Saturday, August 7, 2010


Life was going up and down. As usual, Progress Test was over. Mountain high of homework to be completed. I don't like assignments so can say that I'm exam oriented person. LOL. But there are pros and cons. And there's no way of turning back.

The YES 2 Red Carpet party was awesome. That was the second time I attended. Thanks to Jessica for sending me and Ann for the gorgeous makeup :) food, music, people, cool and fun!

Last day of promoter life, I guess. Studies comes first. Miss all my friends that recently got to know them.

Realized that I'm easily influenced and will feel emo 'walking' on the Facebook page. Good or bad thing?

Glad to hear that grandma is feeling better now. Family visited her but sadly I can't go cuz working.

Seems like study is everything, no life?

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