Monday, July 23, 2012

Mountain of Food Explorace 2.0 (Day 3 & 4)

Pre-race and Day 1 of race were fun-filled and exciting. We can't wait to experience the remaining 2 days of challenges in Genting Highlands.
The facilitator, JQ told us to wear light weight clothing while completing challenges in Awana, which is our next destination.

Before checking out from First World Hotel, we had our breakfast in World Club Lounge.

Partial group photo while waiting for shuttle bus from First World Hotel to Awana Hotel

Our first activity for Day 3 is jungle trekking! Jeng jeng jeng the first thing I though about was leeches! Well, I have never came across with them and do not wish to, but that day got no choice la XD

We were provided with survival kit that consists of first aid kit and water sponsored by Watsons. We have received the best first aid kit in terms of small and easily carried size and complete items inside.

Sarawak Long House along the way to jungle trekking.

Some leeches (about 8 or more of them) were trying to crawl and 'sneak' inside to my shoe. But luckily none of them get to bite me hohoho.

Got out from the 'battlefield' with leeches finally and some of the participants were curing the wounds from the leeches' bite.

My exhausted look after jungle trekking

After jungle trekking activity has ended, we proceeded to Rajawali Coffee House for lunch.

Our last challenge was abseiling. We were given the opportunity to perform first attempt before deciding who will go for the challenge between my team-mate and I. The team member who abseils the fastest in terms of seconds will win the challenge for the team.

Discovered ular daun (leave snake) while on the way to abseiling. According to the jungle leader, this snake has no venom.

This is the abseiling spot. The flat wooden surface is about 45 degrees from the ground. It looks very steep and scary at first but after trying to abseil, it was no longer scary to me.

Yours truly wearing the safety gears provide before abseiling. Glad that I had overcome my fear of heights ( I think I had minor fear of heights :/ )

We were relieved that we had completed all of our challenges for this event. It's time to pay a visit to our allocated Club Suite hotel room =D

The view outside looking from the balcony

Time for shower then head to Pasar Ikan Bakar for prize giving ceremony and dinner.

The seating area with calm ambience. It was raining that night so the weather was very cooling. Just in time for us to have a great dinner ;)

Datuk Anthony Yeo, Senior Vice President of Resorts World Genting giving speech to #RWGMoFE participants

Congratulations to the 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up and champion of this Mountain of Food Explorace! Each and everyone of us received certificate of participation and vouchers from Wrangler and Crocs.

Various scrumptious grilled items such as chicken, crabs, fish, squid and prawns .

Had a fantastic dinner as I like how they marinade the food. Recommended to dine here for good ambience and tasty food.

The last day of #RWGMoFE

Had breakfast in Rajawali Coffe House and chit chat session with the prticipants

Chill by the poolside before we leave Genting together. We did a video shoot for Rayyan's Nuffnang contest submission. Can't wait for the video to be posted up! ;D

Thank you to the various sponsors for making this event a success!

Looking forward to Mountain of Food Explorace 3.0 if there is any in the future! =D We had a memorable and priceless experience which money can't buy. Hope to see you guys soon!

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