Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5UKM gathering

yes!finally we can make it!haiz...nicolette cannot come.miss her so much~!

venue: Mizi shabu-shabu , bdr puteri puchong
time : 6pm

15 classmates came for the gathering.feel good when saw them.just excited for the booked a room for 16 ppl for the gathering.

ying han first arrived there.sry...need u to wait.butty hui and I then reached there.
when all arrived,we ordered 5 sets and share.sry guys if the food is not enough.we talked and laughed.despite the echo of the room made the ambience noisy , but i hope after tat gathering and in the future,i can hear their voice again.just full of happiness.miss their smiles and laughs.haha... we also took many pics.

keng soon and ming chuen keep on eating.hmm tat day we ate a lot of vegetables.haha...

after the dinner,we went to wings cafe.we ordered drinks and dedicated songs...haha the two singers were very funny.they ask why our class name is called like tat.we had good interaction.we chit chat and laughed...the moment was so wonderful.
we played many games using cards oso.

we spent almost 3 hours there i think.phuah,weng hong,thomas,hock him and jen fei went back together first.when they are about to leave,i tell myself i am going to miss them very very very much.

butty hui went bac then followed by me.i miss u all guys~~~!!! hmm hopefully next year there will be more gathering.

after tat i went to tesco with my family...

phhoohh~~~ since tat day i miss my classmates very much.hope u all have a nice holiday.miss u all!


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