Monday, December 8, 2008

Prom Night 2008

7/12/2008 went to the first prom night in my life.haha i can't wait for the event before my SPM until before prom.according to my research,prom night is the most anticipating event awaited by many students from secondary or high school.i believed that.but...haiz...the event really kinda dissaponited me *honestly* rm 90 was quite a waste

i went out during afternoon.juz came bek at 5.55 pm.swt.prom starts on 7.30 pm n i need to leave my hse at 6.45.faster take bath.set my hair.then my mum helped me make up.thanks mum ^^ muahkz...i love the purple eye shadow very sis helped me put on those ornaments and accessories.thanks to my sis oso =) my dad took a few pics of me.wah i look kinda old == i think my dress is kinda oversized.i juz love the gorgeous ribbon and the bubble style dress.hee..overall im quite satisfied.butty hui's dad fetched me to PJ hilton.thank you very much ^^ felt nervous X|
reached thr...since im not wearing specs i can't really see clearly.i can walk well with my high heel shoes.not very high.the atmosphere is quite right.decoration okok.i like it =)

we sitted n waited 4 the prom to start.juz speechless while sitting with others at the same table.hahax...we then went to the swimming pool to take some pics.

buffett time..the food is good~ i give 95/100 =D luckily it did not dissapoint me.

haiz...after having meal was quite bored.then i was called to play the single game.cuz im single marh hahax XD

deng deng deng deng

prom king - benjamin

(he dye his hair brown)nice

prom queen - nicolette

(looked gorgeous in white dress ^^)

best couple of the night - cheah n nicolette

( sooooooo sweeet )

ah after tat went bac with dissapointment

haha not experienced in make up removal

took bath and went to bed...nitez =)

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