Friday, December 26, 2008


(hmm long time no exercise ady...)

yst i woke up late =P so parents decided to have lunch at the ampang yong tau foo restaurant in bdr puteri.very hungry at that time,so i ate a lot =)
then haha...went to the club with family...realy long long time no work out ady ...i think about half a year no exercise ady =( no wonder i feel fat ...lolx
phew~ weight still remains

1st played table tennis with bro n sis...quite fun

then went to the gym...haha the treadmill is nice.long time no jog liao

haha next is hand no energy liao =( very bad playing ...hahax

hmm after shower n sauna all then went dinner lo
F1 restaurant in bdr puteri puchong

hehe the food was nice! yum yum !

midnight watch TV and chat with my friend
chat a lot
nice time chatting

hah 2.30 AM onli sleep...


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