Monday, August 23, 2010

Tong Kee Bakery

Good news there's one outlet opened in Jalan Kenari, Puchong. Last time whenever my mum is craving for the egg tarts, she will go all the way to the branch in Sri Petaling just to buy the egg tarts.

the egg tarts tasted really fantastic. the egg custard is smooth and soft. the flaky pastry is not too oily. oh but beware of the high calories! ;)

Cheese cake. tha flavour of cheese is not too overwhelming.

Custard pancake. the texture of the pancake is fluffy while the custard tasted not too sweet. a good choice for snack.

Kaya pancake. the kaya tasted ordinary. I prefer those kaya sold in koptitams. It would taste much better.
I've tried the green tea swiss roll. It's highly recommended too...

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