Thursday, April 9, 2015

Caffeinated, IOI Boulevard Puchong

"Have you had your cup of Joe?"

At Caffeinated, it's not just about your average cup of coffee namely latte, cappuccino or americano. You can expect to find interesting fusion of alcohol and other barista's creation to satisfy not only the tastebuds, but also providing a fresh and unique experience to coffee lovers.

Simple interior perfect to chill after a long day of work, or relaxing during weekend with friends and family.

Avid coffee drinkers will definitely appreciate the house blend medium roast which comprises of Sumatra, Mexico, Brazil and Columbia blend of coffee beans.

Espresso Martini (RM18)

Containing espresso, Kahlua & Vodka, this cocktail coffee might be tad strong at the first sip. But the interesting combo could be quite addictive and enjoyable especially for those who loves this type of combination.

Affogato (RM14)

The key to a good affogato is not just only the espresso, but also the quality of ice-cream used. Here at Caffeinated, this creamy and satisfying dessert coffee is a success thanks to Kapiti brand being used - Ponulukawa Honey flavour to be specific. The mild honey flavour went very well with the espresso, making it a satisfying treat indeed.

Lemongrass Heineken (RM11)

Who would have thought this special combination could work so well together. First sip and I was sold as the after flavour was really surprisingly refreshing. It’s similar to Shandy minus all the extra gas haha. Well I don’t mind having a glass of this after a long day at work to unwind.

Bailey’s Tiramisu (RM17)

Dessert in a drink? No problem. Sipping in a smooth concoction made of espresso, milk, mascarpone cheese and Bailey’s Irish Cream makes a good alternative to the usual tiramisu cake version. Everything just blends well together.

MOFO Deluxe Chocolate (RM15)

Made from 100% Belgium Chocolate, I thought that this could be more rich and thick in flavour. I would say it’s a lighter version of hot chocolate. Dark Chocolate Float (RM15) still wins my heart over this, not to mention the Kapiti ice cream used here. Also a type of dessert coffee, this tastes more creamy and bolder in chocolate flavour.

Orange & Black (RM10)

Simply a mix of coffee & orange juice – It’s either you love it or you don’t.

Big Breakfast (RM22)

A hearty platter consisting wild mushroom, scrambled eggs, German sausage, turkey ham, smoked chicken ham, salad with sesame dressing & cocktail tomatoes.

Mushroom Pizza (RM20)

Neatly arranged toppings on a non-oily, thin and crispy pizza base. Could hardly go wrong with this combination. What makes this pizza special was the BBQ sauce instead of usual tomato puree on pizza base. A little tangy yet savoury from the cheese, guilt free pizza is on your way.

German Sausage Baguette (RM18)

A good quick lunch option for office people nearby. Whole wheat baguette is used making it a healthier option. Again the sausage was tad dry.

Carbonara with Mushroom (RM15)

Creamy and fairly large portion for a reasonable price, yet loaded with fresh button, shiitake & shimeiji mushrooms. Just the right creaminess coating on al dente pasta, easily becoming one of the most popular dishes among the patrons.

Coffee Pomodoro with Smoked Duck (RM16)

Living up to its name of ‘Caffeinated’, the pasta is infused with coffee and fried with minced chicken, served with smoked duck slices. It’s an acquired taste as the bitter flavour might be tad overpowering for some folks. I would have preferred if it has more sour kick from tomato pomodoro sauce. The smoked duck slices were pretty addictive as it was well executed.

Mushroom with White Sauce (RM15)

I’m feeling that this is a mushroom feast, but I don’t mind as Caffeinated did pretty well in their dishes so far. This is a type of comfort food at its best. This essentially contains shiitake, shimeiji, white button in heavy cream sauce, served with Muesli toast. While the cream sauce was a little sweet, it had the right consistency and fragrant flavour, complimenting well with the crunchy and healthy Muesli toast. I love the toast a lot as the sweet flavour from the raisins gave extra flavours overall.

Sharing platter – Under the Sea (RM80 nett) for 2-3 pax

It’s rare that a café serves sharing platter like this. Combo of prawns, squids, Dory fish, Foot-Long, German and Spicy French sausage, corn, nacho chips, fries, salad with sesame dressing and aglio-olio spaghetti, served with lemon butter sauce, mayo and wasabi mayo. While I find the seafood fresh, but the flavours from the butter sauce were pretty bland and sausages were little dry. Could do with a little more tweaking in flavours though. 

A slice of Tiramisu mille crepe (RM11) & latte (RM9) to end the meal. The cake was pretty good in my books- each layer is just nicely stacked together and tasted not too cloying. While the latte was ‘a basic done right’- strong body, right acidity, smooth with right temperature. 

C-GF-43, Ground Floor,
IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,
Contact number : 03 - 8080 5882 
Opening Hours : Sun - Thu: 9 am - 11 pm
                             Fri - Sat: 9 am - 12 am

Facebook Page : CAFFEiNATED