Saturday, August 28, 2010


Please, don't make me feel confused again.

I know what I'm doing.

Just move on with life!

another babeh gone

saturday was almost a disaster for me. something bad happened and luckily nothing serious ended up the day. nah forget about it.

oh yea, another babeh has been sold to a new owner. happy on getting a new phone? well, just 50:50. I still love K750. But it's the time to move into a newer world :)

Phua Chu Kang The Movie

Seriously laughed a lot in the cinema.

Well, the storyline was quite good. Hmm the language used was not too good for my liking.

Best laughter medicine for you to release stress, like what I did :)

Rating: 6/10

Friday, August 27, 2010


Chilli pan mee

to me, the best one goes to Jojo's Little Kitchen Pan Mee.

Meringue kisses

Last time I had meringue was during Chinese New Year one year ago, if I'm not mistaken. The lucky thing is I just had plenty of them today. I'm really craving for it long long time already. I tried to make it but mission failed so too bad-lah. Bought one jar of them from Ikea today. Ikea's selling them at RM10 per jar! Super worth it and tasted awesome! It's beyond my expectation. Meringue was crispy and sweet enough. Topped with chocolate chip makes it cute, yummmmmmy max and perfect! FYI, Ikea is selling other cookies & biscuits as well at RM1o too. They have the pineapple biscuit, chocolate almond cookies and more. Do check it out when you visit Ikea :)

I want more meringue kisses! :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

one of the weird facts about myself

I still can't swallow pills & capsules.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ultimate satisfaction.

Monday, August 23, 2010

U-Village, Sungei Wang Plaza

We were quite frusfrated where to have lunch in KL. The tourguide Kah Soon recommended this place for us to try out.

Hong Kong Yin Yong (Hot). The taste is not really nice compared to Wong Kok. Probably it is not milky and sweet enough. But it is refillable at the price of RM3.90.

Even the cold version of Yin Yong also tasted ok only. At least better than the hot one. Refillable too ^^

Prawn Wan Ton noodle. The wan ton looks nice and springy when I saw Ying Jia bite on it :P

Will certainly revisit U-village for more fooood! :)

Tong Kee Bakery

Good news there's one outlet opened in Jalan Kenari, Puchong. Last time whenever my mum is craving for the egg tarts, she will go all the way to the branch in Sri Petaling just to buy the egg tarts.

the egg tarts tasted really fantastic. the egg custard is smooth and soft. the flaky pastry is not too oily. oh but beware of the high calories! ;)

Cheese cake. tha flavour of cheese is not too overwhelming.

Custard pancake. the texture of the pancake is fluffy while the custard tasted not too sweet. a good choice for snack.

Kaya pancake. the kaya tasted ordinary. I prefer those kaya sold in koptitams. It would taste much better.
I've tried the green tea swiss roll. It's highly recommended too...

KL Trip

Who: Koo Kah Soon (tourguide aka machinery), Jun Yu, Daniel, Lawrence, Ying Jia, Maybell, Yin Wen, Qi Ming, Khai Ling, Jia En & Blogger Mokky

Places we conquered: Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Starhill Gallery,Pavillion, KLCC

The best visit to KL shopping malls ever! Thank you to all of you! Had super ultimate fun before results day. Phone kena stolen by bastards while I was taking bus back to Puchong alone.

A memorable day :)


Nao I know what is the true meaning of failures. Try to play in ACCA level and see, I'm sure you don't wanna feel it.

Reflected what are the good and weak areas. Will surely improve and study harder.

Thanks to the woman who encouraged me. You tasted the pain of failures but it gave u experiences.

And thanks to all my friends for the advice. Love you all! Muacks.....

We need to move on with life.

ACCA trains people to be strong and determined.

ACCA is great! Seriously!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye, my love.

Do you know how much I love you?
You have been by my side for just 3 years
Blame on myself didn't take care of you
Ended up those bastards took away you from me.

When you're gone,
I started to miss you so badly
Why why why?
I just want you to be by my side
Help me to call the person that I wanted to call
Take my favourite pictures
Make me happy by singing songs to me
Connect to the Facebook world when I miss my friends
Loyal and honest

R.I.P my little cute Sony Ericsoon K750
I heart you lots!
Always and forever!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Love in Disguise <恋爱通告>

Lol seriously I did not know that today is another Valentine's day. All couples out there, did you enjoyed your day with your other half? :3

Watched Love in Disguise today. Sadly my dear cannot make it. So have to watch alone, for the first time. Overall, the movie not bad-lah. Lots of the part are very funny. Leehom is still cute and handsome ^_^ while the actress Liu Yi Fei is gorgeous and sweet!

Recommended to watch, especially with your loved ones! :)

Rating: 7/10

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Into Baking Mood

I'm always curious about how people baked macaron and how it taste like.
Needs sweet food to release stress :) like Snowflakes

Online Contact Lenses

I bet some of you guys do wear contact lens, regardless for cosmetic purposes or convenience purposes, so that you don't need to wear the annoying glasses whenever you need to attned some functions or event.

Recently, there are many cheap and affordable coloured contact lenses available for sale via blogs or any other websites. Prices range from about rm 40-50, can be worn up for 1 year.

interesting patterns

I actually once considered to buy them because they are cheap. For sure I have the doubt on whether the contact lenses are reliable or not. You see, students have budget constraint, right? Told mum about that too.

On one fine day while driving to college, heard the news from the radio saying many people now purchase online contact lenses bla bla bla, well, I don't really bother about it, my main aim was to reach college faster to avoid the jam :P

Until one day my mum told me about the news about online purchased contact lenses she heard from the radio too. Her advice was not to simply buy those online contact lenses, as said by the news too, because the eyes need to be checked by eyecare consultant to see whether I am really suitable to wear them, in terms of diameter of the pupil something like that? Well, I don't really have an idea about that.

I always asked my friends who are wearing those lenses whether it is comfortable and reliable or not. During the first few months it was ok, but then as time goes by the lenses are not very good anymore.

Conclusion: I still have doubt on the reliability on the contact lenses. I think it is better to purchase from the optical shop as I don't want to take risk on my precious eye. We only have one pair of eyes, isn't it? :)

What about your opinion? Please feel free to leave a comment. Have a nice day :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

YES 2 Red Carpet Party

Last year's YES Red Carpet Party post HERE

It was another awesome night having fun socializing and witnessing the second winner team of YES 2 Challenge.

Congratulations to Cup Chatter! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Life was going up and down. As usual, Progress Test was over. Mountain high of homework to be completed. I don't like assignments so can say that I'm exam oriented person. LOL. But there are pros and cons. And there's no way of turning back.

The YES 2 Red Carpet party was awesome. That was the second time I attended. Thanks to Jessica for sending me and Ann for the gorgeous makeup :) food, music, people, cool and fun!

Last day of promoter life, I guess. Studies comes first. Miss all my friends that recently got to know them.

Realized that I'm easily influenced and will feel emo 'walking' on the Facebook page. Good or bad thing?

Glad to hear that grandma is feeling better now. Family visited her but sadly I can't go cuz working.

Seems like study is everything, no life?

Otak-Otak Place, IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Overall comment: Food was just nice, nothing to shout about. Environment was nostalgic.