.but warm up.,..scared,sok may and ben went to go kart 1st then...hui n eddie went watch others at spaceshot thr.I DON'T DARE TO PLAY TAT!!!hahax...sry nic i really dun have the braveness.waited for almost one hour!wow~then finally is our happy.we had race ...haha my car seems the slowest=)next we went pirate ship.sok may , ben, eddie and I went 2gether.if im not mistaken.cuz im quite forgetful.sry ya guys >.< we 4 sit seperately.sok may sit on the edge of the ship.i dun dare...quite fun lol.sok may felt a bit dizzy after the ride.ah i do not rmb wat we had done after tat.zzz.we also went spinner and corkscrew.very long queue 4 the spinner la.eddie was scared.we kept on ask him to take the ride.walao the corkscrew we sat 4 2 times.syok!!!!!! no feelings ady after riding it for several it!!!.lunch had in food court oso.the food made us wanna vomit.expensive too.okok la.indoor themepark went sit roller coaster n hui sat at the 1st place! shiokkk!!!!hee...1st time nite went bumper car.shower!!!!!!!!!!! sumtimes hot them cold...swt!!!hui's toes was hurt bcoz of the hot water lolx.cold!!!we oso went outside to chui feng.veri cold again.beh tahan.go bek hotel room with sok may 1st lol.sok may,thanks for willing to accompany me ^^ swt seems i chong guai...choi choi choi.very strange things happened.dun say ady... hahax...swt==

third day >>> goin bek.i miss my friends veri much!we woke up at 10 am...wah kinda late...cuz we were tired.we packed our things.nt feeling well.wait 4 them so long~can't endure the pain.u noe...i hate pain.ok went to cable car station to take cable car to bus station.oh my im quite afraid of heights too.sit cable car oso shout..haha choe,hui,kah kaet and I were placed in the same cable car.kah kaet had sorethroat.many ppl oso sick.nic sick.hui no mood.
reached KL hui n nic goin bek by nic's dad car.after reach home went bbq party.very fun~~~ i think i had bbq almost more than 6 less then 10 chicken wings...nice yum yum!!!ah!!!tired!!! i dun care.sleep 1st tmr only wash those clothes~hahax