Wednesday, December 31, 2008

These Days

these days...i have been thinking many things...
how to do nice and young hair style that suite me?
how to do nice full make up?
how to DIY facial masks?
how to cook the _______ ?
how to bake the _______ ?
Did i choose the wrong pathway?
Am I happy with my road taken?
How will be the college life?
Am i fat?
Why am I not practising my piano?
why am i not updating my_________?
why he................... swt!
blah blah blah

i miss the california roll @ sambal sushi...hee
i appreciate my parents for bringing me to eat many yummy food

these days midnight had very good nice time chatting with ying han ^^
ah now nose block,coughing...
maybe because of the smoke frm popular ioi mall! swt! pls repair the lights fast!fast!
or not the staff there oso may get sick.
pity the staffs need to inhale the bad smoke while working~
cham~ luckily i din work there.

and i ate too much spicy food~swt ==

long time no hear Y2J's songs! miss miss!

phhooh~ i juz simply can't forget Y2J


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