Monday, December 8, 2008

Education Fair

morning msn with panda.he said tat there will b an edu fair in he got go...then i oso got go lo...hahax.i go with my beloved family ^^

wah many ppl went there.first went to UCSI booth.the girl explained to us very the way she communicate with us.

i oso went to UTAR and Methodist booth...ntg special

next is taylor's , HELP, Sunway and SEGI

wah taylor's A level almost rm 30 K !!!! my god~! the chinese boy talked a lot.i like the facts he explained.very true!!! i support!

HELP - the indian guy oso explained those facts well~ i support too!

Sunway - i saw my cousin.she oso explained very well.

SEGI - i juz feeling being cheated and wanna slap the guy.dunnoe why...

oh time to go bac to prepare 4 prom.luckily no jam in KL..haiz...

my conclusion : i still really dunnoe what i want to be.i need time to decide.seems like my decision is not very right.

whatever.i need to choose depend on my ability.being too stubborn is not good.sometimes we need to understand.what we want we may not get it.but in the end we may be happy with the road taken.

=) good luck

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