Saturday, December 27, 2008


hah! woke up at 12.11 pm! so late...cuz yst sleep at around 4 pm~ mum said my face got midnight had a nice chat with my friend,ying han.we chatted a lot of she went genting ady...miss her =)

today need go college register for my course...but too bad.we reached there too late.the office had closed == so ...tmr register lo.and start thinking of how will my college life going on...need to bring wat there?must be attentive during classes..watever.floating in my mind...

then went to sunway piramid.again.quite bored there.1st went to a shop selling nice and quite reasonable priced dresses.attracted to them.sadly i did not try on mood.somemore quite a lot of customers there.went to many clothes shop after that.

sinma is really my paradise.i saw the hair ornaments! i like them! buy =(

hehe! went sushi king for dinner! yum yum . ordered the set meal.yummy licious!!!!!! vouchers again.again...

hmm then walked for a while.bought some snacks to eat.. == eat till so full ady still wan eat extra snacks.becareful may get fat!

tesco is the next place.went there to buy groceries and CNY preparation stuff.helped mum to choose vege. price .my god...suddenly so expensive.

after that,went to the newstand~ my fav place after shopping! saw the limited edition cleo.become small size and cute edy...asked dad to buy but lastly din buy cuz can flip through the mag in bookshop :P no need waste $$$ mar...somemore magazines cannot keep for long time.need jimat wang liao.

ok write till here.time to bath.

bye =)

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