Friday, July 27, 2012

A Fiery Date with Uncle Jang

Dak-Galbi is so famous recently due to many people blogged about them. The usual food hunter me salivated over the pictures and words and thinking when am I going to try this Korean delicacy. As usual, I dragged my sister along with me. We have been talking about going for a visit for almost few months, until today we finally have a chance to go together.

We arrived there at 12 noon sharp which is the opening time and there were already 2 tables occupied. The temperature inside the restaurant was a bit too warm but I can't put the blame on them, as the weather itself is scorching hot, plus they just opened their shop.

 We ordered Hot Spicy (RM22) and Normal (RM19) portion each. Minimum order is 2 portions and you can mix them together as you like. Dak-Galbi consists of fresh chicken chop, cabbage, sweet potatoe and rice cakes. Not forgetting to order the fried rice sari (RM6) which is a popular sari (side dish) ordered by other patrons.

The waiter then served us plain icy cold water, kimchi, pickled onions, bean paste and garlic slices.

Some lettuce as well to enjoy together with Dak-Galbi. It is refillable and we asked for a second portion

Pretty large portion for two. Looking at the red hot pepper paste mixed together with the chicken cubes makes me salivate even further!
 The staff will cook it for you. All you have to do is just sit back and relax, maybe taking some good pictures of it XD Beware that the smell could be too strong due to its spiciness and make you sneeze.

When frying, another small portion of chilli paste is added. I suppose the Dak-Galbi may lack of sauce after frying for a long time. The staff will inform you whether it is ready to eat or not. As shown in the picture, we were allowed to dig in =D At this time, the chilli paste portion was just right. Not too try nor too wet.

I love how they mix the spicy chilli paste as it is fragrant and flavourful. Mixed with all other ingredients makes a perfect match. However, it is kinda oily after observing the oil accumulated underneath the ingredients and coated with the cabbage slices. It was a bit too spicy for us so we might want request for less spicy during the next visit. Overall, taste was fantastic, enjoyable and syok!

Succulent and QQ rice cake

Don't forget to sip some icy cold water provided to soothe your spicy tongue! ;)

After eating about 2/3 of the Dak-Galbi, the staff added the sari for us. The cooked rice came with raw shredded lettuce and some kimchi slices underneath if I'm not mistaken. 

 Remaining Dak-Galbi is set aside. The unwanted sauce is scrapped off because it is burnt.

Ta-da! Mix, mix and mix producing another red hot looking batch of food! Again, the rice coated with chilli paste was kinda too spicy and oily for us. But it was yummy! Forget about the oil and enjoy the taste. Love hate relationship, I still managed to eat a quarter of the rice.

You can add other sari as well like mushroom, udon, ramen, sweet potatoe and rice cake. Would love to try udon for the next visit =D

Slices of watermelon to end our meal

Uncle Jang also serves other Korean dishes as seen from the order bill above. The Samgye-tang came with an affordable price tag of RM19. Wish to bring my mum here to try it next round! =D

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant (Puchong)- beside Giant hypermarket, next to Gorgeous Fitness
No,1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/7,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel No.: +603-8051 2208

Business Hours:
Wed - Fri:12:00-15:00
Sat - Sun:12:00-23:00

Wi-fi (UniFi) is provided.

Facebook Page:

They have branches in Solaris Mont Kiara, Ampang and Bukit Indah (JB) too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Experience in Awana Genting Highlands

Just a short and crappy post

As you all know, I was staying in Awana during the last two days of #RWGMoFE. The first weird point is why we were allocated to the rooms below the lobby which is situated underground. We had to take the lift from the lobby DOWN to 6th floor. I thought normally we should take the lift UP right? Okay nevermind...

While walking along the corridor to our room, some feelings were just not right. It doesn't feel the same as any corridors in other hotels. Maybe I was just thinking too much. Okay nevermind...

As usual I knocked on the door before slotting in the card to access into my room. Chinese believe that by doing this, the evil spirits will go away so that they will not disturb our stay in the hotel room.

Walking into the room, the first thing I noticed was why are there so many mirrors?! About 4 of them infront of the basin, 1 in the seperate shower room (when you shower you can see your top body, what for?) and a whole long stretch behind the sofa >.<

All I can say is I did not feel comfortable staying inside the club suite, it feels like something is watching me =S I have no problem staying in other hotels except for this, first one.

During the first night, Evelyn, Yen Ling, Hanis and I were staying in one room watching X-Men on Astro. After that we talked about some ghost stories which are real ones. Suddenly Yen Ling heard someone crying and her face changed. We didn't notice that until she asked whether we heard anything. We didn't. We asked what happened but she refused to tell us. The boys came over too for some ghost story telling session. Really creepy but I enjoyed listening to them =O Until the next morning...

We headed to Rajawali Coffee House for breakfast. As usual la we like to talk about ghost stories again. Yen Ling told us what she heard last night and I was like @__@ *hair stands* Okay don't think too much it's over. Rayyan and Hu Boon heard someone singing in their room too which is at the corner of the floor.

As we were talking further, the lights above our table flickered twice! O.O The only lights above us but why not the other tables? *deng deng deng*

For more stories and explanation, read Evelyn's and Yen Ling's posts about staying in Awana.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mountain of Food Explorace 2.0 (Day 3 & 4)

Pre-race and Day 1 of race were fun-filled and exciting. We can't wait to experience the remaining 2 days of challenges in Genting Highlands.
The facilitator, JQ told us to wear light weight clothing while completing challenges in Awana, which is our next destination.

Before checking out from First World Hotel, we had our breakfast in World Club Lounge.

Partial group photo while waiting for shuttle bus from First World Hotel to Awana Hotel

Our first activity for Day 3 is jungle trekking! Jeng jeng jeng the first thing I though about was leeches! Well, I have never came across with them and do not wish to, but that day got no choice la XD

We were provided with survival kit that consists of first aid kit and water sponsored by Watsons. We have received the best first aid kit in terms of small and easily carried size and complete items inside.

Sarawak Long House along the way to jungle trekking.

Some leeches (about 8 or more of them) were trying to crawl and 'sneak' inside to my shoe. But luckily none of them get to bite me hohoho.

Got out from the 'battlefield' with leeches finally and some of the participants were curing the wounds from the leeches' bite.

My exhausted look after jungle trekking

After jungle trekking activity has ended, we proceeded to Rajawali Coffee House for lunch.

Our last challenge was abseiling. We were given the opportunity to perform first attempt before deciding who will go for the challenge between my team-mate and I. The team member who abseils the fastest in terms of seconds will win the challenge for the team.

Discovered ular daun (leave snake) while on the way to abseiling. According to the jungle leader, this snake has no venom.

This is the abseiling spot. The flat wooden surface is about 45 degrees from the ground. It looks very steep and scary at first but after trying to abseil, it was no longer scary to me.

Yours truly wearing the safety gears provide before abseiling. Glad that I had overcome my fear of heights ( I think I had minor fear of heights :/ )

We were relieved that we had completed all of our challenges for this event. It's time to pay a visit to our allocated Club Suite hotel room =D

The view outside looking from the balcony

Time for shower then head to Pasar Ikan Bakar for prize giving ceremony and dinner.

The seating area with calm ambience. It was raining that night so the weather was very cooling. Just in time for us to have a great dinner ;)

Datuk Anthony Yeo, Senior Vice President of Resorts World Genting giving speech to #RWGMoFE participants

Congratulations to the 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up and champion of this Mountain of Food Explorace! Each and everyone of us received certificate of participation and vouchers from Wrangler and Crocs.

Various scrumptious grilled items such as chicken, crabs, fish, squid and prawns .

Had a fantastic dinner as I like how they marinade the food. Recommended to dine here for good ambience and tasty food.

The last day of #RWGMoFE

Had breakfast in Rajawali Coffe House and chit chat session with the prticipants

Chill by the poolside before we leave Genting together. We did a video shoot for Rayyan's Nuffnang contest submission. Can't wait for the video to be posted up! ;D

Thank you to the various sponsors for making this event a success!

Looking forward to Mountain of Food Explorace 3.0 if there is any in the future! =D We had a memorable and priceless experience which money can't buy. Hope to see you guys soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Genting Mountain of Food Explorace 2.0 (Pre-race & Day 1)

First of all I would like to thank Rayyan for giving me this golden opportunity to participate in this event which is held in Genting for 4 Days 3 nights.

So far it has been so much of fun running around searching for clues in challenges (I'll talk about it shortly). Although it's very tiring especially during the first day of challenge, I know that we will get used to it. Have fun and enjoy is the most important thing ;)

All of our sponsors since Day 1 so far are Resort World Genting, Wrangler, Travel for All, Fujifilm and Yes! 4G. Thank you so much for the kind consideration.
Our room in First World Hotel
We watched the show 'Freeze' and it was an amazing combination of magic show, acrobatics, funny elements all on ice. Highly recommended to watch!

We had 13 challenges so far as of today. Participants from China and Indonesia joined our Malaysia team too.
A group picture with our winter clothing sponsored by Travel for All after completing one of the challenges as shown in the picture below
Take a look at what other interesting challenges we have gone through. We were arranged into 10 teams, with 2 persons per team. Kindly click at the picture to enlarge for better viewing ;)
Check out Challenge 11- the Mother of all challenges (so far =P)
We actually get to enjoy the rides at outdoor theme park while completing our challenges.
Other challenges that we went through are:
::designing an energetic meal, obtain approval, take picture of the designed meal and EAT (whole day eat until stomach want to burst already. Read further and you will know why. This was the first challenge when we already had our breakfast and they want us to eat again -__-
::drawing a designated dish on a piece of paper (mine was salad so it was easy to draw hahaha) to let your partner to guess, obtain drawing approval, partner will have to take the food after successfully guessing, and EAT. This happened after we had our lunch in Coffee Terrace and they want us to eat again. Luckily it is just salad =P

For dinner, we were lucky enough to dine in the Vegetarian Restaurant in Chin Swee Temple after our last challenge for the day *phew* We took the 9 floors stairs up to the Pagoda just to find our missing station master. But in the end she was not there to give us our next clue -.- all the climbing was worth burning the calories =P

The dishes for the night are
Soup of the day which consists of carrot, old cucumber and mock chicken
Mixed Mushroom with Brocolli
Stir fry vegetables. I supposed it to be potatoe leaves.
Salted Fish and Pork in Claypot
Lamb curry
'Loh Hon Chai' in Yam Ring. My most favourite dish ever.
Pomfret with Teow Chew/ Thai Style Sauce
We called it a day and all of us went back to our hotel room to update our blog using Yes! 4G internet device.

We are going to check out tomorrow and shift to Awana Hotel. The facilatator request us to wear light clothing. Hmm, I wonder what and how will the challenges be for the next 2 days. Until then, stay tuned to my blog for more updates! ;)