Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Menu @ Senjyu, Bangsar Village II

Thanks to LivingSocial Malaysia I had the opportunity to sample Senjyu's new menu which offers not only interesting new Japanese dishes but also retains their signature and customers' all time favourite dishes. Being a Japanese food lover, I certainly can't wait to savour what has been prepared in store for us.

The rather dim lighthing promotes a calm and soothing dining ambience. There is also a private room that caters to event needs which can fit up to 10 pax.

Complimentary appetizer


We started our review session with Hana Moriawase (RM 47.99). It essentially comprises exquisite assortment of luscious raw tuna, salmon, surf clam, octopus and butterfish sashimi slices. One of Senjyu's signature dishes.

The various slices were all superbly fresh especially salmon. They were cut into just the right thickness, making it very toothsome and satisfying to the bite. We enjoyed dipping it into small amount of freshly grated wasabi and shoyu. Pretty good value for money considering the freshness, variety and quality of the sashimi.

Oyster Sashimi (RM 17.99 per piece, RM 87.99 for ½ dozen)- Succulent briny air-flown live oysters from Canada served with tangy citrus sauce. One of Senjyu's signature dishes.

Needless to mention that the huge oysters were really fresh and juicy which was worth the effort of chefs handpicking them one by one to make sure quality control is in place. It does not have fishy taste which I am usually afraid of whenever I eat oysters. Just squeeze some lemon juice and you are good to go!

Butterfly Maki (RM59.99)- Premium river eel slices wrapped around tempura crabstick sushi roll with sweet teriyaki sauce.

You can rarely go wrong with any sushi complemented with eel (unagi). The whole combination was alright, with an interesting crunch from the fried sushi roll. It has a very light coating of tempura batter and deep fried, moisture within the sushi rice was still maintained. But it could be done with more sweet teriyaki sauce spreaded on eel slices just to provide extra umami flavours, it could be a matter of personal preference though.

Yasai Maki (RM 17.99)- Assortment of fresh vegetables and sweet beancurd wrapped in lettuce

This makes a refreshing appetizer or snack if you fancy some sushi without rice base. Upon tasting the well assembled sushi, the crunchy texture from various vege was enjoyable along with some light sourish juices that provides extra moisture in the bite.

Soft Shell Kani and Unagi Mentai Maki (RM 29.99)- Crispy soft shell crab and premium river eel with creamy codfish roe sauce on tantalizing deep-fried sushi roll

I reckon codfish roe sauce (mentai) just makes every sushi or even other Japanese food item taste good. The slightly salty flavour that makes you keep craving for more. It applies to the sushi here as well, which also did not cover the seafood taste. Complemented with meaty and non-greasy soft shell crab as well as unagi coated with generous teriyaki sauce, not only they have a beautiful visual pleasure but the flavours combo was definitely one of the best. Again, the fried sushi roll was also great- non-oily and crispy.

Kaki Roll (RM 22.99)- Succulent oyster and assorted mushrooms wrapped in an egg omelette

Just a few simple ingredients but it carries the tagline " Simplicity at its best ". The oysters were coated with light batter and deep fried, still retaining the freshness and flavours. The mushrooms definitely added extra wholesome texture. Some fried garlic bits garnished on top brought the flavour of this dish to the next level, making this little pocket of goodness extra delectable.

Kaisen Ninniku Chahan (RM 15.99)- Fragrant rice stir-fried with a flavorful variety of seafood

This is something different from the usual garlic fried rice, with this version at Senjyu offering salmon, squid and prawn added into it. I usually have high expectations and requirements towards garlic fried rice- the rice is good to still have a hint of moist texture and of course garlicky enough to provide the 'the garlic rice experience'. Glad that Senjyu's version lived up to the standards, the seafood flavours actually infused to the moist yet adequately seasoned rice too. Also given credit that the seafood items were not overcooked, especially salmon which still maintain its soft texture.

Shiratama Zenzai (RM 7.99)- Delectable Japanese rice cakes with black sesame filling, served in hot red bean soup.

It was an excellent dessert to end our meal. The red bean soup had really soft but visible red bean presence (not cooked until too mushy), almost sugarless too that was said to complement the sweet 'tong yuen'. I like that the generous black sesame filling was really smooth and really not too sweet. Also the mochi had notable springy texture. I wouldn't mind ordering this again.



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