Wednesday, January 24, 2018

the artcoffee @ Nexus Bangsar South

Hola! It's been a (long) while since my last invited food review and I'm glad to be back. Thanks to Prakash from the artcoffee, we had a great time sampling their best selling items in the fairly new café at Nexus Bangsar South.

It all started with a humble sandwich bar in Sunway Giza, now that they have shifted to current location with kitchen in full swing, it certainly brings a whole new dining option to especially white-collars working nearby.

We started with Smoked Salmon Salad (RM16). Definitely a great start with a wholesome plate of smoked salmon, lollo rosso (red coral lettuce - vocab of the day :D), lollo bionda (green coral lettuce - vocab no. 2 of the day tqvm :D), purple cabbage, capsicum, tomato salsa, walnut, dried cherry with sesame sauce dressing.

We enjoyed the slices of delectable smoked salmon with salad leaves evenly coated with pretty much everyone's favourite sesame dressing. I also liked how the dried cherry gave a tangy twist, a nice touch to this good portion of superfoods.

Trio Shroom Crème (RM13) - Combination of 3 types of mushroom served with toasted baguette. Although the consistency of soup was less thicker, but the flavours did not disappoint as the taste of mushrooms were prominent. Dipped with crispy yet fluffy on the inside baguette, there you have a bowl of comfort food.

Munchies (RM14) - Combo of popcorn chicken, fries, nachos with trio-cheese sauce, served with salsa & guacamole dip. It makes a great snack shared among a group of friends.

Herbs-Baked Lamb Rack (RM45) - accompanied with carrot puree, cherry tomatoes, chick peas, garlic mashed potatoes and cherry sauce. Done medium well, the lamb rack was succulent and well marinated with herbs without gamey taste. Good even on its own, the cherry sauce is the bomb here as well. The sauce is concocted using Castillo Rodafuerte Tempranillo 2016 Spain, the alcohol taste is strong enough even with just a tiny bit of dipping, we are impressed with it.

Steak Diane (RM38) - served with classic diane sauce, sweet potato chips and rocket leaves salad. As I can't take beef due to religious reasons, my friend Lili commented that the beef was a tad dry. Nevertheless, the diane sauce was flavourful and the sweet potato chips was a pleasant side dish to go with.

Buttermilk Tempura Prawn pasta (RM23) - Linguine, deep fried tempura prawn, broccoli, button mushrooms in buttermilk sauce accentuated with chili and curry leaves.

Grilled Chicken Bratwurst with Salsa (RM21) - Linguine, chicken bratwurst, baby spinach, basil, button mushroom, capsicum, broccoli, black olive and chili.

Pasta was done al-dente, basic criteria for pasta checked. While the buttermilk sauce wasn't too cloying, the prawns were succulent and fresh.

We thought that the latter pasta which pretty much similar to Aglio Olio could be done with more seasoning, but the slight salty flavor from the chicken bratwurst could complement the overall taste factor.

For dessert, we had the Chef's Signature (RM18). Essentially the artcoffee's creation of chilled lime avocado paste and fried soft dough served with cream sauce. It has a hint of shallots taste which makes it an acquired taste, certainly a unique type of dessert.

Imperial Chocolate Cake (RM15) - Chocolate mousse cake on crunchy chocolate base topped with crushed oreo and peanuts makes a decent dessert after meal.

Autumn Sour Plum (RM13) - Sprite with sour plum ice cube.

Autumn Apple Citrus (RM15) - Green apple juice with sour plum ice cube.

Very refreshing drinks, highly recommended!

 Mocha (RM15)

Latte (RM14)

The coffee could be done with better milk frothing as it lacks the milky consistency.

Simple yet cozy setting makes a good choice for family and friends gathering. They also accept events arrangements so do enquire within ;)

Lot 1.8, First Floor, Nexus Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Instagram: @theartcoffee
Contact number: 03-2242 3888