Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just to go there for 2 stupid vouchers

On Sunday,I suggested my parents to bring us go pavillion.because of what?hah! just because of the food voucher tat i had won a few months ago from MyFM.

it is a thai restaurant,named Celadon.

when looked from outside,the ambience inside is nearly perfect.i like it honestly.but when u steeped in to the very high class restaurant restaurant,u can see there are many bottles of wine displayed on the i dun think it is a thai restaurant...haha.but nvm's ok.but what i can tell is the decorations are simple and nice.hence,the price will be......( you know...)

my mum and I ordered 3 dishes including tom yam soup (TYS).guess what.the single TYS costs rm 18.90!!! and the serving is small.the taste is ok. it has fish fillets in it.they tasted not realy fresh mayb because of the smell of the fish.
the chicken was quite good.same price as the TYS.not bad.
same goes to the asparagus with prawns.

my dad ordered green cury chicken accompanied with thin bread crust.taste good!not very lemak.not very oily.chicken tender.goes well with the thin bread.thumbs up!
i don't know the price of it.

the rice is rm 4.80 per person.refillable.

MINERAL WATER accompanied our meal.

juz feel pressured when dining in tat high class restaurant.haha...

when the bill came...*SHOCKED*

one small bottle of Evian mineral water costs about RM 13 inclusive tax *DAMAGE!!!*

my god! i never drink water tat was so so so expensive! tat was not water frm god!

whole family ate and the bill came about rm 200++ ! WOW!!!!!! luckily i have rm 100 vouchers to pay la...haha~but very very very expensive!

better go eat in seafood restaurant la...

i swear i will not go to tat place anymore

and beware of vouchers given to u . they are just a marketing gimmick!

hehe after tat went to buy JCo donuts...hmm after eating tat sinful donut must have get fat...i prefer big apple donuts.the toppings used are more of good quality i think..

the nikki sports shoe costs rm 600++ !!! WOW!

the parking costs rm 12 ...also damage pocket!

went back home with full stomach...and i oso swear i never go there again.
unless i kena jackpot la XD

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