Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Bali Style

#1 First time (kinda) watching the sun rise in a plane. The bright yellow and orange lining gives hope and feeling that everything will be alright
 #2 Wide and spacious paddy field on the way to Kintamani from Kuta
 #3 Various religious statues for sale
 #6 Fancy some decoratives for your house?
 #7 A man selling jin dui (Chinese version) that can be found as onde-onde in Bali.
#9 Very thin and crispy deep fried glutinous dough coated nicely with sesame seeds. Love the crunchy skin, even better than the versions here in Malaysia. Hidden with a small ball of green bean paste inside.
#10 Sweetness was just right. Nom nom nom.

 #11 Bakso is almost everywhere
 #12 Must have Teh Botol in Indonesia. Actually it is just jasmine tea. Nahhh...
 #13 Adorable pet dogs owned by stall owners in Tanah Lot

#16 This can be seen quite often- especially in driver's car and temples. Contains some fresh flowers and other types of plants.
More updates about Bali coming soon... xoxo