Sunday, December 7, 2008

ah trip!

hmm these few days din update my blog ady.kinda lazy.busy lol so no time write new post.hmm the first tip after SPM is genting~3 days 2 nites.wohoo~~~
i went with my friends and others frm 5 UM.
my mum fetch me,hui and nic to KL sentral to take bus go genting.
wah kinda jam in KL and we took 1 hour to reach thr.amazing.
felt moodless cuz ying din go.last time oso went thr with tt friends before.didn't talk much thr.

first day>>>

quite bored.took bus directly reach first world.tat day cable car was undergoing maintanance.wah kinda cold thr~i can't tahan the coldness and kept shivering.i old liao la.hahax >< hmm we first put our luggage at the lobby.thn went 'jogging' LOL
we took a big round...walk and walk...cold.tired.we walked round the first world building.go see wat rock...hahax.some of them are afraid of heights.w talked and laughed.quite fun la.then we went to the hotel to check in.our room num is 14771.nice num =) we booked 3 rooms.2 for boys and one for gals.hee...
sok may,nic,hui,see chin and I were placed in the same room.interesting part.before going in , we did a 'sembahyang ceremony' superstitous.we knocked the door and tell 'them' tat we didn't mean to disturb them,we r just here to hav a holiday.then we swiped the room card,went in to the room and sembahyang again.the washroom and bathroom is small.ah haha.tat oso was my 1st time staying in first world hotel.the room not bad actually.boleh tahan la.swt=.=// tat day at night itself we went to watch circus show.before tat we walked around the first world plaza.bored..zzz
ah the circus tickets cost us rm 110! *damage* tat was the 1st time i went to the most expensive show.i wonder i can use tat money to watch fahrenhait concert...swt== but the show was quite interesting.the magic show is too normal.nothing special.wah i 1st time saw white tiger and white lion...hahax.the princess has good voice!i admire her~ ah forget lunch we went food court thr eat.the noodles taste strange but ok.dinner we all had in pizza hut...quite expensive huh.
after the circus we went outside to chui feng...coldy wind man~~~ can't tahan so sok may and I went bek hotel 1st.oh ya the shower was good on the first day.we girls chit chatted on the bed quite ^^ ah see chin did something on us! hahax. i had a good sleep.can't wait to go all park on the next day.

second day >>>

yeah we r goin all park 2day~so excited.quite scared of the thrill rides all.hee...i m really old liao.heh put on the wristband 1st.then we zoom to outdoor 1st.excited!!! arh very cold thr...i suggested to go spinner 1st.but sadly it was not open yet.when i go outdoor themepark i usually go for the spinner to warm up.but warm up.,..scared,sok may and ben went to go kart 1st then...hui n eddie went watch others at spaceshot thr.I DON'T DARE TO PLAY TAT!!!hahax...sry nic i really dun have the braveness.waited for almost one hour!wow~then finally is our happy.we had race ...haha my car seems the slowest=)next we went pirate ship.sok may , ben, eddie and I went 2gether.if im not mistaken.cuz im quite forgetful.sry ya guys >.< we 4 sit seperately.sok may sit on the edge of the ship.i dun dare...quite fun lol.sok may felt a bit dizzy after the ride.ah i do not rmb wat we had done after tat.zzz.we also went spinner and corkscrew.very long queue 4 the spinner la.eddie was scared.we kept on ask him to take the ride.walao the corkscrew we sat 4 2 times.syok!!!!!! no feelings ady after riding it for several it!!!.lunch had in food court oso.the food made us wanna vomit.expensive too.okok la.indoor themepark went sit roller coaster n hui sat at the 1st place! shiokkk!!!!hee...1st time nite went bumper car.shower!!!!!!!!!!! sumtimes hot them cold...swt!!!hui's toes was hurt bcoz of the hot water lolx.cold!!!we oso went outside to chui feng.veri cold again.beh tahan.go bek hotel room with sok may 1st lol.sok may,thanks for willing to accompany me ^^ swt seems i chong guai...choi choi choi.very strange things happened.dun say ady... hahax...swt==

third day >>> goin bek.i miss my friends veri much!we woke up at 10 am...wah kinda late...cuz we were tired.we packed our things.nt feeling well.wait 4 them so long~can't endure the pain.u noe...i hate pain.ok went to cable car station to take cable car to bus station.oh my im quite afraid of heights too.sit cable car oso shout..haha choe,hui,kah kaet and I were placed in the same cable car.kah kaet had sorethroat.many ppl oso sick.nic sick.hui no mood.
reached KL hui n nic goin bek by nic's dad car.after reach home went bbq party.very fun~~~ i think i had bbq almost more than 6 less then 10 chicken wings...nice yum yum!!!ah!!!tired!!! i dun care.sleep 1st tmr only wash those clothes~hahax

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